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    Hi, crazy busy week here, but I did mange to do two sessions of hypertrophy. LOVE IT!
    Want to here the biggest BS reason not to go to the gym today. I have my period. No earth shattering in the larger scheme of things, but I haven't had a real period in almost three years thanks to my wonderful, life changing, wouldn't leave it for anything, IUD. But I have it today...and no feminine hygiene products in the house. After a quick trip to the store, I missed my kid Kare window. Sigh, oh well. Happy lifting ladies.
  • samntha14
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    changed my mind. Moving on
  • jo_marnes
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    Sam - eeek! lol

    snb - great! Love your new way of thinking :-)

    DLs yesterday - 82.5kg (182lbs). Hurrah! Ok, yes, only for a one rep max, but I still feel I can do more. I'm going up 2.5kg at a time. And today my lower back isn't even stiff. Sometimes it is after DLs but it's always just like DOMS anywhere else (rather than injury pain) so it might come on later today.... good job I have combat in an hour.

    This week will be tricky - my last ever placement! It's voluntary and I'm in SA Health HQ for the week - hence the office attire required. Yes, an op shop is a thrift shop ;-)
  • snbouchard81
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    Congrats jo!

    Did my first of the two special workouts at the end of Stage 1. I really hated it. I mean I am pretty sure I got out of it what I was supposed to (that I can do more now then I could at the beginning), but one set of a lot sucks. I ended up just getting through it and then going for a run, which meant I didn't technically do as many as I possibly could. But I also didn't feel like I wasted my gym time. So I am okay with that.

    Of course this brings on the issue of what I will do tomorrow as I usually lift one day and then run the next day. I may go ahead and power through the second special workout at the end of stage one so I can just be done with them. I am kind of interested to see the change in deadlifts but otherwise not really excited about it. Or I may do a bodyweight training program that I have been wanting to test out and see if/when I could add it to my rotation. Decisions, decisions.
  • calatheauk
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    Just when I was getting into the NROL4W swing of things, a massive flare of my chronic illness has totally sidelined me. :disappointed: I'm hoping to maybe get back to yoga at the start of December but I will have to hold off on anything more strenuous probably until the New Year. So disappointing. Plus, even though I know it's just water retention from increasing my medication, I am infuriated by the overnight 5lb weight gain. Ugh.
  • snbouchard81
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    So sorry cala! And I too have times when I know that logically the weight gain is water weight but it still is a little deflating. Of course when the water weight goes away then I do celebrate that as a loss. :smile:
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Cala-I'm so sorry! Hopefully you'll heal quickly and be able to get back to it! ((Hugs))

    Snb-I skipped that part of the end of stage 1...didn't want to do it :(.

    DNA-you let your husband live? You're a better woman than I.

    Ali-good job on finishing 5!! And your mom is likely jealous of you! You're beautiful!

    Jo-wow! That's a LOT of weight!!! WTG!! :heart_eyes:

    Sam-at least it's not a regular reason to miss a workout ;).

    Beeps-hope Mexico is lovely!

    Love-how's stage 6 treating you?

    I feel like I'm losing momentum...added more stuff to the 6A2 workout, definitely can't do a true neg, but did my best and added some weighted chin ups too. :disappointed: I just don't feel like its the good all over workouts I've been enjoying. I'm gonna do Mon and Wednesday this week then move on to stage 7 next week.
  • snbouchard81
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    I officially finished Stage 1. I am excited to move on to Stage 2 but cautious as it looks hard (that is both a good and a bad thing I think). But I am determined. I may have to split the B workout over two sessions though--maybe to the interval work at lunch and the rest of it during my evening trip to the gym. But I shall see.

    Julie--I would love to do a pull up one day (it is on my healthy bucket list), but I am not sure I would want to dedicate all of my workouts for an entire stage to the pursuit. It seems like that would get a little tedious. So I guess I have some thinking to do between now and Stage 6 about how important that is to me. Good luck with your progress to Stage 7. :smile:

  • dnamouse
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    Julie, I got over it, but I'm not letting him live it down... he's getting reminded of his foot-in-mouth disease at moments when he least expects it :wink: :lol:

    I'm supposed to be cleaning my house for a Christmas/end of year party tonight. Be back later (or tomorrrow :smile: )
  • Julieboolieaz
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    DNA-ah leverage :)

    Snb-good job!, enjoy 2!!

