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    Ali, I totally get it! I think there's a lot to be done for our system. I don't know all the right answers for it- I hope my kids don't have to deal with the same issues we deal with today.

    Holy cow, I upped my weights for push press, skull crushers, and curls. Let me tell you, there's nothing like trying to do push-ups and inverted rows as a finisher for a workout. My arms and shoulders still feel like jello.
  • bepeejaye
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    Hello all...hope everyone had a great MOANday! :D
    I lifted, added weights to the Oly bar...I did manage to squat pretty low, but I had to slow way down so that I could check myself in the mirror. The BB Back Row is a killer! Whew!

    This is mi favourite time of year!! Yester was a very dark grey cloudy day...very cold, then it started to rain - heaven!! <3
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    Just popping in,can't stay long. I actually made it to the gym yesterday for my first Hypertrophy workout. LOVED IT!. It finally felt like I was lifting heavy again. Hit 120 on my 4x6 DLS and boy are my hamstring screaming today.

    Happy lifting ladies.
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    We got quite a bit of snow here yesterday and today....my boys were so excited. We put up our exterior Christmas lights yesterday (okay, dh did!) and they look lovely. Can't wait to out up the tree this weekend.

    I did Basic Training 3B2 today and really worked hard. I can already feel it in my quads and triceps. I've eaten really well yesterday and today and feel really good. I'm trying so hard to stay on track this week because we have a date to see Mockingjay and then hit up a gourmet food and wine expo this Friday :)
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Pudding-noooo! Don't say you're decorating for Christmas already? Good for you on the workout!!

    Sam-great job! Strong DLs!! Woohoo!

    BP-good job on the added weight, I love this time of year too,...but I'm in Az and it's finally cool here :)

    Ali-we've talked about that hike. It's tough too! Camelback was crazy steep! I'm sure you're sore from Piestwa too!
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    Hello all
    I work in healthcare as well and have been following the discussion quietly.
    It is a difficult social problem, like many others.
    Blaming individuals who may be poor or unable to understand complex decisions is easy. Fixing the whole society is hard. Many politicians preach about individualism its part of our culture. But when individuals make poor choices due to a lack of money or education, who loses? I can understand that drinking pop is bad for me and adjust. But if your towns water is poisoned and the five closest stores are seven elevens you might make a bad choice when you are thirsty. Especially if that's all your parents ever drank.
    Usually I see more of the don't vaccinate poor choices but.
    The same poor diet and lack of exercise are being linked with dementia now
    Enough soapbox

    Nice to read about all the lifting here. I had another rest week. I cycled on sat but only lifted twice last week. Hopefully my bicep is healing.

  • Pmagnanifit
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    Ps Friday I might go hiking on mt hood or if there is snow skiing.
  • jo_marnes
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    So today I helped spot a woman at my gym doing her bench..... at 158lbs! :o
  • DouMc
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    Damn, I need to check in here more often. There are far too many people to respond to!

    I found the whole healthcare talk very interesting. My perception of healthcare in the US is that it is very unequal and that the poor suffer as a result. I am in love with the system in the UK where I was when I was diagnosed with my autoimmune illness. They are fantastic there and didn't charge me anything for the time I was in hospital or any of the tests I had done. I also just had to sign a form in the doctors office to get all of my prescription medications for free (because I am on lots of them now for the rest of my life). When I came home to Ireland I got quite a shock at having to pay for everything again. There is a system here when if you are poor enough you can get doctors visits and medications for free but it took me months to get that sorted and in the end I had to actually cry on the phone before anyone would do anything for me. It is ridiculous!

    Red, how are you getting on with supercharged? I am half way through BT1. I tend to skip most of the RAMP, I just do the few bits that I can remember!

    Dna, the videos of you pull ups and handstand push ups are amazing. I'm fairly certain that I will never be able to do that!

    Ali, that sounds like a lovely hike. And its hilarious that your bf couldn't keep up. My boyfriend rarely exercises but when he does he can just head out and run 10k. it drives me mad that he is so much fitter than I am when I am the one who is working so hard! He has also lost loads of weight by eating the food that I cook and when we are together people always comment on how great he looks! :angry:

    Love, those negatives are hard!! Just keep working at them and you will get stronger. I really liked stage 6 at first but I got bored about half way through it so skipped on the stage 7. I think it was because I kept missing workouts though and so it was dragging on for ages.

