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  • Back in the old days, measuring on a map and guessing, then writing in a journal. Then once I could drive, drive the route and use odometer. Once mapping programs were invented, routing on those. I'll still plan routes using Google maps. Then I got a Garmin watch 10 years ago.
  • I use trainer road. It's great and full of structured workouts and plans. That's what you are asking for, but probably not what you want. You can read through these and find something to try.
  • There's about 100 pieces of information missing to give an accurate guess. If you had accurate power, that's easy. HR, amount of resistance, RPE, FTP, etc could give a decent guess. Pace is pretty worthless. I averaged "10 mph" for 30 minutes saturday, and that was ~250 KCal.
  • Without proper zones, it'll be worthless to train by HR. 1 way: The Joe Friel method, it's pretty much the standard 2nd: Talk test from Matt Fitzgerald halfway down the…
  • I'm going to base off yours, fellow hat wearer ;) 50+: shorts, tech shirt, lightweight running hat 40-50: shorts, longsleeve tech shirt, heavyweight running hat 30-40: tights, longsleeve shirt, gloves, beenie <30: thights, light jacket, longsleeve shirt, gloves, beenie. If it's raining, shift everything below 50 down a…
  • On a spin bike, pedals are your only options. You probably have proprietary cranks, you don't have a rear wheel, you don't have a chain spider. Faveros are the least expensive, 435 for the single side, 675 for dual. Garmin Vectors are $600 or 1000.
  • I'd lean towards the Trek cause you know it fits.
  • Starting with costs: For $2200 for the Peloton bike you get a dumb bike in a closed ecosystem. It's a $1000 bike with a $1200 tablet on it. It's on par with $1000 spin bikes. For $4000 you get an ok treadmill with a miserable 1 year warranty. A much more expensive Woodway has a 10 year warranty. A cheaper NordicTrack has a…
  • My main bike is Sora and compact - 2x7. It never shifts great ;) But I spend 95%+ on the large chainring, so those 6 gears are pretty good most the time. Over 8% grade, I'll shift up 3 or 4 rear cogs as I shift down up front.
  • Glen Van Peski. He founded Gossamer Gear.
  • Platypus makes lightweight water bottles: They weigh almost nothing (20-40 grams empty). IMHO CamelBacks are the worst reserviour. They are a pain to clean. All the other with the slider top are much, much easier to clean by design. I wear retired running…
  • Sure, but I know you know you can transfer more power to the pedal through clipless 😁 But don't say clips. Clips are toe clips to be used with straps. People stopped using them in the 80s when Look invented clipless pedals.
  • Jeez, what are you doing to them ;) The only Garmin I've had die was a FR405 and even then it wasn't the janky touch bezel that died on everyone. I still have a FR10, 220, and 230 that work 😁
  • Really it's not that much different. Concept2 first rowers came out in 81. WaterRower started in 88. Both are New England made - C2 is in rural Vermont, WR is in not-rural Rhode Island about 3 blocks from salt water.
  • Most of my local gyms are closed, and any that are still open can have more than 25 people in them. My gym closed over the weekend
  • Nah, it's sub 5% to 6% that is dangerous for men. I was at 6% all through high school and college. 6'-0" 138lbs.
  • +2 I hike in trail runners. Good for my 5kg base weight over 26+ miles per day in the mountains
  • Your only option that is easy to use AND accurate are upper arm opticals. Scosche Rhythm, Polar OH1, Wahoo Tickr Fit
  • From what I've seen, the bike massively overinflates watts. If that's not right, how can the work estimate be right? However! It could just display too high numbers to make people feel good and calculate off a real number.
  • Than baking? No, you're baking then in oil
  • Only if you have the bike. The subscription without the bike is only $13/mo
  • I'm surprised it's not a bigger change. Or you are getting sick
  • Most the differences between the VA4/Venu and the FR245 are that philosophicaly the VA series are fitness watches while FR are running watches (or triathlon with the 735/935) The VA will do lots of different things, more than the FR. The FR does running and biking. But it does running really well. Things like training…
  • Stages has been building interactive bikes since 2015. They have built thousands of gym bikes. They make 4 models, the most expensive 2 have Stages power meters on them
  • I'd get the new Stages bike myself. Not as sexy as the Wahoo bike, but Stages has made thousands of gym bikes and is $1000 cheaper. If only the Wattbike Atom sells here for UK prices...
  • FYI - the Venu is just a Vivoactive 4 with a pretty screen ;) . That screen is a $50 up charge. The VA4 and VA 4S got announced yesterday too. the 4S is smaller and that's all. All three vivoactives have optical HR and music standard: Both regular screen 4 retail…
  • How far did you run? 3.75 miles? Cause 188*0.62*3.75 = about 430 kcal
  • That looks ok, if not low to me. I burn 57 kcal/mile walking. My last big hike I was going about 3 mph, so 171 kcal/hr if I was just walking, not climbing 500-1500 feet per mile 😁
  • My 230 is still working perfect. But a 245 Music tempts me.
  • I always hike in midweight trail runners, what ever fits good on the day. The last few years have been New Balances. My base weight is 5kg, and my current shoes are my 3rd heaviest bit of kit (after my 1kg hammock and my 800g underquilt)