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  • jamaicanlady
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    pmag, I've finally caved and gotten a wedding planner. I need to be realistic. I CANNOT do all that I'm doing AND plan a successful wedding. So bf agreed last night that we should hire one. I feel a little less pressured already. No pics yet. But soon.

    There are no powerlifting competitions in Jamaica but I'd definitely be tempted to enter one. All they have are the figure/bikini/fitness model comps. I don't think I'd enter those even if I could, but I'd like to look like a bikini model though. Anyway, PLEASE keep us posted if you decide to enter. I'm excited already.

    pudding, the plank with pulldown is REALLY hard. Try to keep your legs a little wider than for regular planks.

    sam, we can do this. It's hard, but not impossible. Yay for getting back to the gym! Keep it going. :drinker:

    beeps, glad your back is feeling better.

    julie, I agree with jo. I record my weight daily and from the graph it's clear to me that I'm on a downward trend. But there are many many weeks where my weight seems to be going up. Having all the data gives me the assurance that I must be doing SOMETHING right. Remember, weight/fat loss is not linear.

    Woke up this morning feeling lighter and smaller. For a change I felt good stepping on the scale. Imagine my dismay when the scale read only 0.2 lbs lighter than last week <no way>. Did I ever tell you I hate the scale? Anyway, took my measurements and I've definitely lost some fat. Waist, boobs and hips are smaller. I don't like that my butt is now almost non-existent, but I'll build it up back later when I do a bulk. IF I ever get to that. At the rate the scale is moving, not sure when that'll be.

    Anyway, finished Hypertrophy I yesterday. I guess doing hypertrophy means I shouldn't expect to see much loss scale wise. But if my body fat continues to decrease, I'll be a happy camper.

    Didn't exactly meet my goals last week, will try to do better this week. My protein was a little lower than I wanted, and my cals were a bit higher. Can't say by how much exactly because my computer (where I track all this stuff) stopped charging on Friday and I've returned it to the store to get it fixed (good thing I had paid for extended warranty).

    Anywho, I hope you ladies have a wonderful day, and rest of week. Until I get back my computer, I'll try to check in from work when I get a free moment.
  • Pmagnanifit
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    I did lift this morning a little later than I'd planned.
    My daughter and I went to a party and cycled home last night . It was after dark but we went slow. She loved wearing a headlamp.
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Jo-thanks. I've been weighing every Friday for 7-8 weeks hoping for a downward trend. But it's gone up instead.:( but I am taking it in stride and decided I'll likely weigh less often and see how it goes. The tape measure and fat caliper are better tools for me.

    Sam-the deficit isn't truly helping my scale weight either, but like you said, I like the cushion it provides on the occasional weekend when I want a little froyo or some movie popcorn...I know I have a bit of room to maintenance cals and can make controlled choices. Good for you hitting the gym and you'll be squatting heavier soon enough!!

    Jamaica-I used to be a daily weigher, but it's too frustrating lately. I know it'll have to go down eventually, so we're taking a break from each other ;). Good plan getting a planner to help you! Less stress is definitely the way to go!! Hypertrophic is getting bigger,right? That'll mess up the scale I'm sure.

    Pmagnan-cute about dd and the headlamp...my dd's would love that. Glad you got your workout in!

    Beeps-hope your back continues doing well and you're enjoying that hotel gym!

    My back feels much better! It's a big relief and I've been super careful, everywhere. Loading the dishwasher, doing laundry...etc. I'm enjoying my weekend rest time and back to lifting tomorrow! Looking forward to finishing up stage 2 this week.
  • Beeps2011
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    Congrats on the wedding planner, jamaican.

    pmagnan - yes, I can see how wearing a headlamp would be a novel and fun experience.

    julie - well, I am home now, so back to boring gym here, lol.

    Well, not quite true....I will still be at new gym this week since old gym is still being renovated. I will lift M/W/F this week.

    Wedding next weekend.
  • lovetowrite73
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    Good morning, all! Rest week for me this week. It feels so good to just relax.
  • Beeps2011
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    Got my lifting in-and-done.

    Weight is back up....thanks a lot san diego....

    I will not be at my goal weight for the wedding event this weekend. Oh well.

    I guess i still have 2014 work to do!
  • Julieboolieaz
    Julieboolieaz Posts: 643 Member
    Got my lifting in-and-done.

    Weight is back up....thanks a lot san diego....

    I will not be at my goal weight for the wedding event this weekend. Oh well.

    I guess i still have 2014 work to do!
    It could just be water and go quickly? Either way enjoy the wedding!!

    Love-have a great break!!

    I did stage 2 workout B this morning, my 3rd session. I definitely hate the Bulgarian split squat...just sayin'. Makes me appreciate that revers lunge with forward reach move though! Not gonna miss the hip flexion and prone cobras...even though I'm sure they are doing something good for me :).

