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    Oops! Sorry Dna...and congrats Jo, you are a beast!! :D
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    Good morning ladies!!

    I'm with DNA...love that you guys lift and are awesome!! :heart:

    Pudding-I forgot! I think if I Thanksgiving was earlier here in the us I'd decorate earlier myself...good point!

    Dou-I'm still trying to lean out too!! We're on the right track...slow and steady wins the race!

    BP-I've been missing Zumba lately. :cry:

    Jo-that's a lot of leg work! Killer!

    DNA-nice reflections and musings. The mental aspect to training is often overlooked. Being content and lifting because you like it is wonderful!

    Pmag-good job losing! I know you were hoping for that heading into your competition. It's coming up!! You're doing great! I seem to lose better with less cardio...not logical, but it's me.

    I'm doing well. Off to lift in a bit. Doing 6B. not sure I feel like its much of a workout...l may skip ahead to 7... Couldn't sleep so I got up early (5!!) and read for a while. I'm getting my hair done (again) later today. Bought a groupon and am still in pursuit of Carmel low lights and honey blonde highlights...I'm more red after my first attempt to go from platinum blonde to a more natural color. Hopefully this hairdresser can work some magic for me. I don't hate the red...it's just not what I really wanted. :)
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    Good morning!

    dna, I love what you said about why you lift. I'm not there yet. I admit my main focus is aesthetics and I probably won't be where you are until I like what I see in the mirror. But like Julie said, slow and steady wins the race, and I'm definitely not stopping any time soon!

    I'm not putting decorations up in my house this year. The kids and I will be going to NYC to my mom's for Christmas so no need to decorate my house!

    Today was 6B1. Did 40 on the single db reverse lunge and on the 2-point row. Loved it tons. I tried to do 30 on the db push press but by rep 6, my left arm was like stop, and RIGHT NOW. lol So I changed to 25 and was able to finish out that set and the 2nd set easily.

    Julie, I think Stage 6 is more about doing off-balance work, which really works and builds up the core. It's only 3 weeks and a day (if you're doing 3 workouts a week). Don't abandon me! lol
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    Ali – I like to think of Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. as just a built-in cheat day, or at the very least a “no logging” day. I think it’s mostly there being so much yummy food around every single day during November and December that does the real damage. Don’t stress too much about one day :)

    Love and Julie – sweet! I’m excited to do the 5x5, but not excited about starting with just the bar, it’ll just feel so silly :#

    Dna – love it! I think that this program and getting into lifting in general has 100% been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself self-esteem wise. In college I ate nothing and ran miles and miles, and still hated my body. Funny thing is I weighed less than I do now, but I LOOK better now than I did then and my perception of myself is SO much better. Even with the limitations you have, you can see what your body is capable of! <3

    Pudding – I’m in the US and I’ve been listening to Christmas music for about two weeks now. Only on my own though, hubby has a solid rule about no Christmas music/decorations in the house til after Thanksgiving lol

    Pmag – crazy about the weight, so weird how things like that happen!

    Jo - …I forgot what I was going to say because I’m too busy admiring your profile pic B)

    Thanks for all the kind words ladies! I just did my final check-in for the challenge at my gym, too and they said I had a good shot because only like 15 other people even showed up to the final check-in, the rest of them dropped out!
    This week is my unplanned rest week since hubby is traveling for work (more Christmas music for me!) and I’ll just be focusing on meal prep since there’s no slowing down for the next few weeks.
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    Good morning Ladies,
    I got was surprised this morning when my BF & I were driving into to work & out of no where he tells me that he's going to change up his strength training to be a more cardio and he wanted to try that mountain again in Feb. I can not tell you how happy this makes me. He also said he wants to clean up his diet, he sees the changes I've made to my body & he hasn't lost anything. We're suppose to be getting in shape together but he frequently skips his workouts & he eats whatever he wants. I know better than to try to comment on his eating habits. I always get that he's a grown man & twice the size of me & he needs so much more food than me. Which may be true to a certain extent. He rarley eats veggies, he hates them & can sit there and eat half a loaf of bread with dinner & I'm suppose to keep my mouth shut (which is really hard). I've tried to get him to come on here & figure out macros & how much he should be eating but he refuses, says he knows what he works for him. If he does, he's not doing it since he's up to 250 lbs. My biggest concern has always been his health, and I tell him that I need him to take care of himself because I want him around for a while. So I am really hoping that he means it this time, maybe being out done by me was enough to change his perspective of his health. ( I'll let the whole can't be out done by a woman thing go this time ;) ).
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    Pmag, you have a good point, has anyone heard from jamaica? Hope she's doing ok with the wedding plans & not getting over whelmed.

