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  • Beeps2011
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    I should do more plank progression....i pretty much skip abs most days right now. Which is dumb and lame and wrong. I should fix that!

    I didn't lift yesterday or today. I should fix that!

    I have been a Bret C fan for almost three years....he writes stuff that i find easy-to-understand.

    Keep lifting ladies...it is all good! Whether strength ir mass or endurance or balance or flexibility. All good.

  • jamaicanlady
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    Ali, great progress! Your tummy is really getting flat! I want that to be me!

    Re: planks. I actually like them. Especially the progressions. Right now I'm doing the Push up hold ones with feet on a Swiss ball. Definitely a core challenge. First time I tried I kept falling off the ball, had to prop it up against the wall. Now I can hold them for 40s without propping up the ball.

    Like jo suggested, I think my knees are battered from overtraining/overuse. I've been squatting several times a week for months now. Including the days when squats aren't a part of the program. I add them to the complexes, intervals, etc. that are at the end of the workout. Think I need to give them a break.

    Ok, so this past week was BAD. I mean REALLY BAD. I won't go through the details but just to say I did everything wrong as it pertained to my goals. I have zero self control sometimes, and I don't even have TOM to blame. Definitely lack of planning was the cause. So I'm planning everything to a T this week, and having back up plans for my plans. I NEED to get it right.

    Gonna get started on my weekly meal plan...
  • snbouchard81
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    I will say that i did a fitness test at my gym after going for about a month and I had about a 15 second improvement on my plank without specifically working on that move. I just used crunches that were part of the original NROL4W. I didn't know about the recommendation to change out the crunches for planks until after I started and figured I would do stage 1 in the way I started and then wait until stage 2 to implement changes.

    Don't feel bad jamaicanlady. I just got home from having dinner that included dessert and then ate kettle corn because it was there. So you are not alone in being bad. I will definitely be at the gym tomorrow. :smiley:
  • dnamouse
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    I'm sitting here munching through a bowl of cherries trying to write my menu plan for the week. My brain is off in fairyland :wink: I think it's harder this week because DH will be home so it's all a little messed up routine wise.

    I need more cherries.
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Hello I tweaked my shoulder raking leaves. I am going to lift legs tomorrow and try to rest my shoulder. My protein has been low as well.
    I bought some wrestling shoes. I have looked in three stores without finding the innovates . They seem available on line but not in stores and not in my size. So I am giving the wrestling shoes a go.

    We had a soccer team party tonight and watched bend it like beckham I really enjoyed it.
  • samntha14
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    Wow, you girls have been so busy.
    I've been out and about all weekend. My introverted self is going to need some serious recovery tie from all the people and activity. All day Saturday in NYC with my father's ENTIRE family. We saw the Rockettes and had dinner off Time Square. LOTS of walking involved. THen today we had a family luncheon with the ENTIRE family. I made a veggie lasagna. Now I am tired and sitting here doing as much nothing as possible. Happy lifting ladies.
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Pmag-sorry abut the shoulder, hope it feels better soon!

    DNA-good for you planning. I need go do that!!

    Snb-good to know the crunches are as effective as planks!

    Jl-start fresh tomorrow. We've all been there!!

    Beeps-I tend to cut the ab work short when I run out of time too :blush: . I try to do it all, but some times you just gotta choose!

    Bb-a nice carb refeed and back to normal tomorrow. :wink: All good! I've enjoyed the upper body training in NR and think it is helping balance me out. I need to add more HIIT this week...I've been skipping some of it the past 2 weeks because of time.

    Jo-hope you kicked some tushie at combat-I love the roundhouses. I haven't done it in ages either and miss it.

    Relaxing this weekend. Long bike ride yesterday was my cardio and tomorrow I lift. Stage 5 B3. I'll wrap up stage 5 this week, hopefully. Need to look ahead to 6.

    Who did stage 6? How was it? Do you recommend doing it? I'm planning on starting it a week from Monday . :)
  • Pudding1980
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    Cala, any progress is great progress! Take it slow and steady :)
    Cross posting a Supercharged question if I may: I'm done BT2 and starting level 3 tomorrow. I see the interval work from level 2 isn't included in level 3. I loved having that ten minutes or so at the end of BT2 to burn another 100 calories or so and really eek out my muscles. Has anyone included some intervals or HIIT at the end of BT3, on your own?

    The complexes or the metabolic moves(I don't remember which he includes BT3) at the end of the workout replace the HIIT. If you do them correctly, you will end up with a good burn at the end. I found them to be harder than HIIT.

    Yeah, no complexes or metabolic stuff st the end of BT3 at all. Just all the lifts. I will run through BT3A today and see how long it takes and how exhausted I am by the end ;)

    Hmmm. My book lists intervals at the end of each BTIII workout. 4-6 rounds of 30 secs work/ 30 secs rest. I would look at it again. I did the entire program- every stage includes some type of metabolic finisher.

    You are right....I somehow totally missed that. So six minutes max. I can add that on no problem. I had been doing the spin bike for thoe intervals in BT2 because running for them in BT1 was giving me quite a bit of knee pain. It hasn't gotten better, probably due to all the lunges and squats in BT2, but it also isn't worse. I guess I will stick with the spin bike for the BT3 intervals. It works up a great sweat, plus I've been missing spinning since I started doing so much lifting and no more classes.

    You've all been busy and working so hard. Love it!

