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  • Beeps2011
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    Good to be home....except for the 101 degree fever i am sporting....
  • snbouchard81
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    I started stage 2 today, wow what a difference from stage 1. I have a question that I am hoping some of you who are further along in the program can help me with:

    With the dumbbell one-point row--my balance is more challenged then my back. I started with a lower weight as I was trying to get used to the movement, but I am not sure how well I would balance with a higher weight. But my back was not challenged at all at the low weight. So should I focus on this exercise as a balance exercise and not worry about upping the weight until I get better at balancing? Or should I supplement it with a different row so I can work on balance with this one and my back with another one?
  • jo_marnes
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    snb - I recall my balance developing quite quickly - you might be quite surprised. Then you can up the weight simultaneously. That's my experience anyway. Keep the core locked on, that's what always helps me to stabilise during balance exercises :-)
  • dnamouse
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    ^^ what Jo said :smile:

    Welcome home Beeps, although not good bringing a fever back with you :heart:

    December is here and I really don't feel ready. I'm sitting down trying to work out everything I need to remember to do this month. I'm mentally exhausted just thinking about it. Is anyone else having issues with getting their head into gear?

    Lifting was fun this morning - not :wink: I got it done, but I was slower than usual and my balance was a little off. I really need a week off, but I want to push through until the Christmas week when we will be away. Then I shall eat, sleep, walk, eat, sleep and drink lol but mostly sleep :wink:

    I'm putting it down to hormonal crap and hoping the fog clears a little by the end of the week.

  • snbouchard81
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    edited December 2014
    I am really hoping you both are right. Balance has always been a little bit of an issue for me. I am pretty good on my right side, but very weak on my left. But I am going to trust in the process and get better. :smile:

    I have been thinking that December is the real test of fortitude, but then I wondered if it is really worse in January when the gym is full. If I can't get into a squat rack or on a treadmill when I want I am going to be very annoyed. :smile:
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Beeps-sorry you're sick! Feel better fast!

    Snb-my balance is bad :(. It got better...but I still get a bit wobbly on some of those balance moves. Just trying to do the best I can. :)

    Loving stage 7 still...hard, puke inducing, and seemingly endless while in the midst of it...but I am loving it!! Planning a second round of it! I don't manage the 30sec btw most of the sets...but still get it done! Planning #4 tomorrow :).
  • Pudding1980
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    Snb, I know for me December will be so hard. Busy, lots of social gatherings, and I bake a ton for the holidays. I really need to not munch on it all this year.

    I will finish Basic Training 3 this Friday. I am going to go straight into BT4 even if it takes a bit longer because of a couple extra days away from the gym over the holidays. I really don't want to do anything besides lift anyway :)

    I've been binge free for a week again...again! :P
  • 52cardpickup
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    I just started (finished Stage One workouts 1-3 this past week, and yes, I lifted on Thanksgiving!), and I'm using dumbbells. They go up to 40 pounds (each), but I feel like I'm going to max out soon. Just waiting for Christmas because I asked "Santa" for a barbell and rack.

    Anyone know if it's going to screw me up to stall out on my max weights until after Christmas?
  • lovetowrite73
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    Hello all! I hope all my fellow U.S. chicas had a great holiday. I did. My mom was down from NYC and I love spending time with her!

    I went to the gym last Friday and again today. I have to say that even though the Stage 6 workouts are short, I always - ALWAYS - feel it in my core. Negatives still suck. I can barely hold myself up before I'm going down. But that's okay. As long as I'm doing it.

    Beeps, sorry you're sick. I hope the vacation was worth the fever though!

    Good job, pudding!! One day at a time, right?

    snb, I noticed that if I did the one-point with a higher weight that I was able to hold my balance easier.
  • Ali_momof2
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    Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend/& holiday. My holiday went surprising well, except for my car breaking down on black Friday at the mall. Luckily my stepdad came a helped us home. I died a little when I asked my ex to quickly look at it when I picked my boys up yesterday. I know he didn't want to look anymore than I wanted to ask, but it was cheaper than a mechanic and I will replace the coolant reservoir myself. Since we broke up I've hand to become my own mechanic and handyman (everything also started to break at once too :( ) so everytime I figure out how to fix something on my own it feels good, like lifting heavy, I don't need a man to do it for me I can do that myself.