    Dna, how did you guys do with the storm? I'm sure you didn't get your swin in, hope you didn't lose power. I love your persective on working out. I'd be really happy to get to that point one day, until then I'll keep working until I like what I see in the mirror.

    Elsie, I love your new pic !! You look great.

    Julie, you're not encouraging me to get to stage 6 lol. I hope your hair to get the right color. I hate it when I can picture the color I want & it just won't sit right. Mine is a bit darker than I'd like it to be, but its off my so little that only I notice.

    Jo that's a lot of leg work. I'm not sure I could keep up.

    Love, how far into stage 6 are you now? I'll be there next week, I've got just 2 more work outs in stage 5 to do.

    Have a great ladies & keep lifting :)<3
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    Keep lifting, for sure.

    I like being at mfp because, at least, i feel like people are trying to take care of their health and their fitness.

    In real life? Forget it....my b-i-l has lived in the USA for 32 years....but now is back in canada for free health care. He NEVER eats well or exercises at all. Leech upon leech upon leech.

    I just picked him up from the hospital, today....free colonoscopy. Free??? Bet my taxes over tge last 32 years paid for that....

    I like Canada health care. I don't like the people who abuse the privilege, abuse their bodies, refuse good prevention, and want ME (taxpayer) to pay for their pleasure.

    The end.

    I lifted, today. Mexico is two more sleeps.
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    Beeps-woot! You'll look sexy in Mexico!

    Ali-nice! I hope your bf is serious. It's flattering and insulting all at the same time. I'm in a similar boat with dh. He's jealous of my fitness and weight loss, so I got him a gym membership. He goes occasionally then complains he doesn't see results. Uh, skip the fries and night time cereal and visit the gym more often and you'll see results. It's hard! Sacrifice and work for me. It's easy for him. Gr.

    Elsie-love your pic! Hope you win! You need to start with the bar alone? I forgot that part...hmm. I guess I could use some form work anyway. It's not like I've progressed that far beyond the bar anyway...;)

    Love-yes! Today's workout was more challenging to be sure! I still feel guilty getting out of the gym in 30 minutes! A didn't feel like much work. I should reread it. And I won't post the weights I used...not after you posted yours! :open_mouth:;) the lunges were hard and the push press were awkward at first. I'll stick with it. Are you adding to it? I thought about some squats or lunges? Maybe some hip thrusts or glute bridges?

    I did stage 6B1 today. I don't use as heavy weights as Love, but the workout was more challenging. The one shoulder squat things were surprisingly hard. I was winded and worked by the end, which was a pleasant surprise. I'll add more to the workouts next week. For this week I'm enjoying short ones. :)

    I got my hair done, again! Third time I've had it foiled in the past month or so. I've been trying to get a bit softer, more natural look from my light blonde. I think I've finally gotten what I want!! Yay! I how it doesn't fade out!
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    Julie, you have been missing Zumba? Aaawww....hopefully you can get back to it soon!

    Ali, that is great about you and your BF, that means you are his inspiration!

    Beeps..lol @ "two more sleeps," but have a blast en Mexico! :D

    Today I had a small victory with the OHP on the Oly Bar (Stronglifts)...I finished all 5 sets by 5 reps (in the past, I have failed on the last 2)!!