    I decided to move on to stage 7 tomorrow :persevere: looks painful!! I'm gonna drop my weight down substantially so I can do all the reps and sets. Decided my goal, for now, is to lose some more fat, and that's what this stage is for, so I'm doing it :smiley: . Would love to SEE some progress at the end.
  • elliebellie78
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    hmm... ok, thanks for all the feedback ladies. Have been considering a HR monitor already, so maybe that is the way to go. Have been very hungry lately and eating alot. I try to eat at a small deficit since i have about 10lbs id like to lose, but haven't been able to stick to it... due to being so hungry. thought maybe I was short changing myself on my lifting days eating back only 80-90 calories.

    who knows!

    Anyway.... great lifting ladies :smile:

    BTW - Is anyone else on this thread single? I am newly-ish single (been dating for about 16 months now... and feeling so sad about the dating world. I was married for over 10 years, and its just so different now, especially since I have a child. Prospect of finding a good match just seems to get dimmer all the time :neutral_face: And I am only getting pickier and pickier
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    Good morning ladies,
    Its Monday which means that I am my usual grumpy self on Monday. I am finally done with Stage 5. As I was getting ready to start my sister interrupted me to tell me I need to find new daycare for my son on Monday bc she found a job. I was like WTF?!? a little back story. I took my sister & her son in about 4 yrs ago when she split with her husband. She only pays $200 in rent & I gave her a car all she has to do is watch my son while I'm at work. She on disability for anxiety issues. Either way I've been taking care of her & her son and this is the thanks I get. Luckily my mom stepped up to watch my son because how do I find daycare on a Friday night. And she had the nerve to say "I'll throw some extra cash your way when I pay off my bills". Um no you don't get to live in my house run up my electric, & internet, eat my food & use my car for $200 a month when I now have to find daycare. If she wasn't my sister I would tell her to take her cat ( which I said she couldn't have since my kid is allergic, but she ignored that) and her dog ( which I didn't want since I already had one) and get out. But its the holidays so I will bite my tongue for a bit and see how this goes. Afterall she accepted a job but doesn't know how much it pays or if its on the books or not, she found it on craigslist. Ironically its a daycare run out of someone's house ( isn't that a slap in the face). Ranting over, thanks for listening :\

    Needless to say my last workout I upped all my weights, you can lift a lot more when you're pissed. I tried to replace my HRM this weekend, but couldn't find one I liked. I bought 2 & returned 2, so I gave up & ordered the same one on amazon again. I like that one & I know how it works. I'm not sure if I want to start stage 6 this week with all the holiday stuff going on & not having a HRM so I might just skip it this week. I'll decide when the time comes I guess.

    Dna, I know you look great in that bikini, smack that husband around a bit ;)

    Julie, I understand you're feelings on stage 6, let me know what you think of stage 7. I'm more interested in losing fat as well.

    Snb, congrats on finishing stage1, enjoy stage 2 while you can lol Stage 3 can be a B**ch. I'm sure you'll love the BWM. And I never did the interval training right after the lifting, the book says you can do that the next day or another time if you don't have time so maybe you can do the instead of your run or cut your run short & do it with.

    Cala, feel better soon, chronic illnesses really suck :(

    Jo Great lifting, thats a lot of weight.

    Sorry this was so long today.
  • BarbellCowgirl
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    Jo, that's a great PR! Way to go!
    dna, my DH has diarrhea of the mouth at times- as much as I hate it, I've learned to live with it. We all know you're HOT. Don't let him get to you.
    ellie, HRM aren't accurate for lifting. Really nothing is. That's why I pretty much go off of a TDEE method. Searchlight for "scoobys accurate calorie calculator". It's the most accurate one I've found.
    Ali, I am sorry about the drama:( You're a much better woman than I am- I would've kicked her out immediately.
    Cala, I hope you can get back to lifting soon. Keep us posted on how you're doing!
    Sam, yuck!
    Julie, stage 7 is a good stage for fat loss. Basically, it is endurance lifting. You will burn a lot of cals and you will hate the workout while you're doing it. But it gets the job done!

