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  • Super interesting, pretty much what I would expect really. They are unconsciously active, do not really snack and really follow their instincts regarding hunger.
  • She gets to live her life as a total *kitten*, you get to live yours saving lives. One of you is winning the game of life.
  • I have a really nice gin and tonic lined up for 5pm. I drink the good stuff, no crappy booze, and I drink less. Stopping after two is manageable for me. I log and move on. Today I did circuit training for an hour, then walked 7k up some huge hills, I figure I earn what I drink from working out.
  • It may sound like a lot, but it sure doesn't feel like a lot. Unless that is 1000 cals of raw cauliflower.
  • How do you even get overweight if 1000 leaves you satiated? You'd be dead in a few years if you actually only ate 1000 cals a day.
  • But do you weigh it all? DO you log every bite that goes in your mouth? DO you eat back those walking calories? WHen you are close to your goal weight you have to be very careful with logging properly. It does not matter if you are eating healthy or not.
  • I'd be so impressed if you could jump rope for 30 minutes straight. That is brutal. I do it in intervals, but never would never do it 3 times a week. Too hard on the body.
  • This is where lifetime yoyo dieting begins. Losing lots of weight in the "extreme weightloss diet" way, then gaining it back plus a bit more. You need to find a way to eat for life, not cutting everything you love out for two months to lose a ton of weight. Seriously, this is a bad plan that will set you up for a lifetime…
  • I stick to appetizers. Usually a soup and one other choice. That is usually plenty of food and I often enjoy it more than one main course.
  • You should definitely see a physiotherapist, they will help you work on basic strength and stability that you need before returning to exercise fully. I had a bad sprain and fracture a year ago. Basic exercises really got me back in action, but it took time and a lot of hard work. I saw both a kinesiologist and a sport…
  • I avoid buying the foods I know I cannot stop eating. Once in a while I go wild though, log it all and move on. I will also accept that a whole container of Americone ice cream once in a few months will not kill me, and makes a perfectly fine dinner.
  • If you lost nothing in two months, then you are eating way more than you think you are. I suggest weighing everything you eat and logging more carefully. I also do not get that overweight folk, trying to lose weight, all of a sudden cannot eat their calories. Like how did you get to 180?
  • What are your stats? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? How do you measure your food? Cheat days can definitely stop you losing.
  • I had a year of that when I broke my foot. Basically you need to eat less, and keep moving somehow. It is definitely challenging, maybe look at seat workouts?
  • Great job on the 20 pounds lost It is very hard to imagine burning off 2000 calories a day in the gym. Can you describe what you do in the gym for that burn? Many calculators for activity overestimate by a lot. How are you counting your calories? Do you weight on a scale or guesstimate? Eyeballing portions is definitely a…
  • If your heels are cracked it may be that you have calloused feet that need some attention. If your heels are very dry and hard you might benefit from an appointment to remove the callouses and soften up your feet. Gotta look after the things that carry you! Good job for 20 minutes, a great start.
  • My pregnancies were similar. Over 10 pound babies, lots of swelling and a huge amount of amniotic fluid. Gains were 70, 60 and 60. I lost all the weight, and now remain around my pre pregnancy weight of 135 pounds with a height of 5'6". Not everyone has tiny pregnancies, and no I did not eat constantly, but I did have…
  • Did a 10k snowshoe, logged it and decided I would not bother logging the day. That was a nice big burn. Ate what I wanted, but did not go crazy. I do have a chocolate mountain staring at me though, that will be tricky.
  • Veggies, make bags of veggies that you can shovel in your mouth. Carrot sticks, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms. Have a nice variety and by the time you arrive each day you will have eaten your daily servings. The upside of this is it is very hard to binge on vegetables, but they do fill you up. Also…
  • I had a year off running due to an undiagnosed foot fracture. Simply speaking I had to eat less until it got worked out. Honestly you have to eat less than you burn to lose, to maintain you have to eat what your body needs. If you are gaining you are eating too much.
  • I have a very good friend who started out well over 300 pounds, five years on she is running half Ironman races. She is 57 years old. If you want something badly enough you can do it. She says "Choose your hard, being fat is hard, being active is hard.". She is right. You can do this, you've got this, you are in control of…
  • So easy. Tilapia baked with salsa. Roasted cauli, sweet pot, brussels sprouts, red peppers. Topped with avocado and lime. I can do that for 400, so add to that black beans and corn and a nice cold corona.
  • With my kids I had two who had "normal" appetites, and one who could eat the door off the fridge, and it showed. So we kept no junk in the house. Junk was for meals out and occasional treats. I would serve the portion of carbs on the plate with the serving of protein, bowls of veggies and salads were on the table where the…
  • I just eat food.
  • Good for you for thinking about your family and yourself long term. Starting to move is a great place to begin. Ask you wife and child if they will go for a walk with you after dinner each day. Make it a habit, do it daily and do it together. Walk to a park for your little one to play, then walk back. Make it fun, make it…
  • Never giving up my daily chocolate or my weekly wine.
  • Vega one is perfect for you.
  • Agree that you should opt for more calorie, and nutrient, dense foods. Nut butters, hearty whole grain breads, sweet potatoes, olive oil. Full fat greek yogourt and cheese.