Your best meal ideas for 800 calories...



  • hesn92
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    Umm.. any meal really lol. I had 2 carnitas tacos today for around 800 calories
  • busyPK
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    Personally I'd do stuffed chicken, mixed roasted veggies and Halo Top for dessert. 800 calories you have A LOT of options.
  • Jruzer
    Jruzer Posts: 3,501 Member
    Yeah, most of my meals are below 800 kcal.

    From last weekend I had:
    Grilled brat with a bun, mustard and onion, corn on the cob with a little butter, and roasted potatoes.
    Logged in at 759 kcal.
  • bogwoppt1
    bogwoppt1 Posts: 159 Member
    So easy.

    Tilapia baked with salsa. Roasted cauli, sweet pot, brussels sprouts, red peppers. Topped with avocado and lime. I can do that for 400, so add to that black beans and corn and a nice cold corona.
  • DX2JX2
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    800 calories isn't much of a challenge but since you asked...3 well-seasoned medium rare double cut lamb chops. Nothing else.
  • Heather4448
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    Steak and potatoes
  • kshama2001
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  • Old_Cat_Lady
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    edited September 2017
    Costco's deli supreme pizza I believe is exactly 800 calories.... oh, so worth it.