    Let's do this, ladies!! :D
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    Dou- I'm loving super charged! I'm especially loving RAMP since it keeps my back pain at bay. It's printed on the worksheet that I use to track my workouts so I remember the whole thing.
    Dna- Your reasons are fantastic and I'm sure you would look killer in a bikini

    Did my second A workout in Basic Training 1. I didn't do the intervals. Too tired. I'll do them Friday. Maybe. I do like the way I feel now that I've got three workouts down. DOMS aren't horrible and my chronic back pain is basically gone. I also like that the RAMP exercises are some of the flexibility exercises I used to do when I was dancing heavily. I like knowing that I'm not just building strength.
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    Now that I've read through the posts, I don't have time to respond...
    Great lifting ladies!
    Enjoy Mexico, Beeps!
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    Ali, we made it through without getting too wet. Flooded the driveway and the back yard though!

    Well, little update on my attempt to de-focus on food. I spent the first few days of the week feeling awfully bloated lol

    But it's settling down. My tummy is still sticking out a little, but that's my issue, and I'll deal with it :wink:

    I might stick with the "okay" eating for a bit I think.

    Time to get these kids fed and then out to Swim Club evening.
  • Julieboolieaz
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    BP-that's a big deal! WTG!!!

    Red-great job! And no back pain? Amazing bonus!! Woohoo!!

    DNA-lol...you're adjusting :). Enjoy it!

    Bb-lol! I know! I am trying to post more often so I don't fall as far behind...but it's hard to keep up!

    Doing 6A2 today. Gonna try for the neg chin ups again... If I can't make it work there, I'll do the assisted machine. At least it's the right direction :). Carb nite tonight, and the scale is still up from last week. Not sure how that'll go...but I'm gonna give it more time.
  • Ali_momof2
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    Hello ladies,
    I've got my last workout in stage 5 today and I've done the last stage of my killer buns & thighs workout all week so my buns are feeling it :D . I think I may have killer my HRM, its not reading my heart rate which sucks, I've only had it 8 months. I was hoping to replace it in Jan when the new fitbit with a HRM comes out, but Jan is too far away to wait. My son got accepted into the gifted program at school so I am a very proud momma. Of course my 3yr old spent the day with grandma and learned so new words too. While helping me make dinner he spilled some milk and told me how f**king angry he was. I was quite shocked & stupidly asked what did you say? So he repeated it and we had a chat about bad words that only grown ups can use. ( I need to chat with grandma too lol). It was a bit funny hearing my cute lil guy say that.

    Beeps, I hope you're having fun & enjoying warm weather.

    Bp, that is awesome. It has to feel great to finish the all the sets.

    Red, I'm glad your back pain is better.

    Dna, glad you didn't get completely flooded. Bloat sucks, but okay eating is a nice break. It sounds good right about now.

    Have a great Friday everyone <3:)

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    so... in the calorie recommendations in the book... is an "active workout" considered the lifting in the program? For me right now that is an additional 244 calories (but when i enter 30 minutes of weight lifting it only gives me 89 calories on MFP). Should I modify it to 244?

    Do I enter additional workouts separately, like if I jog for 15-20 minutes? which today was another 130 calories... SO, MFP says 219 for lifting and jog together... but if I do the book active workout 244 plus my jog thats 374.

    I'm mid-stage 1 right now... (not sure if that matters though) and not sure why it took me so long to catch on to this difference either!
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    Ellie, I have no idea, but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will help :smile:
    It's one of the main reasons why I swapped to TDEE only - I picked an activity level, got given a number and that's all I have to worry about. I log my workouts to keep a track of where I'm up to, but don't bother with trying to work out how many calories I may or may not burn.

