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The Sober Squad- Alcohol Free Living

JenT304JenT304 Posts: 498Member Member Posts: 498Member Member
Welcome! I wanted to start a discussion about living without the crutch of alcohol. No matter where you are in your search for sobriety, all are welcome. This will not be a thread to promote moderation but abstinence. There are lots of other moderation threads but I felt one where AF living was where I needed to be. I would like to create a supportive, judgement free zone. No preaching please, just encouragement. I personally am only on day 13 but I feel determined to give it up for good. It's just not working for me anymore. So please join in the discussion and invite your friends!


  • lorrainequiche59lorrainequiche59 Posts: 656Member Member Posts: 656Member Member
    @donimfp Hugs too <3 I ticked insightful, but want to send a hug your way. Our brains ARE changing!! For the better. Kinda like growing pains, which my youngest grandson suffers from. They really hurt, BUT there is a purpose. I find it helpful to watch Annie Grace/Craig Beck cause they explain what to expect when going AF. Especially on Annie's alcohol experiment because she interviews various experts that deal in the physiology/psychology of going AF.
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