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  • There is good scientific evidence that intermittent fasting has profound health benefits. One of the scientists who has worked in this area is Dr. Krista Varady. She lists the research in her book, Every Other Day Diet. I am following this. It is the only approach that has ever worked for me.
  • The Wikipedia entry on this scale has a good analysis - also on the fallacy of branding the "overweight" category as unhealthy - some studies say otherwisel
  • Hi! I have been working towards December 14 (my 30th anniversary) and New Year's eve. I once had a larger goal - but my weight loss has been slower than I had hoped. Still I am in.
  • Manitoulin Island, Northern Ontario. 50% Newfie by.
  • Hi Debra: I see from your profile that you have lost a lot of weight already and that you are within a normal weight range. From studying Dr. Varady's research and book, I think that means that your results on IF will be less dramatic, and will take more time.
  • Actually, in the book Varady suggest a snack of 100 calories, and a meal of 400. Her research indicates that that schedule produces more compliance reduces hunger. The research also recommends weighing every day. people who weigh every day lose twice as much and don't gain back as much when they stop dieting.
  • I am following Dr. Krista Varady's book. She is the nutritionist who has actually done most of the research through NHI grants on this approach. She says that 500 calories (25% approximately) is the best amount for most people, male and female, on a fast day. I trust her since she has all the data and experience with this…
  • I agree, MFP is not set up for alternate day fasting. I have a different philosophy for Fast Day. I am following Dr. Krista Varady who has done most of the human ( and some early mice) studies on this diet approach. On fast days I try to vary my main meals (for interest), make tasty and interesting 100 calorie snacks. I…
  • HI: I have celiac plus : meaning I can't tolerate any grains. I can have pseudo grains such as quinoa, chia, buckwheat. Also no dairy. I am allergic to the protein. I agree with everyone. Ditch the agave and watch out for high fructose corn syrup - a killer. Try to eat unprocessed food. A modified Paleo diet should work…
  • Hi. I have been on EODD since June 9 and so far it has been working well. I only eat real food - simply prepared - although you can get fancy too. Feel free to friend me.
  • Have you looked at Every Other Day Diet? Lots of scientific evidence and it seems good for losing 5 pounds and keeping it off. I had no effect with IF, but my husband has - I think that he was eating less.
  • I have health issues too to work around. let's be friends.
  • I have been using Dr. Krista Varady's the Every Other Day Diet. She and her colleagues have done most of the research on this. I have been following her book - very straight forward and simple. I am still keeping to all the restrictions I had before - no grains no dairy - because of allergies, - no problem. You should be…
  • There is an Every Other Day Diet facebook page you might find helpful. I have been doing this since June 9. It does get easier. It might help to have a 500 calorie meal plan for the fast days at first.
  • Hi: I have been doing the EODD since the beginning of June. Depending on how much you have to weigh now you should have no problem reaching your goals. I will "friend" you.
  • Great work!
  • I think that you might like to look at Dr. Krista Varaday's research on the Every Other Day Diet (EOD). I just bought her book through Kindle that outlines the 10 year research that she has done on losing weight and keeping it off. Also you might want to look at Dr. Joseph Mercola's recommendations that sedentary workers…
  • HI! I was not checking in as nothing seemed to be happening. I have been on EOD for 1 month- and I lost 20 pounds so far. It seems to be the diet that my family can tolerate well - now that there is good scientific evidence that it won't harm me - and in fact will help. I would love to buddy with you.
  • I just started using mfp when i decided to try the Every Other Day diet by Krista Varaday. I have just read through quickly her book on Kindle. I would like to have a buddy if you are willing. We could be a group of two.
  • Hi Honey: You are beautiful and talented. You are honest and brave. What you have done and are trying to do is honorable. You have invited criticism and you have received it in the best of all possible ways. This was and is brave and honest of you. I hope that you will now begin to add self respect to all your other…
  • I have been doing ADF for about a week. So far so good. How about every one else? ?
  • I am older -just had my 65th birthday. I need to lost 75 pounds. But when I do I have to go on maintenance - so that should work. I am a very slow loser - and since I have some chronic illness that comes and goes - when I am in a flare I can't exercise- I expect some down times. let me know.
  • Wow! What an amazing story! Many posters have said it, so I can only echo what they have said. You are and will be an inspiration to many. Your son must be so proud of his mom. You have a whole life of loving yourself to look forward to. Congrats!