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  • Went down a rabbit hole this morning, here are a few more: smohanta757 Ianonious Chelseahargrove joeygirl214 jcanto01 soutleddy13524 Litapalamo magohuman rotasha8014 anthonywsadler ciapong LM4D raghukrish melaylou knuckolsandwitch750 wghensarling barrazajo2191 udo001 leannparker opalmisano elsadekahem dancreppel
  • coppyflock DavidGraca ChristianArrieta Kasijenae Sar34095 Tabboy2000 TwoTime80 The following still show up in other user's friends list with the inappropriate profile pictures, but when clicked, the account is deactivated - Just fyi. carlijeann sebas23145 Shalini789 vanesbigou
  • Richelle_kaylene First picture is fine. Logged into desktop, and second picture is not the same person and mildly inappropriate.
  • gearmonkey Profile picture is innocent. No additional pictures, however the profile states male and the picture is female. Scrolled their activity and there is Cyrillic and links to .sexy sites.
  • @sugaraddict4321 Iisoblu2 profile picture isn't inappropriate, but 2nd picture is not the same person. The picture isn't inappropriate, but it's a sexier shot (crop top, low slung shorts). Yesterday the account was private, today it isn't. Only a few friends, no recent activity.
  • @sugaraddict4321 Kelliquan
  • I got an email a week or so ago, saying my account password had been changed. I had not changed it. I changed my password about 15 minutes after receiving that email. After reading all the comments, I checked my pictures. My third one was not me, though it wasn't inappropriate. I was getting requests like crazy, but they…
  • I'm currently working through Thinner Leaner Stronger. I started with the empty bars to see what I could do. I couldn't even do the olympic barbell for chest presses, and had to start with EZ bars or the ones they use for strength classes. First phase is more figuring out your working weight and form. It's trial and error…
  • Hi there! I think your cals might be a bit low. I'm 5'6" 145-150lbs and can lose at 1625 cals. I weight lift 3x a week and run 2-3x a week (training for 5k, so nothing super crazy). You might want to check out IIFYM Women. They have a FB group and in the pictures there is a "cupcake" chart. It walks you step by step into…
  • The one I have from Zen Labs was free, though it is prompting me to upgrade to premium. I've had it for years.
  • Oh wow! I just realized this post exploded! I have been away from lifting due to a surgery in June. I'm having another in mid September. I'm hoping to be back into lifting in November. I miss it so much!!
  • I'm currently doing ~40/30/30 on C/P/F, though as long as I hit protein, I let the other two fall where they will (usually a little over on carbs and a little under on fat). That puts me slightly under the 1g protein/1lb of bodyweight though (currently 148 lbs). I just don't think I could push protein higher than the 130g…
  • I haven't listened to the audiobook, just read the hard copy. I just purchased the eBook of the new version. I'm reading through it. He did change his calorie and macro calculations. Right now his recommendation is 40/40/20 P/C/F which I still find unmanageable (I need more fat and slightly less protein), but his calorie…
  • That's how I came across Thinner Leaner Stronger. I'm really enjoying that program with a few minor tweaks (removed calf exercises and added extra upper body) .
  • I have tried his recommendations but couldn't sustain it. I switched to IIFYM Women and have had good results with Mike's workouts and my new macros.
  • If you hadn't already added me, I have added everyone. I love reading everyone's stories! You all are so inspiring!!
  • You might want to start focusing on the diet and making sure you hit your protein macros. I'm following TLS in a cut right now. I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing newbie gains and water weight retention from the creatine supplement I take, as the scale is staying within the same pound. However I'm 4 weeks in and I've had a…
  • If you didn't send me a friend request, I have requested you. I wasn't expecting such a response! I'm so excited to have more friends on a similar fitness path as myself! Version 3 of TLS was supposed to be released by now. Supposedly it was released when I ordered my book, but I received version 2 from Amazon in February.…
  • I feel the same way about lifting! I do still love running and spin, but I feel so strong when I lift :) I'm trying to cut some as well. Sent you a friend request :) That's awesome!! I was following the older NROL4W I believe. I was doing it up until my wedding then never picked it back up after getting married. I switched…
  • I have an IUD. I'm actually on my second one. Since the hormones are localized to the uterus, there are less hormonal side effects than trying a pill. With that said, it doesn't help control acne like the pill does. You can have some cramping for a few days after insertion (I think mine lasted 2 days each time I got one)…
  • I'm so glad I stumbled upon this thread. I just finished Phase 1, Week 2, of TLS and have been thinking of dropping the calf exercises. I'm happy with the way mine look. I also run 1-3x a week, which I feel works them out way more than any isolation exercise I've done.
  • I make a bunch of chicken breasts then shred it with my hand mixer. Then I put it over rice with some gravy, use it as filling for baked taquitos, chicken tacos, or quesadillas. I use it in noodle recipes as well. I'm a fairly picky eater, so I'm sure there are tons more recipes you can make with shredded chicken if you…
  • Hey! Fellow teacher here :) I've been a yo-yo'er since college. I've been successful on here several times, especially leading up to my wedding. But then I gained 30 lbs after :open_mouth: I'll add you!
  • I've had mine for 2 years and it is fine. I've been having some sync issues, but that's it.
  • Hey! I'm back again for the umpteenth time. This time I gained 30 lbs after my wedding, when I was in the best shape of my life. I totally understand the feeling of wanting to kick yourself in the rear. I'm a teacher, so I understand the long days as well. My tip for meal prep is pick one day a week (for me it is Sunday)…
  • According to the help article, it looks like it could take a week for full functionality to come back. They say don't disconnect and reconnect, as this only backs up the backlog further. It is extremely frustrating right now.
  • The article states that something wasn't right and will take a week to fix. Sync will be slow, as there is a backlog. Unlinking and relinking will only back things up more. It's very frustrating.