    When you get to the stages that require intervals etc done the end, it won't be just plain weight lifting either. It will be different for each individual, so play around with different things and find a way that suits you :smile:

    Ali, I did have to lol just a little bit at your little one :wink: My children have been known to use the word "frak" in perfect context... while part of me is proud of my little geeks, I did have to have a discussion about appropriate use of language :wink: (particularly as they attend a Christian school :cold_sweat: lol)

    Julie, good luck on the negs! You'll get there! I am a total meanie and make my walking buddy do negative chinups every Monday after our walk/run on the monkey bars at school. At first she was all like 'wtf???', now she's enjoying it and almost runs to the bars to see how long she can hold one lol (I do get some rather interesting texts the next day about soreness and something about a mean *kitten* PT or something :stuck_out_tongue: I don't pay attention to those much, and make her work harder next time LOL)

    I am loving the warm weather and am hitting the pool a lot more now - adore the fact that we have one in the backyard, makes going for a 30-40min swim so easy. I'm up to a little over 1km in that time, but I know I'll get more in as I keep going.

    And another update on my eating experiment. My weight went up about 1kg over the week as of yesterday morning (water weight, I know, I know!).... but this morning it has dropped 500g. I was shocked standing there on the scales LOL

    I've done nothing different, just keeping going with eating more and working out as per usual. I even ate later than usual last night due to swim club, and it was sausages, so not the most healthy option lol

    My logical brain is all like, yes, you know this. This is all normal. Then my other half-a-brain just sits there and says 'seriously?'.

    Today I am going to try on a bikini. The part of my brain that is telling me I'm still 'fat' can go frak itself. Whether or not I buy one will be down to if I can find one that fits. Yes, I can't find anything to fit me in a normal adult store (very little goes below a size AU8/US4 here, and I'm about a US2/AU6), and yet I still think I'm fat. It's a round-tummy infatuation thing. I'll work it out eventually.

    In the meantime you all get to hear about my experimentation! Aren't you excited?? ROFLMAO :joy:
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    ellie - I don't switch up my cals - easier to stick to the same amount each day and add a little more if I'm hungry!

    dna - I have the same issues re: sizing. I had to go shopping for office wear for my placement next week - yeah, the kids sections don't have anything suitable LOL

    Thankfully, I actually found 2 outfits in an op shop - got a brand new CUE dress (with labels) for $25 - original price $290!!! Whoop whoop. Not that I would suggest op shops for a bikini - eew! hahahaha
  • Ali_momof2
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    I'm going to assume an op shop is the same as our thrift shops here ( previously owned) in which great deal on the dress!. I've got the kid height with the woman hips so I'm just screwed all around. Pants & dress shopping suck. My mom actually told me I don't have the body for a dress ouch :'( .

    Ellie I got so frustrated with all that calorie stuff especially since Ive read so many ppl complain that this site over estimates on cardio type of stuff that I just got a heart beat monitor that I use for workouts. I find its more reliable ( at least to me). It may not be perfect but its better than nothing.
  • dnamouse
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    I bought a blue bikini.

    The husband told me I needed to visit the body shop before I wore a bikini.

    Let's just say he'll be missing out on a few things in future :unamused:

    My son however, gave me two thumbs up and told me I looked awesome :heart:

    And then I went and swam 1200 metres.

    Off to a birthday party for a good friend tonight! I've made her a huge gift basket full of her favourite things :smile: one of which is wine. I think the husband will be driving home tonight :sunglasses:
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    Ellie--I have gotten the impression from the nrol Facebook that their perspective on diet has changed since nrol4w was released. They have another book for women planned, but in the meantime I'd say take the recommendations for diet in the book with a grain of salt.

    Hoping to go to the gym in a couple of hours. I only have the two amrap workouts to go in stage one! Super excited. And that puts my rest week almost perfectly around thanksgiving. :smile:

    Dazed--I was just re-reading the part of the book abt the workouts at the end of stage one. I don't think the intent is a killer workout. I think it is more of a morale boost--see how far you have come since the beginning. I'm excited and nervous. :smile:

    DNA--love your why. It got me thinking (even though I still have weight to lose and goals to reach) that I am starting to love this too. I love going to the gym. My daughter loves going with me. It has been a good change for both of us. It has also helped as I see all these different ideas and philosophies on mfp to accept that it's okay for me to pick a program I like and stick with it even if it is not the same program someone else picks or recommends. I have to do what I like and what will keep me going to the gym. :smile: And congrats on the bikini--I'm sure u look smashing in it. :smile: