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  • You realize that anyone that types anything other than "typing into MFP" ain't telling the truth :)
  • For hypertrophy/bodybuilding workout programs, RP is awesome. For powerlifting, Juggernaut Training Systems is a great deal more applicable. Chad Wesley Smith, knows his stuff.
  • Started with a 1.5 mile hike with my beloved. Then gym where I set a PR (Personal Record) deadlift for this bodyweight of 385 lbs. Woo Hoo! Set of sumo deadlifts with 225 lbs. for 12 reps. Hack Squats 180 lb..x 12 x 3, then some lat work. Rounded it all out with 30 min. on the stationary bike. Home for some protein and…
  • Most folks want to lose as FAST as possible. But that can be a mistake. Diet stress is a real thing. Wish I had known and saved myself years of grief. There's a great deal of research that shows if you take a diet break periodically it will help reduce/eliminate this fatigue and make it easier once you reach your goal…
  • I've gotten these: "You've lost enough, don't lose anymore", , , hmmm seems like that oughta be my decision. my favorite though: "You look younger and fitter every time I see you", uh it's hard to be mad about that one! Mostly, I try to display patience and gentleness and realize that I've commit so, so many faux pas in my…
  • Yep, since the day I retired :D
  • A different kind of beauty can be viewed by hiking down into the Grand Canyon, getting away from the tourist-y area. The Bright Angel Campground, the Phantom Ranch and the area around it have a stark, natural beauty I haven't seen anywhere else.
  • When I was creatine "loading" the first week (taking 4 times a day), I had some intestinal distress. Now that I'm just taking 5g, once a day, there's been no problem. It has been mildly effective (affective?) for me. I've gotten a couple of additional reps on most of my exercises since I started taking it. But I'm so…
  • 70 minutes weight training (mostly upper body), 20 minute stationary bike, then later 60 minutes mowing our lawn.
  • After 3-1/2 years of sobriety, I've come to know this, , , EVERYDAY IS DAY 1. You make the decision everyday not to drink. That every binge starts with one drink. That you're powerless against alcohol, once you have that first drink. God help me recognize this each and every day!
  • I think it may be shock or awe... I've seen pictures of your leggings and they're AMAZING. Haven't seen patterns like that since watching "Laugh-In" back in the early 70's. Psychodelic swirls and shocking rainbow splashes everywhere. You're most likely the envy of every one wearing their grey drab wardrobes!
  • For me, there's a difference between participating in a competition and "competing". I run 5k races with absolutely no hopes of winning with times in the 35 minute range. I participated in a powerlifting meet knowing they have "geriatric" divisions where there's little chance of any real competition. But I get to have my…
  • Hanes Comfort Fit Boxer Briefs. Most comfortable underwear I've EVER owned (unpaid,, non-celebrity endorsement :D )
  • What's the plan once you reach your goal? Will you continue with 3/21 IF? Will you continue with low carb? I lost most of my weight on a 8/16 (or is it 16/8 for an 8 hour eating window???) intermitent fast. Low carb was not sustainable for me, but greatly reducing process carbs (like bread & pasta) and leaning more towards…
  • Knee high socks is all they'll let me use :wink:
  • Okay, they're not GIFs, but they're stills from my powerlifting meet last weekend. Did relatively easy 297.6 lb Squat, 241 lb Bench and 330 lb Deadlift. I wanted to go 9 for 9 and avoid injury. I accomplished both goals. Sorry about the size of the pics . . .
  • I love exercise. So I exercise nearly every day. Even if it's only a 30-45 minute walk with my wife. That helps with the loss a little. Also I learned from my friends who served in Afghanistan. Their phrase, "Embrace the SUCK" has a much deeper meaning than you'd think. It means perservering through the hard time, knowing…
  • "Wow, you look amazing!", shouldn't be viewed as anything other than complimentary. There's a good chance you'll make someone's day brighter. Sadly, I let most of these opportunities go by.
  • EXACTLY! Lyle McDonald is one of the most irritating (so called) training experts on the web. Nippard, Schoenfeld or Isratel are VASTLY more credible than that wack-a-doodle.
  • They were always nice to me when I was in the hospital... :D
  • If it's safe for us old people, in our weakened, decrepit state (*sarcasm*), it should be fine for healthy vibrant youthful folks. We've had our 2 Pfizer shots with little more than a sore spot on our arm as a side effect.
  • I know how you feel. It's a victory for me every time I drive by the Chinese buffet AND DON'T STOP IN!!! :smiley:
  • Where are you at? Our gyms, here in Missouri, have been open for many months, with a mandatory mask rule. The mask rule was lifted/suspended last Friday (May 14th).
  • Exactly. Why would you keep this doctor? He's obviously ill informed and not very conscientious.
  • Gee, I always thought muslins were different types of cotton material :D
  • Was there something about Crossfit that disagreed with you, are caused injury, etc.???
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  • Hold on to me - Lauren Daigle
  • An acquaintance of mine said he cheated because his spouse forgot that he vowed to be monogamous NOT celibate. . .