    Beeps, I hope you're feeling better.

    Snb, my balance got better with the heavier weight as well. You'll see a difference as your core gets stronger, your balance will too.

    Julie, its sounds like youre doing great with your workouts.

    Pudding you're doing good too. Don't worry about December, you're doing good with you're eating and you'll continue you to. We all have slip ups so if you do just let that day go and move onto the next. I have slip ups all the time (its called the weekend for me lol)

    Dna, I'm with you, I'm not ready for December to be here. I feel like I need more time, but maybe its better to just plow right through it get the holidays over with and take a breath at New years.
  • Beeps2011
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    Thanks, ladies, I am totally feeling better!

    Got my lifting in-and-done....decided to go for VEnus Phase 2 (again - this is my 3rd time repeating this 12-week program!). I like it and I need something that is "likeable" right now.

    My muscles were swelling with water LONG before the workout was done, so likely DOMs on the horizon. Fine. Tomorrow is my max-strength group class which is WAY higher reps (so, yes, lower weights....) and I am going to go for it!

    My diet was UBER-AWESOME this weekend! HIgh fever helped with that tremendously! Only 800 cals each of Saturday and Sunday, so my low-calorie December is IN HIGH GEAR.

    I have already had about 750 cals for today, so am going to stick to 450 for supper and then no more food. Should be fine since tonight is book club and, for whatever reason, I NEVER eat or drink at book club! I just visit and visit and visit and go home to bed.

  • Pmagnanifit
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    Hello all
    I have had technical issues for the past few weeks. Ie, I could only access this thread from a computer not my phone or tablet!! This has to be fixed becasue I missed you guys.

    I had a short 2 weeks where I was not benching very hard in order to rest my pec minor or bicep I am not sure what was injured. But I am back to 80 lbs x 5 so I am really hoping to be at 90 in 2 weeks because that is my meet - western division championships in Newport OR. Squats and Dls are going well- my left ring finger is almost healed from whatever jam I had 8 weeks ago.
    Generally everything is going well - recovering from minor injuries and just hoping to perform well.

    I hope everyone is lifting heavy and getting healthy(beeps did you drink the water in that tropical counrty??)
    I also hope the single ladies don't get down- this is a tough time of year for most people- and you are doing something healthy (weightlifting!!)

    DNA - your "potbelly" is really cute. and tiny.

    I hope to get on more ofter this week.

  • dnamouse
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    You know I love you Pmag :heart: one day I may even believe you (I am working on it, promise :smile: )

    I've spent this morning running work errands. I also now have this huge 2015 planner thing stuck to my office wall. It's empty, but it's a start, yes? lol

    Now I'm bored so I'm gonna go do chinups. Cos that's what I do when I'm bored. Obviously.

    On a slight tangent, CoYo coconut yoghurt is freaking awesome. And delicious even. Particularly when mixed with frozen berries.
  • elliebellie78
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    thanks Ali.

  • aerandall
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    Hi everyone! I just started yesterday and I'm pretty sure that at some point in the night I was hit by a truck. I'm a runner and my 4.5 miles this morning did not feel very good at all... I'm glad I found this place and all you fine folks. I'm going to need a "push" here and there. Take care everyone and have a great day!
  • Ali_momof2
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    Hello everyone, Welcome 52cardpickup & aerandall.

    I did my first workout in stage 6 and it was quick. I'm not sure I fully understand the negative chin up. Am I suppose to hold myself there as long as I can then slowly lower myself or just slowly lower myself? It all seemed easy last night but I'm feeling it today. I also woke up with a sore throat and I can't tell him all my body aches are DOMs or some body aches of a cold since my sister brought one home last week from her new job. I fixed my car last night after working out so I am extremely happy about that. $70 for a part sounds a lot better than several hundred for a mechanic, especially with Christmas around the corner.

    Pmag, glad to hear your injuries are doing better and your lift are going good. I'm so excited for you doing this competition.

    Dna,that yogurt sounds yummy and I love what you do with your boredom, I normally get on here lol.

