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    salleewins wrote: »
    I don't know why ginger beer has to have the word beer to it. I find it irritating, lol. I am going to make some myself sometime. I have the ginger already. It is basically fresh ginger, sweetener of some sort and carbonated water. I can have it in a glass if I want to. I personally won't go near something labled non-alcoholic. It seems to be more and more on the displays lately in the stores, ugh. It is just too scary for me. I just can't risk how good that I have it now.

    because that's how it's made. like root beer.
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    Welcome, Orphia! Great to see you here! <3
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    @hwg63 life is good enjoy every day and they will continue to improve. You will be embracing this as your lifestyle and it becomes completely normal to live this way
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