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  • DouMc
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    I did my second supercharged BT1 workout A today and I increased the difficulty in some lifts and added in extra sets so I feel happy that i got a good work out in. Unfortunately I found out that i didn't get the job that I had the interview for last week so I am less happy about that. On the wine now to cheer me up but it is putting me over on my calories for the day. :angry:

    Beeps, I'm not sure about the ab work being first, i start the supercharged workouts with planks and it feels weird. Does anyone else feel that workouts should begin with compound movements?

    I am in agreement with christmas stuff coming too early. It is crazy to see christmas trees up already. Apparently there is a massive one up in the middle of Dublin already but I haven't seen it yet.

    Julie, 10lbs for the YTWL is nothing to be ashamed of! I think that is where I got to by the time I finished that exercise. And congrats on the awesome NSV!

    Cala, woop woop on getting through workout B. Just keep at it and you will keep getting stronger. That's what I loved about this programme, I loved seeing how much more I could do every week.

    icann, your post about your glutes made me laugh! :smiley:
  • Pudding1980
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    Julie, what a great compliment! Nice :)

    Yes, SAHM is stay at home mom. Sorry! Taking short forms from another board full of SAHMs :)

    I did Basic Training 3B today and it went okay. I've had to change a couple of moves though. I cannot do the offset overhead squat. It never felt great doing it in NROLFW and it somehow felt worse today. So, I did a back squat instead. Not the same at all but at least it's something to work on. Oh, and the push up with row is just a mess for me. I haven't been able to get down to many push ups on the floor so I certainly couldn't do 24 of these plus the row (12 on each arm). So I did them from a kneeling push up position but even then, I could only do six on each side :( I am thinking of just making that a push up so I can further work on those. Do you think its detrimental to be doing pushups in both the A and B workouts?
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Somehow i missed a bunch of updates? Sorry!

    Pudding-I don't know what you're talking about with those crazy moves! Push ups are tough enough on their own :wink: But try the variations you mention and see how it goes?

    Dou-so sorry about the job :disappointed:. Hope a better one comes along soon! Dublin is lovely!! I want to go back and visit!!

    Beeps-I wouldn't go out until spring! Brrr!

    Love-ha! You're the 35lb chest press lady...I'm sure you YTWLs with more than 10! ;) let me know what you choose next. I hope to wrap up NROLFW in December. Thinking about a split routine or strong curves...or supercharged. They all sound good!

    Ali-how was the festival? Double workout? You go girl!

    Cala-good job! Even not feeling well? Nice!

    BP-isn't it cool to look forward to lifting? :heart:

    Ican-that's a great picture!! Good job-some muscles got worked in there!!

    Jo-sorry for the pull! Hope your able to kill those last few sessions!
  • Ali_momof2
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    Juile, the festival once I found it was ok. I dragged my family all over downtown looking for it. I found a nice farmers market (by accident) that I will checkout more when I don't have 3 kids & my disabled mother in tow. Mon, Wed, & Fri I typically do double workout. I try to do some kid of cardio, or hiit M-F and I "rest" on the weekends. And 10lbs, thats awesome! I'm struggling with 7lbs.

    Pudding, I also have no idea what you're talking about with the push ups & rows but its sounds awful, but good for you for trying. And I am not a fan of that over head squat either, it feels awkward.

    Beeps, stay inside. That is unnecessarily cold. If you need to workout, do some youtube videos, lift the furniture, I see no reason to leave your warm house.

    Doumc, sorry about the job. That truly sucks :( personally I find comfort in rum ;) less calories & stronger.

    Love, let us know what you decide. I'm still torn between SL 5x5 and strong curves. I wanted to look at the strong curves book before Idecide, but I can't find it in any store out here so I have to go online for info.

    I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday. Happy Veteran's day to any of you or your family that served. <3
  • DouMc
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    Ali_momof2 wrote: »

    Doumc, sorry about the job. That truly sucks :( personally I find comfort in rum ;) less calories & stronger.

    Damn, I forgot that we have a bottle of rum!! Going over on wine wasn't worth it, I woke up this morning with a pounding headache. after only 3 glasses! ick.

    I love good farmers markets but I always find that most of the ones near where I live are a bit rubbish.

    Pudding, that push up sounds scary, not looking forward to getting to that stage of supercharged. I suck at push ups so any variations where they are made more difficult are almost impossible for me. I am up to 12 full push ups at a time but I am not getting down low enough with them. Need to keep working on my upper body strength!

  • Pudding1980
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    DouMc, sorry about the job. I somehow missed that earlier. I had three classes of wine on Saturday and it was way too much for me. After two kids and reducing my drinking to a few glasses a week for a while now, a few in one night does me in! Hope you're feeling okay now!

    I also can't get low with the few pushups I can do on the floor. I swear my progress on them is almost nonexistent :open_mouth:
  • samntha14
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    If someone find my motivation, please let me know where it is.
  • dnamouse
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    Sam, I have coffee. Does that help? :heart:

    Kiss the ground with your pushups people! lol Nose to the dirt :wink:

    But I like pushups :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: At the moment I'm doing spiderman pushups, jack knife pushups and working on my handstand pushups.

