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  • Wow, that traveled fast. It's only been a couple weeks since I first heard about it in India.
  • There was one KK location in my state, but it closed years ago. I'm not driving to another state for a so-so donut.
  • A few interesting ideas were discussed until they came back and started back up with vaccine = poison. Personally, I think that should earn them a time-out from the forum.
  • And she saw this coming as a 15 year old.
  • South Dakota has identified the UK, California and South African variants in the state.
  • Woohoo! Just got my first dose. This was also the first time I've been inside a store in a year; very strange feeling. I got to do lots of observing because the pharmacist was running 15 minutes behind plus the 15 minutes waiting after. Store employ…
  • I can spot 3 masks in that crowd; one is a chin mask and one is a mouth mask.
  • Well, I made my appointment to get the Moderna dose. I was holding off so others with higher needs could get theirs, but my son asked me to go to his graduation in May. I would have liked to get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but that's not availa…
  • My dad got his second Moderna yesterday. He feels a little under the weather today but sounded good on the phone.
  • Not to derail the thread, but I really wish Gardisal had been available back when I was young.
  • An acquaintance (53 male) who was healthy 3 months ago pre-covid now uses a walker, is on oxygen and has to take insulin shots. I will be getting vaccinated.
  • Hypothetical: if there were no restrictions, costs, shortages and you could choose which vaccine to receive, which would you?
  • When I worked at the hospital, I once had an ER doctor send a six-year-old to be seen in Urgent Care. Turned out she needed emergency surgery that night on her appendix. I was in my early thirties when I got Shingles. Never thought to ask why; just…
  • Looking back at the first page reminded me how badly the WHO dropped the ball on this.
  • Did they explain how it could be spread by someone who isn't infected?
  • My mother (75+) got her vaccine appointment today. My dad (74) has to wait. I've got the extra health risks that could potentially get me in for a shot, but my personality is loving the isolation and I'm content for teachers, grocery store workers …
  • Just a pessimistic note on the British variant. It was first identified in September in Kent and the surge came four months later in January. This is why there are cautionary watches on March for the US.
  • Regarding old history cropping up: a few years ago my retired English teacher answered his door and was shot dead by a high school classmate he hadn't seen in over 50 years.
  • The CDC has a page to track variants in US states.
  • In January the schools in London were closed because they had 'reviewed' the school transmission rates. I haven't been able to find the data behind that decision but it did coincide with the sharp rise of the variant. Now that variant has been conf…
  • Curious about the bolded because I've heard that many times in the last year, but the hospital I worked at only used surgical masks or PPAP hoods. I've even heard anecdotal stories that hospitals didn't allow nurses to bring in their own higher qual…
  • Why would this be flagged? We need scientific studies.
  • Study into mortality results from giving plasma from recovered patients to hospitalized covid patients finds there is no benefit. In other words, the same percentage of people died if they received the plasma or not.
  • I remember checking the FEMA site recommendations for pandemics a couple years ago. It had graphs showing waves and said to have enough supplies to not leave home for three weeks at a time for each wave. I just went back to check it now and it's all…
  • Here in the U.S. it's impossible to say, in my opinion. I live in a state with no restrictions so all the bars and restaurants are available. People can gather, have parties and live completely normal in full 'compliance'. Schools and colleges are i…
  • Are students never held back a grade anymore? It wasn't uncommon when I was young. I even remember a set of twins being split up that way just so they wouldn't be in the same classes (which seems very questionable now). Students in my graduating HS …
  • I saw an interview the other day on DW news where a doctor was explaining that it was important for recovering long covid patients not to exceed their exertion window. The example given was if you can run 30 minutes, but only 20 before you feel any …
  • He developed heart problems after being hospitalized.