Jump Roping ?

Which is better: to jump rope everyday for 30 minutes OR jump rope for only 3 days a week for an hour?
BTW I’m trying to lose weight.


  • KaleiAlanaSmith
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    Hmm... Well jump roping personally is hard to me!!! Lol. I do have a jump rope workout that is 30 minutes long: jump rope for 1 minute then do a different exercise for 1 minute then repeat for 30 minutes. It's soooo hard and whoops me. I think jump roping is a great way to exercise, but personally I couldn't do it more than once or twice a week. Do you like to jump rope and prefer to jump rope instead of other cardio activities? What about weight lifting? My workout plan currently includes 25 minutes of cardio 5x a week plus weight lifting and I'm losing weight. I'm sure jump roping is fine but I would mix it up a little to keep yourself from getting used to it or being bored.
  • evileen99
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    Have you tried jumping rope yet? It's a high intensity workout and I'm lucky to do 5 minutes straight.
  • Maxxitt
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    This may depend on your conditioning and joint health, but I'd go for daily and work up to 30 min.
  • MelanieCN77
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    30 minutes could be done broken up, but be careful about the surface you do it on.
  • RoxieDawn
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    This sounds difficult to do. Maybe because its 30 - 60 minutes of dedicated jumping and that sounds hard on the body. Shin splints come to mind; overuse if a beginner and not working up to the demand it puts on the body properly.

    I agree, start slow build up your level of fitness and see which is better for you.
  • Redordeadhead
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    Better for what?

    Calorie deficit is what will make you lose weight. You can achieve that through diet alone, or you can add exercise to either increase your deficit or be able to eat more.

    What kind of exercise simply depends what you enjoy more and will keep doing. No one exercise is better than another in purely weight loss terms.
  • DX2JX2
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    Jump roping or jumping rope? Either way, it's hard. I'd count on 30 minutes every two or three days to start, increase as you adjust to the new activity.
  • bogwoppt1
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    I'd be so impressed if you could jump rope for 30 minutes straight. That is brutal. I do it in intervals, but never would never do it 3 times a week. Too hard on the body.
  • TroyWebber
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    I jump a lot. Between an hour and an hour and a half, six days week.It is great for calorie burn,but as others have pointed out,it is rough on your body.I jump on rubber flooring ,wear Ropix jump roping shoes and compresion socks.An hour of straight jumping isnt a big deal for me now,but getting to this point was pretty rough.There was calf pain and shin splints along the way.It will really build your cardio,though.
  • kimny72
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    Whichever you are most likely to stick with.

    Having said that, I'm lucky I can get through 10 minutes jumping rope, forget about 30 mins or an hour :lol:
  • scotneyl
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    Ive just started Jumping Rope and started out with 10min sessions, now built up to 15min sessions every day - unless your super fit theres no way you will be able to sustain 1hr every day, build up is my advice to avoid injury
  • Fursian
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    Which is better: to jump rope everyday for 30 minutes OR jump rope for only 3 days a week for an hour?
    BTW I’m trying to lose weight.

    Hmm, if it is the only exercise a person can do, then the better one seemingly would be the one that they could keep up, since they're trying to lose weight.