    Sorry about the job Doumc (actually I was going to say "bugger about the job" but then realised that was an Aussie phrase and it may not quite make sense... lol)

    I spent all day at a swimming meet yesterday. Made it through the day on breakfast and a cup of coffee as all they had on offer were lollies (candy) and variety of deep fried food. Blergh :unamused: Got home and filled up on lovely lamb and vegetables instead :smile:

    I'd packed yummy healthy food for the child and forgot about me - oops. The coffee was nice though.

    It's definitely not cold here. Apparently we're in for another couple of warm days over the weekend - 42'C forecast for Sunday (107'F). Just need to make it through tomorrow and the school's awards night (loooooooooooooooooong night) and then we get Friday off thanks to the lovely peeps attending the G20.

    Best get back to work!

  • Beeps2011
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    Off to Mexico in 10 days.


    I will lift tomorrow.

  • snbouchard81
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    Did Stage 1 Workout 6A and it felt great. I did push ups from the floor. I have never been able to do that. It was the best feeling in the world.

    I also worked in with another lady on the squat rack and she was talking to her friend about doing 5 sets of 5 and I knew what she was talking about. It felt like I was part of a club that I would have never known existed until I started lifting.

    Sorry about the job Dou, but I am sure the right thing is coming around the corner for you. :smile:
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Hello- I took it really easy because i pulled a pec or maybe my bicep. So my physical therapist okayed me to lift, then attacked me with metal spoons. I did not want to move my right arm today. Soo I did paused squats.

    These are incredible- really light weight. You squat all the way down and hold at the bottom for a count of three-- then up.
    So I did maybe 50% of my regular squat weight but waiting at the bottom forces you to - go as far down as you can and then think about engaging every muscle on the way up.i also used a wider stance.

    And my shoulder feels better.
  • Pudding1980
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    Pmag, those sound...effective! My hamstrings are crying right now just thinking about them. They are still sore from starting some single leg Romanian deadlifts on Monday in BT3B.

    Snbouchard, welcome to the club! :)

    Beeps, where in Mexico? Sounds lovely! Where in Canada are you again?

    I'm supposed to see the trainer again today but think I'll have to reschedule. My youngest son is sick, just with a cold, but his voice sounds horrible and he has a cough that I think is a little too icky sounding to send him to the gym daycare. He woke up his older brother earlier, I put them back to bed, but of course I've been sitting awake since 5:30. It's going to be a LONG day! Maybe I can make the younger one have a nap at some point. Anyway, looks like it will probably just be some cardio for me today. Blech :P DH isn't hone until 8pm, so too late to head to the gym.

    Oh well...hopefully I can get some stuff done around the house that has been on my list forever. I need to purge some old clothes and print some photos.

    I'm back to being three days binge free again :P I got so off track there for a while. Must hang on!
  • bepeejaye
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    Hope you all had a great veteran's day. We had the day off so I got to rest quite a bit.
    Lifting on Monday was when I first introduced weights to the Oly Bar (e.g squatting and DD with 50 lbs., while Overhead Press is still with the empty Oly Bar)...I only failed once - on the fourth set of the Oly Bar! Last week I had failed thrice - three sets...so maybe I am getting there...
  • DouMc
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    DouMc, sorry about the job. I somehow missed that earlier. I had three classes of wine on Saturday and it was way too much for me. After two kids and reducing my drinking to a few glasses a week for a while now, a few in one night does me in! Hope you're feeling okay now!

    I also can't get low with the few pushups I can do on the floor. I swear my progress on them is almost nonexistent :open_mouth:

    Thanks. I am getting over it now. its just always a blow to the confidence when an interview doesn't go well, makes me doubt myself a lot! I recovered from the hangover but I think I will be going easy on the booze for a while (although I have dinner with the in laws tonight and they always push wine on me! If I refuse I swear that they think I am pregnant!)

    I'm going to start trying to kiss the floor with my push ups dna :smile: but I'll probably only manage one! I have been doing jack knife push ups in BT1 and I really like them. i can feel my back muscles working while doing them. I'm with pudding on push up progress, it takes me so long to gain any extra strength with them.

    dna, I would have gotten the 'bugger the job', maybe its because I wasted my youth watching home and away and neighbours but I know all the aussie slang :smiley:

    Beeps, I am jealous. I would love a holiday. its been too long. When I do get a job that is the first thing that I am going to do!

    snb, congrats on the push ups!! Its a great feeling to be able to make it to the floor. i couldn't do that the whole way through stage

    pma, I have seen people do those in the gym. They look lethal!!

    I did my second BT1 workout B today. I have added more sets and changed things around a bit so it is much harder now. i like that. I now leave the gym feeling like I have accomplished something.
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Dou-great job on the new routine! Leaving like you really kicked butt is so nice!! Hope the hangover is gone?

    BP-definite progress!! Good job!