    Have a great day and lift heavy stuff (*)
  • Julieboolieaz
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    Ali-WTG on fixing your car!! Impressive girl!, and good job on the lifting too! I never could hang with the negatives, so I'd just get up there and try to resist on the way down. It was pathetic :disappointed: which is mostly why I moved to stage 7! I used the assit machine to try some chin ups and did a few sets on there to feel like I accomplished something! You're doing great!!

    Welcome 52 and aer!! You're off to a good start! Lifting has become addictive!! Hope you love it too!

    DNA-I'd love to do chin-ups when I'm bored..or when I'm happy, or sad, or busy...one day!

    Beeps-glad you're feeling better and right back to it! Good job!

    Pmag-glad you're back online! Missed you! Glad all your injuries are healing and your competition is coming up fast!! Are you excited? Or nervous? I'm excited for you! :)

    Love-glad you had such a nice holiday with your mom! And love that the core is sore after chin ups! So cool how our bodies work!

    Pudding-great week binge free!! And finishing up stage 3!! WTG!!!

    52-I don't think I'd outgrow 40lb dumbbells before Christmas...but you could be more advanced than me. It's only a few weeks. Are you nearly out of them now?

    Hope bbcowgirl, Dou, Jamaica and our other lifting friends are well!

    I'm doing great, I really love stage 7!! I did workout 4 today and did not feel sick at all! Not dizzy, lightheaded or nauseous!! Woohoo!! Finally! Took slightly shorter breaks between too. Not quite 30sec each, but a lot closer!!

    Thanksgiving was lovely. Black Friday shopping was fun, successful and exhausting. We un-decorated Thanksgiving, and completely decorated for Christmas. It's been busy but productive. :) this week I'm baking and doing homemade Christmas gifts. Fun! I actually feel great! Energetic, sharp minded, content. I'm richly blessed!!
  • DouMc
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    Hey guys, I am still here. I have been checking in but have just been too busy to reply to everyone. Yesterday I finished basic training 1 so starting BT2 tomorrow. I haven't been great with my lifting lately, last week I only managed to lift once! And I have been eating far too much. When I weighed myself on Sunday morning I had put on 4lbs in 2 weeks!! 2 of them have come off already so that was just water but I am still way too high. So this week i am going to do lots of running and lifting and track every single thing I eat.
    The running part of it is going well, until recently I have only been able to run for about 30 minutes at a time, then after a break for over a week I went out on Sunday and ran for 45 minutes. Today I ran for 60!! I can't believe, I have never been able to go for anywhere near that long before. But I think I will pay for it tomorrow, I am already struggling to walk!

    Wow, that was a bit rambly, long story short, I've put on weight so I am not being more diligent with running, lifting and eating right!

    Ali for the negative chin up you just have to hold yourself up until your body stops wobbling (mine would rock back and forth for ages after jumping up onto the bar) and then lower yourself as slowly as possible. Its freakin hard!

    Julie, that's great that you are doing so well. I loved stage 7 even though it was really a cardio workout. i think its because I could still do the big lifts at the start of the workout. And I don't think I ever managed the 30 second rests, that would have killed me!

    Ok I don't have time to reply to everyone but welcome to the new people and lift on ladies! :smiley:
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Hello all
    Ali- if negatives are too easy do them more slowly or add weight ( I used chains from my gym, but you can do a belt, ankle weights etc.)

    - I am getting really nervous. Today was my "mock" meet and I could not even squat 125#- which is my best from a year ago. I should be able to do 150, I was not even going to try 125 because it was "too easy"
    - I was pretty down this am. I will be at the gym again Thursday for mock bp and dl ( I canceled them this am as I was rattled and just focused on squats)
    I guess it is good to get the nerves out in advance.

    Dou- that's great progress on your running
    Julie glad you are feeling good.

    WElcome aer-this is a supportive group.
  • samntha14
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    aerandall wrote: »
    Hi everyone! I just started yesterday and I'm pretty sure that at some point in the night I was hit by a truck. I'm a runner and my 4.5 miles this morning did not feel very good at all... I'm glad I found this place and all you fine folks. I'm going to need a "push" here and there. Take care everyone and have a great day!

    Ok this is funny. Those "new lifter" DOMS can be a b*tch. Stay hydrated, LOTS of protein.