TEAM: Flab-U-Less (April)



  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    Daily Post: 04/01 Monday
    Track: yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: yes
    Daily goal: Partake in Finland's traditional Fisch Schlapping Song.'s only 21 mins away.
  • 2011mathematical
    2011mathematical Posts: 92 Member
    Daily Post: Monday april 1
    Track: yes
    Calories: under, just barely
    Exercise: yes
    Goal for tomorrow: elliptical
  • leni1us
    leni1us Posts: 832 Member
    Daily Post: April 1
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: Y. Made it to the gym
    Goal for tomorrow: Drink 64 oz of water.
  • rekvar12
    rekvar12 Posts: 237 Member
    Daily post April 1

    Calories - 94 under (finally)
    Exercise - 6km walk
  • 13ecca4
    13ecca4 Posts: 202 Member
    Daily post:
    April 1
    Track: Yes
    Under: Yes
    Exercise: 1 hour strength training at the gym
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    Yay! Another streak of people with a lot of exercise! Everyone is rocking it!
  • debbie14892
    debbie14892 Posts: 120 Member
    edited April 2019

    My username is incorrect...I accidentally put andder, it should be Debbie14892...can this be changed?
  • Ketch_22
    Ketch_22 Posts: 12,691 Member
    Daily Post: 4/2

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Yes
    Exercise: Yes 30 minutes walking dogs, yard work
    Goals/Day/Comments: updated my username
  • WA_Teacher
    WA_Teacher Posts: 1,042 Member
    April Week 1
    Previous Weight: 217.8
    Current Weight: 220

    Spent an extra day at my friend's cabin. It was a great time and I was able to unplug and let go of a lot of stress. B)
  • porkchopsandapple
    porkchopsandapple Posts: 30 Member
    Daily Post: 04/01 Monday
    Track: yes
    Calories: Over
    Exercise: Just walking 9k steps
    Daily goal: Plan menu for upcoming week and keep walking!
  • shanteel612
    shanteel612 Posts: 434 Member
    Daily post Monday 4/1


    Been having a spotty still hoping for onederland this week.
  • lk2011
    lk2011 Posts: 153 Member
    Daily Post: 04/01
    Track: yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: yes
  • mrs1spy
    mrs1spy Posts: 187 Member
    Daily post

    Track: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercise: yes, gym for 60 minutes
  • dielithium
    dielithium Posts: 11 Member
    Daily post

    Track: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercise: yes, cardio for 60 mins
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    @debbie14892 Got it, thanks!
    @Ketch_22 snazzy new name! I like it! Nice day too!
    @sianisabel2018 That is the way to start out the new month!
    @WA_Teacher Not too bad for the day after vacation!
    @porkchopsandapple nice steppin!
    @shanteel612 drink up! Onederland is going to happen this week!! I'm rooting for you!
    @lk2011 @mrs1spy @dielithium wonderful day for all of you!
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    Daily Post: 04/02 Tuesday
    Track: yes
    Calories: under-over on sodium
    Exercise: yes
    Daily goal: Clothing drive for the house elves. Tomorrow-gonna have to do my own dusting.
  • MotivatedM3
    MotivatedM3 Posts: 100 Member
    Username: @aniyahl33
    Weigh in week: April Week 1
    Weigh in day:Tuesday
    Previous Week's weight: 246.8
    Todays Weight: “Lo”

    Scale needs new batteries. 😂 will grab some soon
  • Starshine15
    Starshine15 Posts: 457 Member
    Daily post for 4/2
    Track: Yes
    Calories: Yes, under
    Exercise: No
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    edited April 2019
    Mini Challenge! Question of the week????....sometimes I remember to do these :#
    What makes this time of losing weight different from the others? This is an assumptive question, so if this is your first time trying to lose weight then I guess the question would be: What are you going to do to make sure that you're successful the first time when so many other people fail time and time again? (Sorry these aren't very well worded questions and I'm running out of new question ideas) I think that I will start expanding on old questions for the next couple of rounds.
    @WA_Teacher needs to grade my paper and make corrections :# I'm so tired and can't proofread right now.
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