    Pudding-bummer being stuck at home, but good for you making the most of it! That's where I lose my motivation...should clean and organize...but I don't wanna! :grimacing:

    Pmag-nice job on the squats! And glad the shoulder feels better!

    Snb-woohoo on push ups!! I'm with the others..,mine aren't pretty or deep, but it's a start!

    Beeps-10 days until the beach? That's some good motivation!!

    DNA-you're killing me! Handstand push ups? That's crazy talk! ;) good job at the swim meet!

    Ali-I'm trying to decide btw the same things! I'm leaning toward SL 5x5 for a little while. I don't want to have to think too much for a bit. Kwim? NR is great, but planning, tracking, switching it up...some of the moves are a bit fussy...plain old compound lifts for a while sound good about now.

    Sam-get cracking! The holidays are coming and the inevitable parties and eating...get your lifting in now so you look smashing and feel great!! (I'm motivated to lift, but my house is a disaster! We all lack motivation somewhere ;)).

    I'm doing well. Finished stage 5A4 today...so buh-bye BWM!! Got my best time today too. 2:14!! Didn't get to finish my wood chops as some chick hijacked my cable tower... :angry: didn't feel like waiting for her, so only did 2 sets on that. I'll live ;). Hope to finish 5 on Friday...then on to 6!! Gotta go re-read that one :).
  • Ali_momof2
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    Julie, something simple does sound good after all this. I have this book on my kindle & I've had to make copies of the exercises so I can go back & look easily. I've had my son ask why am I making copies of my kindle. A plain old compound lift sound good & I can always so the strong curves or something else when I get bored. And WOO HOO no more BWM!!

    Dna, Handstand pushups? Now you're just trying to make the rest of us look bad LOL. Do you do them against a wall or do you have the balance to do them without the wall cause that would be so freaking awesome! You are always impressing me.

    Beeps, 10 days in Mexico, you're a genius. Hopefully that artic chill will be gone by then. Enjoy the beach & be safe. Living in AZ we never hear good things of Mexico.

    Dou, they think you're pregnant if you don't drink, that's funny. I'd be ordering a drink as soon as I sat down lol. And good job switching it up & adding weights, Ilove that accomplished feeling.

    Snbouchard, push ups from the ground, great job.

    Pmag, that squat sounds interesting, I may have to give it a try.
  • elliebellie78
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    What is BWM, everyone? I am sure I will find out later in the program, but for the moment I can't follow any of the discussion on that, not knowing!

    I'm in week 4 of stage 1, and have already had a grip issue... hand grip can't hold 25lb weight in each arm (specifically left) for the full two sets of step-ups.... Frustrating because my legs could certainly handle a lot more :neutral_face:

    I really enjoy reading everyone's posts - you are all doing great!
  • Beeps2011
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    NOT ten days "in" Mexico....lol....in ten days I LEAVE for Mexico. We are there 6 nights!

    pmagnan - those pause squats sound really HARD?!?!? Are they?!?!??

    PUdding - I am in Alberta.

    DouMc - when I get a job, I, too am going to celebrate with a holiday! GREAT IDEA!

    julie - congrats on the end to the BWM....there really should be a crown or a tiara or something that gets passed around...

  • Beeps2011
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    Oh....and I lifted today....
  • dnamouse
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    Ali, just against the wall at the moment - my balance sucks lol
    I can manage 5, but not all the way down yet. I used to be able to rap out 20 pretty easily as a teenager (okay, that was *cough* over 20yrs ago *cough*), so I have a long-term goal lol

    Spiderman pushups are harder than I expected though! I think that has more to do with my core than anything else.

    Pushups just make me feel awesome. That and chin-ups/pull-ups :heart:

    snb, good job on your floor pushups!! As I said, they just feel awesome, don't they!

    Beeps, Mexico sounds like fun. The husband is planning a trip. He was looking at Bali, but in all honesty, I don't think I want to go to Bali lol So we're looking elsewhere :smile:

    Pmag, I've seen videos of paused squats. They look like a lot of hard work. I think I'll try and see if I can pop them into a workout later on - no pain, no gain lol

    Pudding, hope your little man is feeling better soon! We've had something going around, both kids have been sick and today is the first day DH hasn't been wandering around coughing. I told them all to stay the hell away from me. I can't afford to get sick lol

    Ellie, don't worry, you'll soon find out aaalllll about BWM :stuck_out_tongue: lol but it's Body Weight Matrix. And it kills lol

    Struggling to get motivated to work today. I need to, because so far November has been a complete bust other than a small wholesale order. And I'm taking my annual holiday come December 10. For a whole month - bliss. Well, it would be bliss except that it includes Christmas, and the older I get, the more my feeling is more along the lines of "Bah humbug, Christmas can bite me". Disclaimer: that's the commercialised version of Christmas. The religious aspect is perfectly fine. I just hate the gimme gimme gimme that seems to happen all the time.

    <mentally re-applies "happy face"... smile dammit, smile :sweat_smile: >