    I'm jealous of everyone getting snow. I love snow! But we rarely get it here. Just wind and rain for us. sigh.
  • allie_00p
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    Hi everyone! Sorry I've been AWOL for what feels like forever - work is crazy intense this time of year and that's really the only chance I get to check in (don't tell my boss ;) ). I've only got two workouts left in Stage 7 and then I am finished!

    Scale victory: I hit my goal weight!
    NSV: I won the weight loss challenge at my work! It was me and a gal in my office that just had a baby that were neck & neck the whole time, and I won by .07% of weight lost lol

    Moving on to Stronglifts after my rest week and considering a very cautious bulk, I figure what better time than the holidays to try it out :) We shall see, I might chicken out.

    You are all amazing!
  • Ali_momof2
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    Sam, great job on the DLs its good to hear your back at the gym.

    Pmag, I agree with everything you said & you've given me something to look into with the dementia. I'm interested in knowing more of that for my mother. Skiing sounds fun, but I've never been & I just picture myself falling on my facing & rolling down that mountain lol.

    Pudding, I'm with Julie on the Christmas decorations too early. But my neighbors are already putting up theirs. Have fun this weekend, gourmet food & wine sound like a great reason to go over calories.

    Julie I was surprised that I wasn't really sore from the hike, my shins were and that was it. And maybe we're having a hard time getting into Christmas bc is only just cooled off to the 70's here (or its only mid Nov). My oldest cracked me up yesterday when he came down for school wearing a scarf & gloves, it was only 50 out. I guess that's the difference between me growing up in NY & him growing up in AZ. There's a chilling in the air, but its not cold yet.

    Dou, my ex was like that, he eats crap all the time, never works out & he's a tiny thing ( 145lb, that's girl weight lol) & in good shape. He lives off of fast food & energy drinks, life is not fair.

    Elsie, that's all awesome! You hit your goal weight & beat the new mom at weigh in !!! You've got to be feeling good. Only 2 more work outs left & you're done. You are looking great too !

    I've got 2 workouts left in Stage5. I know my work outs will be off schedule next week with the holiday. The plan is to enjoy Thanksgiving without gaining a bunch of weight.
  • lovetowrite73
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    Afternoon, all!

    The DOMS in my quads today are ridiculous. I haven't felt sore like this in months. I might have to dial back that 105 split squat on Friday. :lol:

    Congrats on your win, Elsie! I think I'm heading to SL5x5 land after I'm done with this too.

    Jo, a 158-lb bench? Holy crap! Did she do that weight for reps?
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Ali-lol! I'd be ticked if my dh was that way! Probably part of why he's an ex ;).Thankfully I'm more "fit" than him for once in our life...feels nice! I was cold this morning! 45!!! That's winter baby!! Boots and scarves finally!!

    Dou-I have a feeling that's how stage 6 will go for me. The chin ups are a nice idea...but the workouts are so short..,I feel like I'm losing momentum. I may just do one more week of it and then move on to 7.

    Re:healthcare...mine is costing a ridiculous amount next year. Obamacare is not the answer. The system needs to be redone, and everyone should be able to access health care...but I have to believe there's a better way than overcharging us? Not a simple issue to resolve.

    Ellie-WTG!! Nearly done. Hitting goals, winning contests...you're killing it!! WTG!! I'm right behind you and leaning toward 5x5 next. :)

    Jo-dang...that's heavy!

    Pmag-that'll be a cold hike! Hope your bicep is better!

    I'm doing well. Not much excitement here. A bit sore from yesterday, but not much. Gonna do stage 6B tomorrow...not sure I'll stick with this stage for all 10 workouts...I sense boredom. ;)
  • dnamouse
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    Good morning all!

    I've twinged something in my left quad, so shall give it a bit of a rest I think. Probably went a little too hard on lunges, but a bit of care and attention and it should be back to normal for next lifting session on Friday morning. I did lift this morning, it's not pain, more of a "watch what you're doing or it will lead to pain" type of thing :wink:

    158lb bench... that's nearly twice me lol

    Elsie, well done!! I plan to do a small bulk over winter... but my winter is June/July lol Right now is swimsuit season :wtf:

    Actually, speaking of swimsuits. I found myself looking at two-pieces (yeah, that means bikini) yesterday. Still trying to get my head into it as I'm thinking more of the comfort factor under a rash vest when it's really hot. There's no way in hell I'm baring my stomach anywhere other than the safety of my backyard pool though lol

    My friend who had her stomach surgery (diastasis) is still recovering in regards to working out. It was several months ago and she said yesterday she's almost back to normal.

    Ugh! Maybe I should just accept the fact that I will never have a pretty stomach or proper abs, and I should have appreciated them more when I was younger :wink: lol

    Which brings me to trying to work out my "why". Why am I doing this. I don't need to lose weight any more.

    I have worked out that I do it because I like it. I enjoy it. I'm not aiming for the perfect body or ripped abs (mine are ripped, just not in the good way LOL) that I can show off on Instagram. I just want to be a happy, healthy version of me. Oh, and stay in my current clothing size because it makes me feel good about myself :smile:

    So I'm working more on my mental this month as the physical seems to be taking care of itself.

    Okay, can't remember anything else other than everyone is awesome and I'm so happy to have found a bunch of ladies who like doing similar things to me lol

  • Pudding1980
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    I know, I know, too early for Christmas decorations. But most of you are probably waiting for (American) Thanksgiving to be over before you do, and we had our Thanksgiving weeks ago now. Plus with the first snowfall the other day and all the Santa Claus parades happening, it just feels right!
  • bepeejaye
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    Good job on the press, Dna!!

    Pudding lol...I begun playing X-Mas music on October 1st! Lol! It drives my friends insane sometimes. And this past weekend, I put up the X-Mas decorations...this way, come Thanksgiving, when I put up the decos right after the feast, I can laze around! :D

    But now...coming off the Zumba class high...aaahhh...what an addict! o:)
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Hey I had a decent bench session today-- and my right shoulder feels ok. So I am hopeful it will be healed at my meet.
    My weight has been crazy. I had two weeks where I didn't lift much- just two times a week and not much cardio/ activity. And I lost 6 lbs. I felt like I ate a ton but was not logging food regularly so who knows.

    I am trying to plan x mas early because the meet is dec 13 and I am working the weekend before, but there is no decorating until dec in my house.

    Everyone seems busy and happy but I am a little worried about jamaica

  • dnamouse
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    lol Beepee, that wasn't me, that was Jo's spotting person benching that... I think I'd be lucky to bench 20kg lol

    Okay, we're just about to be smack bang in the middle of a massive storm. Hopefully I'll be back later if the power doesn't go out....
  • jo_marnes
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    Afternoon, all!

    Jo, a 158-lb bench? Holy crap! Did she do that weight for reps?

    5 reps! She's a machine!

    Well done Elsie, that's a massive goal to have achieved.

    dna - ditto - I do it because I enjoy it! How lucky are we? :-)

    pmag - don't you just get so confused when that happens with the scales? Oh well, a victory is a victory nonetheless!

    Ali - yup, I'm with you on the Christmas decorations.... FAR too early. Will put ours up when school finishes - about 13th Dec. Otherwise everyone is bored with it by the time Christmas comes. Our neighbours have theirs up though :\

    I went to boxing class today - was more like a hideous bootcamp. Lots of squats.... which after max squats Monday and single leg squats yesterday was absolute torture. And tricep pushups - man I hate those!
  • DouMc
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    Elsie, congratulations on the weight loss challenge! let us know how you get on with strong lifts. I had considered doing that but I went for supercharged instead. i might do it afterwards.

    Love, I can't remember what I did for the split squats but 105 seems huge! Go you!! I think I would be aching after that too!

    dna, it sounds like you are in a perfect place. I also lift because i love it. But on top of that I need to get rid of some of the extra flab that is covering my body. I have been trying to be good with my diet lately but I keep blowing it at weekends and my weight has been steadily creeping up. Ugh. Need to step away from the crisps!

    I'm with the people who think its too early for christmas decorations. it just seems mad to have them up so soon. But when I was growing up we normally only put them up the weekend before christmas so I'm probably skewed pretty far the other way.

    jo, that's why I don't do any classes in the gym. i am always afraid that they will make me use muscles which need to be rested after lifting and that it will just kill me.