How do I overcome a weight loss plateau?

I started my dieting back December 16th at a weight of 283 lbs. and during the first 3 weeks I dropped to 263.6 but in the last 7 days I have gained and lost weight and I've plateaued at about 264.8. There has not been a single day that I have not met my calorie goal for the day and burned off over 2000 calories at the gym and I just seem to be hovering at about 265. I read online that during the first few weeks you'll burn off the easy pounds and then you may reach a plateau and it appears that this is the situation in my case but I'm a bit frustrated staying at the same weight. Is there a way to jump start my system again so that I can keep on burning pounds as opposed to staying at this plateau weight? At this point I'd be happy to loose a couple of pounds a week but so far exercising doesn't seem to be the trigger as I didn't exercise any in the last 2 days and I 'm still hovering. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Great job on the 20 pounds lost

    It is very hard to imagine burning off 2000 calories a day in the gym. Can you describe what you do in the gym for that burn? Many calculators for activity overestimate by a lot.

    How are you counting your calories? Do you weight on a scale or guesstimate? Eyeballing portions is definitely a recipe for plateauing.

    The only way to lose is to eat less than your body needs.
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    How are you measuring your calories burned?
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    When I have days or even weeks when the scale is not moving but I know I have been good I get out my tape measurer. I measure at least monthly. Our bodies have the ability to retain several pounds of water weight. You lost 20 lbs, some of it water and some fat. That is awesome. Just be patient with your body as it tries to regulate itself. Someone here mentioned the "whoosh" effect and I think that is what happens when the scale is not moving for a while. I have lost almost 40 lbs and there are days when I will be up 1-3 lbs from a previous low. As long as I know I am exercising and eating at a deficit then I refuse to worry about it. I just log it. Looking back it seems as if there is a "stall" then a big weight loss and then a small gain...but overall the numbers are going down. Hang in there, try to weigh you food for accurate calorie count. Just don't let that number on the scale dictate your diet and exercise or attitude!
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    It appears that you are weighing yourself daily and that's fine. Be sure to do it at the same time every day, in the same clothing (or lack of). Then enter your weight into MFP check-in but only look at the reports in the long view; i.e. look at your weight since mid-December in the 90 day view. When you hit 60 days, look at the 180 day view. That will help with the long-term perspective you need to develop to mentally deal with daily fluctuations and plateaus. It will also help you determine your pattern for weight loss. It's likely to be as bisky describes--up a bit, stall, down a lot, up a bit, stall, etc. etc.

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