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  • lovethyneighbor
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    Pw: 228.6
    Cw: 226.4
  • gak71
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    Daily Steps:
    Sun 8,133
    Mon 3,494
    Tue 3,548
    Wed 7,588
    Thu 4,019
    Fri 3,628
    Sat 4,792

    Total 35,202
    Daily Average 5,029
  • MandiSaysHey
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    Good morning all.

    Weigh in today 218.2

    I will reintroduce myself a little later. Running late for work at the moment.
  • Kali225
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    Hi WaistAways -

    Nearly July - I read a daily newsletter about business news and today's pointed out that June 30 marks the "halftime" of the year, and a good time to hit reset! I like that idea. Crazy that half the year is gone, though.

    I'm Kay, 26, living in Boston and working in finance downtown (although I have been WFH since late March '20, and currently doing work for July from the Catskill Mtns in NY). I was a runner and a dancer all my childhood through high school, and totally dropped regular activity in college. Add in an unlimited meal plan and a general dislike for vegetables, and I gained way more than the freshman 15. I consider my start date for this weight loss to be Feb 2018, when I moved out of my parents' house and started my first post-grad job. I am very big on getting my steps in - thinking about adding some running back in.

    I love home workouts almost exclusively for strength, cardio, hiit, etc. (currently doing Caroline Girvan's Epic I on youtube, 60 day program [but it'll take me a bit more than 60 days]) and I follow Yoga with Adriene on youtube for my daily yoga practice. My biggest struggle with weight loss is bingeing on weekends and emotional eating when I get stressed/frustrated, especially on a bad workday. I joined F2F in August 2020, took a brief break for April & May 2021 (was not a great idea, I stopped tracking everything to see how it would feel to be a little less numbers-focused... yeah, I gained a big chunk of a nearly-50 lb loss back so that was unfortunate.)

    Monday motivation - I only have 1 meeting today and my workload gets very light before the end of the quarter so I have plenty of time to study for an exam at the end of August. And plenty of time for a workout in the afternoon!
  • MandiSaysHey
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    I will also join back in the steps tracking. My goal will be 7k steps per day.
  • EvMakesChanges
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    @Terytha we have limited AC in our apartment, too. I keep a fan oscillating near the cat’s bowls and that helps them a lot. Since it’s going to be even hotter, they will all get the “water treatment” - gently rubbing water into their hair to the skin to help with natural air-cooling.
    It’s lucky that we have a basement where the kitties can be cooler.
    More soon!
  • jugar
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    I hope everyone and their critters are doing all right - it is even too hot for the old horse who is the principal task of my daughter's mini-mule, so they are both inside a stall during the day now. I don't think that mule has ever been in a stall in his life, but if his job is to be with his buddy there, he is OK with that.

    @Terytha smart move to go to an air-conditioned hotel if you have a roasting place to live. We are lucky here in the forest - at least the ground floor of the house stays quite reasonable. Fans take care of it - but some older buildings with poor insulation really challenge our internal body cooling systems.

    Quick reminder for weigh-ins due through tomorrow:

    I have to say that it is wonderful to have both Grace and Kay back with us after a break that turned into some weight loss reversal. Now we also have @MandiSaysHey and others who have returned, and some who are needing to tune up a setback. Even though logging, counting, thinking about food, and all those things are a bit of a pain and a misery, they sure beat the misery of gaining and staying out of shape, right? I think we can all connect with those who are on a great surge of energy with wonderful (however small!) losses every week. Read the posts, get inspired, and review every day for success and spots for improvement. Go for it!

    If you need more inspiration and a space to jot down your daily reflection and plan for the next day - head on over and enjoy:

  • KellyBgetsfit
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    So who wants to hear about our record Low Highs??? 🙄 We have had record highs the past two weeks but the monsoons started on Friday and we were supposed to only reach 72 today and tomorrow. It's usually in the 90s. We has been in the low 100s.

    Hi! I am Kelly. I teach Kindergarten. I am currently on summer break and I have been trying to balance it all. Did I mention I have 4 kids? They are ages 1-16. My oldest is a varsity cheerleader, but thankfully she can drive herself this summer. She also works at a local restaurant. I have an 11 year old volleyball player, a 5 year old swimmer/soccer player, and then there's my baby. I am taking two classes this summer to get my early childhood license (I have a Prek-12 Special Education license). Oh, and I run a fairly successful online business. I have been doing really well with my workouts. My eating is getting better, but I need to clean it up a bit. My July goals will be to get 10,000 steps, stay within calories and hit my macros, and reduce processed food.
  • jugar
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    micki48 wrote: »
    I feel like I accomplished something today. I cleaned my porch, worked in the yard, fixed a couple things. My water has been good. Sweat a lot working outside. My calories are under goal. So I’d say that’s a good day.

    Oh and my daughter has an interview for the job up north on Wednesday morning. She’ll zoom. NS we’ll watch the little one. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 for her sake. It’s a great job at the school she went to. If she gets it, then we will all move. Look at this beautiful library she would be the director of.


    I'm posting this here - @micki48 you put this in the June chat thread which is now closed! It is fantastic - and I agree, that is some gorgeous library. I hope it woes well :heart:

    And I agree, you had a GREAT day.
  • MandiSaysHey
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    Steps Sunday 6/27 7601
    Steps today 6/28 7611

    I went a little over my calorie budget today because I had a special dinner with some girlfriends. It could've been way worse though, so I'm okay with it.
  • ashleycarole86
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    Monday exercise 06/28 -
    yoga (18 mins) low intensity
    9,397 steps
  • ashleycarole86
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    @PlaneMonkey Sounds like the deck project was quite the job! Glad it's done and it will be nice to enjoy for the summer I'm sure.

    @micki48 Hope your daughter's interview goes well... looks like a great opportunity!

    @Kali225 Yoga with Adriene is what I do as well.. I like her videos a lot.

    As @Terytha and others have alluded to, it's HOT (for here). There were activities that I wanted to do tonight that I just didn't feel were safe. So, I stuck to my walking (early night and before bed) and did a yoga session as well. Best I could do.

    I got my second vaccine at lunch today. Off to put myself to bed early so I can get up for another early morning walk session.
  • DD265
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    I'm sorry you guys are struggling with the heat - stay hydrated!

    I've lost the water weight from yesterday overnight - had to happen the day after weigh day of course. I think the next few months will be measured in which pair of jeans I'm wearing, as my comfy pair are starting to wear out between the thighs. My next smallest pair (same size as current, but Levi's quality control sucks) are virtually brand new so they'll last a while, but the two pairs after that already have signs of chub rub and I'll get through them quite quickly I think.

    I'm so close to starting lifting that I need to bite the bullet and begin. I was thinking Thursday or Friday (whichever day I'm not running) as I'll take new progress photos on Thursday with it being the start of July. I need to put the squat rack together which is a 5 minute job, and we need do to another tip run, but I can manage for space to begin with. I had, however, forgotten how tight it was in the garage with the 7ft bar; I'll be working with a few inches clearance. This is good for encouraging perfect form but there's a high risk of breaking something (looking at you, lawnmower) should I mess up. I don't want to drop down to a 'ladies bar' as then it makes going back to a 7ft bar harder; the 6ft ladies bar (as well as being 15kg instead of 20kg) has smaller circumference so it's easier to grip with small hands, and you really feel the difference going back up. Will see how long I last before opting to go train in a gym instead.

    After my anxiety on Friday, I started doing my Bloody Good Life (mindfulness) course again. I've completed module one, which has you plotting satisfaction in areas of your life, and how much responsibility you feel you're taking for those, on a wheel. Then you come up with an action plan for increasing satisfaction with a few key areas, so that's what I've done and it's scheduled in the diary. Yesterday felt very productive but was not overwhelming so off to a good start.
  • gak71
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    I’m Gary, I’ll be 50 the 15th of July, and I live in the USA in Florida. I’m down 45+ pounds since the end of December and this is my 4th month in the group. I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis the last month so I haven’t been exercising like I was previously and I’m following a keto diet. After 19 years home with two kids my youngest is driving now and I’m using my new found time to take care of myself! My weight was keeping me from living life to the fullest so I appreciate the motivation and support I get here to help me get back to the best me! It’s not easy but it will be worth it! Good luck to all!
  • Terytha
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    We flicked on the TV last night and a weatherman for somewhere in the US said, "Are you ready for 100 degrees at 8 am? No, no you're not!"

    And we laughed really hard but as we left for work at 6:30 this morning it was already sweltering and honestly, no. We are not.

    As I walked upstairs into the bedroom to pack some clothes, it felt like walking into a fire. I was up there 10 minutes and left shaking, sweaty and pale, that's how miserable our house is.

    The hotel AC was nice, and they're doing this little boxed breakfast that has two cold hardboiled eggs, a bunch of grapes and a couple pieces of cheese, which honestly is basically my ideal breakfast. I don't have much appetite in the morning so cold, non-greasy foods are best.
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