    Are holiday decorations already appearing for those of you in the US? I'm near Toronto so we have already had our Thanksgiving, but as soon as Halloween was over last weekend, Christmas stuff started appearing everywhere. I love Christmas but I went to the mall yesterday and it was already so packed. I am so happy that I am a SAHM and can get my shopping done on quieter weekdays!

    Off to check out BT3B tomorrow. I am trying to decide what I can replace explosive pushups with. I guess just some tricep ones? Regular ones are already included in the sane workout as part of the pushup with row move.
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Hello all no complexes here.
    I lifted legs and not that heavy today.

    Pudding - I am not ready for Xmas. The decorations are too early.

  • Pmagnanifit
    Pmagnanifit Posts: 665 Member
    Julie I loved stage 6 -pull-ups are amazing. I really did chin-ups.
  • jo_marnes
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    Jo-hope you kicked some tushie at combat-I love the roundhouses. I haven't done it in ages either and miss it.

    It was great.... but pulled a hamstring on repetitive side kicks - darn! Not too bad but it affected my workout today. Today was mediocre at best. Sigh. Hate crappy workouts.... even threw in burpees at the end to kick my own butt. Hoping I get my mojo back asap, really want to smash these last few workouts in supercharged
  • icanm
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    Today was day 3 of Stage 2. My glutes are so sensitive that I feel them move when I walk :P It's like I was spanked for hours :P
  • Pudding1980
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    Jo, no mediocre workouts! The only bad workout is the one you skipped :)
  • jo_marnes
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    icanm wrote: »
    Today was day 3 of Stage 2. My glutes are so sensitive that I feel them move when I walk :P It's like I was spanked for hours :P

    Love this! Something so so bad about sore glutes that is so so good at the same time ;)
  • bepeejaye
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    Pudding, what is SAHM?

    So TOM kept me out of the gym this past Friday...ugh (I missed Zumba on Thursday as well)!
    Cannot wait to get back to it today!
  • calatheauk
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    Hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a tolerable Monday! I was not very well all weekend and spent most of yesterday lying around feeling sorry for myself, but recovered enough today to head down to the gym.

    Today was the 1B workout and this time I made it all the way through (more or less)! Yay! Upped all my weights too, though I'm still way too light on the deadlift. I'm going to have to go be brave and work out in the free weights area I think.

    I found I hate the Swiss Ball crunches. I feel like I've read somewhere on a past thread that a lot of people swap them out for something else, but I'm not sure what -- planks maybe?
  • Ali_momof2
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    Hello everyone,
    Sam you're weekend sounds great. I so miss being able to go to the city so easily.

    Icanm, its good that your glutes are sore, soreness after a workout makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

    Pmag, its always seems like we hurt something doing some dumb chore around the house, yet we lift all this weight for fun & are just fine. Perhaps its safer not to do the chores lol.

    Dna, love your posts, they always make me smile. Great plan with the ILs ;) less is more right?

    Pudding, we've had decorations out here since before Halloween. My nephew & I were laughing when we went to Target for his Halloween costume & they had the light up Santas on display with the Halloween stuff. Its too early & get earlier every year.

    Thank you ladies for the nice comments. I love being able to see a difference, especially when you know the scale doesn't always reflect it.

    Now that we're all rested from the weekend (ha ha) let's get this week started off right. Its my double workout day. I'll be visiting Jillian Michaels since it seems to be working on my bum & thighs then tonight I lift :D (*) .
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Pudding-yes! It isn't even thanksgiving here but the Christmas stuff has been up for a while most places. I'm with you, I like to shop when everyone else is working ;). Although we do some Black Friday stuff...the kids love to do that-I'm not into the crowds, but there have been some good deals.

    Pmag-good to know. I've never been able to do a chin up or pull up...but I'd like to try! I'm gonna try stage 6 and if I can't do it, or feel like it's not going well I guess I can always just move to stage 7?

    Did stage 5B3 today. YTWLs are still so hard for me!! And I'm only at 10 lb DBS still! :cry: I haven't made much progress there at all! Did up my weights on other ones though, so there's that!
    Advice guy gave me pointers on my pjk today. Ugh. Just let me do my thing! I told him I'm just finishing up my plan...hint, hint. Leave me be!
    And, bonus NSV, a lady I see most mornings there said she could tell I'd lost in my midsection/hips!! Woohoo! That's my goal baby! Made my morning!!
  • lovetowrite73
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    Hola, all!

    Ali, I was supposed to start Stage 6 today but I slacked on doing some contract work over the weekend so I had to use my gym time to do it. I was thinking about going this evening but I like the regulars that are in the gym when I go so I'll start on Wednesday instead.

    Jo, congrats on the job and for your work being recognized!

    Pudding, I love cruising. Do you know your itinerary yet?

    bepeejaye, SAHM stands for stay at home mom.

    Um, Julie, 10 pounds in the YTWL is nothing to sniff at!!

    I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do next. I'm trying to decide between Stronglifts and NROL4Abs. I'm leaning towards SL5x5 for now, just because the winter is upon us and I really don't want to be rushing out of the gym after a long workout just so I can get home and ready for work in time. We'll see though. I hear the workouts for Abs are in the range of Stages 2-5 in the Women book.
  • Beeps2011
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    I did like NROL4abs, in part, because the ab work was FIRST.

    I haven't lifted wince wednesday....and it is minus twenty-five here, today, with the windchill and i am just staying home.