    I tried using the riser squares that go with the step today for my DLs (since I'm still a lightweight!). Worked well! I added 10lbs to my DL today and it felt good! Up to a whopping 75lbs now! But that's progress for me (and my back doesn't hurt which was my real challenge!) so I'm very happy!!

    A and B of this stage then on to stage 3. I need to go read that again ;).
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Julie Bulgarian split squats are hard.

    I am lifting tomorrow- I am not into this weeks workout - so I have to get motivated.
    I ran around at my daughters soccer practice so tonight was fun.

    I hope I get to do some squats Thursday.
  • jo_marnes
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    Julie Bulgarian split squats are hard.

    Hell yeah.... this is why they remain in my workouts. Hate them, especially reps of 15+

    My routine is all outta whack..... didn't lift yesterday... body said no. Combat today. Will lift tomorrow - hoping combat hasn't left shoulders too tight. DL day tomoz.

    Get those squats in Pmag..... I picked up some info from my gym today about form on squats/ dls/ presses. Some good tips. Interestingly, they gave two versions of the squat - Olympic and powerlifting. I have never looked at any versions other than my interpretation of the NROL books. My gym recommends learning Olympic (narrow feet) before powerlifting (wider stance). I tried Olympic version at home (no weight) - hell no. My mobility restricts this completely. I am much more a wide stance squatter! I don't know if that's just how my hips are made, but I'm always better on a wide squat. Sumo over narrow any day. What do you girls do?

    Good news is my DLs are not too bad according to their advice. Will keep reading but I think I've got pretty reasonable form. My issue is in the 'putting down' rather than anything else - I get the bar caught on my knees as I run it down my thigh. This results always in bruised kneecaps! Think I will consider a PT session to get someone to observe my form and correct any issues. Just have no idea when to fit this in atm!
  • Beeps2011
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    Wide squatting is better for my body type.

    With deadlifts, it is my shins that end up shredded and bruised.

    Doing a strength/combo class at gym, today.
  • Ali_momof2
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    Hello Ladies,
    I had a total cheat weekend so I'mavoiding my scale. I'm sure its not as bad as I think since I did do a lot of running around and playing with the kids. I don't know whats gotten into me with this stage 3 workout, but I'm tearing it apart. I did my 2nd 3 B last night and I separated the RDL and bent over rows, I DL more that I can with the row so I felt like I wasn't accomplishing much. I also skipped the prone cobra since I had done a Jillian Michaels 6 week 6pack and I had enough core exercises. Some how I have such a short attention span that the hardest part of holding the prone cobra for 90 sec is I get bored. I can do with no problem it just feels long & boring. I know its only 90 sec, & sadly I've had my oldest come & talk to me just so it took my mind off of it, then I was stuck in a pokemon conversation so perhaps the silence was better lol:laugh:
    I don't know if its TOM that is making me so grumpy or I just don't like this stage but I'm ready to move on. I spent nearly an hr working out last night and I didn't really get sweaty. I want to do a hard lifting sweat pouring I can't breathe work out, stage 3 is not that for me. Well enough of my complaining...

    Jo, my squats are wider and I have to have my feet turned out a bit to get my hips in at a good angle to get a deeper squat.

    Julie, awesome job on the DLs

    Jamaican,a wedding planner, that sounds so exciting to me. I wish my BF would propse but I guess he'll get there when he gets there. lol
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Squats-I try to do them with my feet shoulder width apart...but a wider Stance is more comfortable. I do somewhere in the middle.

    DL-glad to hear you guys drag the bar against your legs too! I feel like somehow that'll guarantee me good form? I'm not too ripped up from it, but the skin is tender afterwards...

    Thanks for validating the Bulgarian split squats...they are so hard for me!! But I know they're accomplishing a lot!!

    Pmagnan-it's funny, but I look forward to squats too!

    Jo-interesting the the DL putting down...I focus on pushing my hips back as I'm lowering the weights which helps me. Its the upward part that challenges me to push not pull...I need to not pull at the top. A PT will help (although I watched a pretty ripped trainer show someone how to DL and she totally pulled the bar up with her back/arms...which I know isn't right.) I need to find a good one at my gym!

    Ali-lol at being bored during the prone cobra! Me too! And planks the same. I actually turned my towel around so I could read the care label during my 60 sec hold the other day! Lol! I start stage 3 next week...you're not making it sound like much fun! ;)

    Did 15 min of HIIT (leftover from B yesterday) then my Zumba class today. Sweaty mess! But I feel good :).

    Off to run some errands and school my girls. Dd(14) has a volleyball game at 4 which I'd like to watch. :)
  • dnamouse
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    Wide-ish stance squatter here too.