    I've decided to rest this week. A family member is having surgery, the ILs will be here, I am going to try to score some Black Friday deals. It's just going to be a stressful week and I'm due for a rest. I will finish up Elite Body next week and focus on walking and some yoga this week.
    And I forgot to mention my NSV from last week.
    It was busy at the gym Tuesday night and there was a PT doing Yoga with a client in the DB room. I grabbed a stability ball and did my planks(feet elevated on a bench and hands on the ball). Later, the PT made a point to come and tell me how "hardcore" my planks were. Made me smile. Even after having 3 kids in 3 years, it's amazing what our bodies can do. Keep getting stronger girls!
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Bb-go girl with your planks!! I'm a plank sissy :( I need to work on them more...but I can't go past 60sec so boring! Lol! And you're right! Stage 7 is tough! But I like it! Have fun shopping! We've been big BF shoppers in past years, but just don't need anything this year. May go on Friday just for fun-Kohls is usually well stocked :).

    Ali-uh...you're a good sister. I'd charge her more rent now that she's working...or ask her to move out. You've been such a generous sister all this time...she's taking advantage and needs to mature some. Looking for her own place will help her realize how good she has it there! Glad your mom can help, but it's not a fair deal, :expressionless: .

    Ellie-I'm married, 16 years!, but there are days I wish I weren't ;). I love dh, but he can be selfish at times and I get weary of taking care of him and my 2 dd's. I will say he's a good guy overall, but there is something nice to being on your own. It seen so long since it's been just me! I say be picky!! Don't settle, and enjoy the freedom of just you and your kiddo. :)

    I went on to stage 7 today. Read the old thread about it, and listened to the advice to lower my weights to get through it. Even with that, it's hard!! I couldn't do a true 30sec rest, more like 45 the first 3 sets, and well over a minute for that 4th set! Whew! I took time to cool down on the treadmill after and stretched a bit too. hope that'll minimize the doms. But, I loved it!! I really felt like I was working hard! I missed squats, deadlifts and lunges. I can't believe I said that! I'm excited again! I may even do it a second time through! So glad I moved on. I need to lose some more fat and although completing a real chin up sounds divine, it's not my top priority right now. I can always go back and add it. I will keep moving forward. :)
  • Beeps2011
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    Great times! Great times! Hope you miss me!

  • dnamouse
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    **Must not get jealous. Must not get jealous.**

  • Pudding1980
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    Gah, Beeps, you tease! The wind is whipping cold here near Toronto and that photo looks so, so amazing.

    I forget who asked about HRM calculating lifting calories. I use one, and generally eat back at least half my cals, and still lose as long as I don't binge (my big issue). I burn on average 500 calories for my Supercharged sessions.
  • jo_marnes
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    HRMs are not designed for lifting so they do not give an accurate burn. It's pretty hard to know - your best bet is to change your cals until you see the kind of results you are after (if you want change). You also can't rely on other peoples numbers to be accurate - for example, I'd have to run for 60 mins to get a 500 cal burn (as per my polar ft4). I can't imagine my lifting would illicit anywhere near that kind of energy consumption.
  • allie_00p
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    Beeps - jealous! looks so nice, especially compared to the snow here in Idaho.

    Julie - I skipped S6 as well, 7 was a great burn but I agree it's hard to lower your weights!

    Cowgirl - awesome about that planks, I need to take a page out of your book and work on those :blush:

    Ali - so frustrating about your sister, it's difficult with family like that, hard to know how much "tough love" and how much grace to show :heart:

    Ellie - I've been married about 7 years now, I don't think I was all that great at the whole dating thing before, it'd be tough to get back out there.

    Just letting y'all know that I've discovered a sin worse than curls in the squat rack... it's curls in the only deadlift platform in the whole gym. By a creepy dude who just happens to be working out next to me every other set no matter where I am in a mostly empty gym. Had to set up the bar and do deadlifts on the floor next to him while he was in the platform doing curls. :anguished:

    Anyway did my second stronglifts workout this morning and loving that I get to squat every workout :) SUPER excited for Thanksgiving and all the yummy foods that I don't have to prep lol
  • lovetowrite73
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    Julie, I wasn't able to workout last Friday or yesterday due to taking on some extra contract work. I'll be in the gym tomorrow to do 6A2 though.

    Ellie, I'm technically single (I have a boyfriend). I met him via an online site. It was hard work. There were lots of frogs that I'm glad never got to the kiss stage. lol But I'm so happy that I stuck to my guns because I never would have met him. I love him to death. Trust me - there was a long while that I felt I was going to be single for the rest of my life. There are a lot of men out there who just have a teenager's mentality (really only trying to get sex, play games, etc.) but patience works!