30 Days No Junk No Soda !!

Hey everyone Tomorrow July 25 I'll be starting my 30 day challenge for no junk food , no soda/juices , no sweets. If anyone is game to join add me so we can keep each other motivated while we cleanse our bodies for the next 30 days!


  • Chef_Barbell
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    Good Luck with that OP
  • joemac1988
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    I've been on mfp 5 years and I have yet to see anyone qualify what a toxin actually is. The closest I can get in my own head is oxidative stress

    There is no need to "cleanse"...that's why we have a liver and kidneys. I'm not saying there's not a health benefit to reducing or eliminating crap, but to "cleanse for a month then go back to it? Just reduce overall consumption!