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    I conducted 10 back-to-back therapy sessions today and by the time I finished I was so so emotionally drained. The temptation was to come home and veg on the couch but I went to the gym with a friend and I'm so glad I did. Feeling so much more relaxed and just good all around.
    Ouff! 10 sessions sounds like a thoroughly draining day - but I love that you went to the gym and that you went with a friend. It is often at the time we feel least like getting exercise that it does us the most good! Great example for the rest of us :smiley:

    Here you are today -
    I was like that last week after a killer TRX session. I find the sore muscle phase lasts longer as we age! Arrgh!
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    I ve seen this post on instagram and I felt so related to some parts of it, specially the part of being ashamed to go to the gym/out. it gave me the motivation to register for a few gym sessions for the next week and thought it may also be good to for somes here.
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    Is it really the ending of Thursday already? Maybe not for you folks out in the west, but it will come to you soon as well! Time just flies.

    SO let's get ready for the really big weigh-in day!

    @coll7246 I hope you are still with us! It's OK if your weigh-in is late, and even if it is not what you hoped for. We just hope to hear from you and get you rolling!

    Due Friday:

    Let's hear from you all! Not just weigh-ins, but news and thoughts on how things are going. Everyone loves that part.
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    @Steph1498 You still lost 1lb.. that's not to be sniffed at! ;) I'm with you with the eating tacos and still wanting to lose weight though haha.
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    PW - 302.5 lbs
    CW - 297.8 lbs

    Way to go!!
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    PW - 302.5 lbs
    CW - 297.8 lbs

    Way to go!!

    Thank you :) just trying to keep up with you😉
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