    And Bulgarian split squats hurt - but that makes them sooooo good lol

    I'm not allowed to do Prone Cobras any more (yay!! lol) but they and long planks are soooooooo boring! I think I took a book with me at some stage to read and get my mind off the time. Sometimes I think my brain just wants to wander off - get it done and get outta there :wink:

    I have decided that I don't like high reps. But at least I can walk a little better today :laugh:

    Started Stage 7 on Monday morning and things started to do the achey thing about 8pm that night... yesterday was so much fun trying to walk normally, but stairs were a bit of a challenge lol

    I got everything set up last night for this morning and The Husband looks at me and says "You're not seriously going to turn around tomorrow morning and do weight stuff are you? You're all sore!"

    I explained the whole concept of the only way to get through DOMS is to keep on working. He wasn't overly convinced :laugh:

    But I feel sooooo much better after this morning's session. Still a little tight and sore in the legs, but definitely a lot less stiff :smile:

    Sorry for being a little MIA. My brain got full of work related stuff and I'm trying to balance work, a business course, kids school & extracurricular (and organising their upcoming school hols), The Husband's uni program, and everything else in order to keep the household running smoothly. I need a holiday, but I know that isn't going to happen any time soon. Good news (I hope lol) is that my parents are coming up in two weeks time for a few days, so I might get a little chill out time, and at least we'll get some couple time too when we go to TEDx as well (that can be my holiday I think... I'm going to make the most of that one day lol).

    If it wasn't for my lifting routine and getting some exercise in I think I would go stir crazy. That's my time and I'm holding onto it for dear life :wink: :happy:
  • Beeps2011
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    Well, that strength-class I tried today was NO JOKE.....here I am all big-and-tough with my heavy weights....but, it was a HIGH rep class and OMG, my body is NOT built for endurance. At all. Power, maybe, but NOT endurance. It showed....I had to drop off the weights for at least half the class, lol.

    I am sore ALL OVER....so, that is GREAT!

    I think I will keep this little class in my repertoire....do heavy-lifting M/W/F, but Tues/Th I am totally game to try other types of weight work. Why not?!?!?!?

  • dnamouse
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    LOL Beeps, I was trying to explain to my husband why I was sore and happy at the same time.

    He didn't get it :laugh:
  • Pmagnanifit
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    I've had a rough day- again thinking about finding another job.
    I jammed my ring finger at the gym which made all day difficult. I lost my phone temporarily as it fell under my car seat. These things are not catastrophic but I need some balance or maybe yoga in my life.

    My workout was fine but again feeling stuck- plateauing whatever.

    I am a wide squatter also but narrow squatting and trying to split the earth apart with my feet seems to fire my glutes more. I am still working on it.

    So I am going to get up early and hope tomorrow is better.
  • jo_marnes
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    Beeps - yup, high reps are a good way to make you feel inadequate, lol. If I do pump it is quite embarrassing how little I can lift for the duration required.

    Pmag - those days happen. Tomorrow will be better. A mediocre lifting session is better than no lifting at all!

    So my DL workout - PB!! 75kgs (165 lbs). That is 1.4 x bodyweight ladies, hell yeah :bigsmile:
  • QuincyMo
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    I am halfway through stage 2 today and I am warming up to the new exercises. I'm a creature of habit, what can I say? I miss those back squats though, I even considered doing back squats instead of deadlifts today, but then I remembered all the squat/lunge stuff in the B workout so I kept it as is. A personal trainer (who does Ironmans) came up to me and told me I had really been killing it with my workouts! That made me feel good!

    DL- I watched a million videos on youtube about the deadlift form and finally I watched this 20 minute Mark Rippetoe Video where he showed like 30 people how to deadlift, the cues and instructions really helped me.

    On the Bulgarian Split squats, I feel like I am doing something wrong, but I think it is just an awkward and difficult exercise. Maybe.

    Julie, the turning your towel around to read the label actually made me laugh out loud! But good point, maybe I should bring a book...Also glad the risers helped you

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  • manic4titans
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    I am chomping at the bit to get back to lifting! FIVE more days before I will know.
  • Ali_momof2
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    Pmag, I hate those days. When the day has been crappy and all these stupid little things happen its frustrating. Any one thing by itself would be annoying but it never happens that way its alway a bunch of crap on top of a bad mood.:explode: :sad: I've had those days many time, hope today was betetr for you.

    Julie I wiah I could say stage 3 is better but ugh no, just feels longer and those YTWL's thats an exercise to make me feel beyond weak. I know I have a crappy shoulder but ( as embarassing as it is to admit) I can only do all of these correct if I use the 3lb weight. How sad is that, that alone makes me what to quit, but I won't bc I obviously need work there.

    Have any you gilrs dont Stronglifts 5X5? I was considering that after new rules, but when I talked to my BF about it he said that just for building strength. I thought thats what I was trying to do and he said I thought we were trying to change how we look. So corrrect me if I'm wrong but if you build more strength that would be more muscle and change how I look right? I mean I'm not trying to looking like a body builder I just want to be stronger & less flabby.

    dnamouse so jealous of you going to TEDx, I love those talks. And LOL at your husband :laugh: