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  • JenT304JenT304 Member Posts: 912 Member Member Posts: 912 Member
    @MissMay good to see you here!
  • BeIn2dayBeIn2day Member Posts: 608 Member Member Posts: 608 Member
    Hi @MissMay 😊

    Hope you have a lovely weekend too. We are getting spoiled in Scotland. It's sunny for a change 😎
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 3,428 Member Member Posts: 3,428 Member
    My Quit Drinking App alerted me that I have earned my 3 year badge...WOOHOO!! Stinkin' right I've earned it LOL

    STATS as follows: Saved $7,830 ~ 4,698.5 drinks passed ~ 93.89% health gained ~ 1096 days 8 hours sober. That's it folks!! On to 3 years Plus one (1) more day....

    On the subject of relapse, it is part of recovery. Plain & simple...absolutely NO shame in that. I had lots of relapses before joining the the Less Alcohol group and then switching to this group. By the time I landed here I had a different determination cause I had reached my tolerance level for my own crap and was tired of feeling like an emotional, physical, & mental wreck and tired of hurting myself. Did quitting help me solve all my problems...nope! But it makes it much easier to cope with any problems when I have a clear head.

    Thankful to be on this healing path with y'all. <3B)<3

    I'll sign off with a quote I love ~ "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." Maria Robinson ~ here's to fresh starts and continued growth!!

    THREE years - WOW- so happy for you! It can be done and you are doing it! True- it is easier to cope when you don't have brain fog or hanxiety. Keep it up!
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 3,428 Member Member Posts: 3,428 Member
    Beka3695 wrote: »
    donimfp wrote: »

    Beka, I'm with you here. After 5 months of struggle following 6 months of sobriety, I, too, know that moderation is not possible for me. And I don't even want it any more. There's just way too much downside and not really any upside to speak of. Still . . . it's addiction, and it's powerful. We finished school Friday, so today is a new beginning--of summer--and a good day for a Day 1 in earnest. We can do this! I look so forward to returning to school in August with a few months of sobriety under my belt. The last couple were not my best.

    Yes, we can do this!!!!

    Today is day 1 and I’m hungover. I had an emotional event yesterday and drank my feelings. It did not help me cope.

    Sobriety is no longer a trial phase for me. It is a life change that I MUST MAKE!!!!

    If every time I ate peanuts it made me lose memory, make questionable decisions, say things I didn’t mean, and make me feel like *kitten*, would I ever eat peanuts? HECK NO!!!!

    Addiction is horrible.

    I'm sorry you are struggling. Addiction is terrible. But thankfully, we can control it. I know you can. You've done it before. But keep thinking in small steps - 24 hours. You sound just like me. Questionable decisions, etc. Maybe think back what you did last time that made it work. Great analogy about peanuts!
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 3,428 Member Member Posts: 3,428 Member
    JenT304 wrote: »
    I just found out my former next door neighbor who is my age, 57, has lung cancer. We used to smoke and drink together ALL the time. I quit smoking probably 10 years ago but she kept it up until about 2 years ago. If you are still struggling with smoking, I urge you to try and stop for the loved ones in your life. She is full of regret.

    OH Jen! I just saw this. I am so sorry to hear this. Terrible. I pray she will be ok!
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 3,428 Member Member Posts: 3,428 Member
    donimfp wrote: »

    I am off the wagon. In 3 months, one drink has led to almost back up to speed limit. I have had 3 hangovers during this time.

    I am allowing myself the “last dance” of this holiday weekend, then dry again 06/01.

    I really thought I could moderate..... how many times have we said/heard this?!?!?! I cannot. I must be 100% sober.

    Ok... it’s out there and I feel better!


    Hi friend! we know what you're feeling. The great thing is you have some great tools in your "toolbox". Reflect on what you did last time. And do it again. Also, now that school will be over, why don't you try something brand new this summer. What can you do to fill the time (so you don't drink)? Hmmmm

    Also, the school year was so darn awful, you probably drank due to lots of stress!! So, maybe now that summer is here, you may feel less stressed.
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  • stephanne13stephanne13 Member Posts: 212 Member Member Posts: 212 Member
    A lot of people have good results with melatonin. I am not one of those people. It gives me such bad nightmares, that I always think "no wonder babies wake up screaming throughout the night" because their bodies produce so much if it.
    However, everyone reacts differently, so I would absolutely give it a try.
  • BeIn2dayBeIn2day Member Posts: 608 Member Member Posts: 608 Member
    Hi Jen. I have found that I'm just so tired now most nights after work and going to the gym.

    Exercising during the day so you are knackered at night is the only thing I can think of....not eating anything a few hours before bed. Avoid coffee or tea in the evening. Take all digital stuff / telly out of bedroom. Try reading before bed, meditation before bed. Counting backwards from 1,000 and try not to sleep anywhere else other than your bed. Try not to take naps during the day.

    Hope you manage to get a better sleep !
    Try keeping a sleep record. What are you eating / drinking before bedtime ? What is waking you up ? If you are an over thinker (like me) maybe try writing down what's bothering you before bed, and tell yourself you will deal with it in the morning.

    Is your bedroom an ideal temperature? Maybe try weighted blankets ? Is the sunlight coming in through your blinds perhaps ?
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 3,428 Member Member Posts: 3,428 Member
    Hi Jen! I used a half of Gravol- Lorraine on this thread told me about it. It's like dramamine but it's from Canada I think.
    What about a white noise machine? My sister swears by it . I bought a fan recently that when it's on very low, it has a calming effect plus it cools the room.

    I think sleep cycles come and go. I will go for days with excellent sleep and then horrible sleep for a few days; I typically wake at 4;00 a.m. Sometimes, I listen to a meditation then to fall back asleep.

    Hormones probably at the root of all this.Grrr.
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