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    Jo I ve been trying low reps at max weight. So in lbs I do 10 x 65, 5 x 95, 5x 105, 5 x115, 5x 135, 4x 145,3 x 155 then attempt 1 x 165 but fail.
    I do a warmup and I lift other things after. It is just a madeup workout to rest my shoulder but try to push my dl.
    But I've tried other approaches. Improving my upper body strength helped the most so far.
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    Jam--I am sorry to read that you are sad, especially with your big day coming. Take each day one at a time. And get yourself to the doctor. Hopefully you are wrong and it is something else, but I'd guess that it would be better to just know.

    And you will look beautiful at your wedding, but I will say that there was a point at which I also said I can't worry about weight loss now. There is so much that goes into planning a wedding and I had to let that fall off. I didn't let myself go because I still wanted to look beautiful, but I log calories or anything. So know you are not alone in the decision that you have made.

    So many great workouts! Good job to everyone.

    Dna--I am thinking about incorporating more calisthetics into my workout so I can one day (in the far far future) complete a handstand push-up. You have inspired me. :smiley:

    Almost done with Stage 1 and I am nervous and excited to move on. I have never been this consistent with a program before. It is so excited to feel like I can almost mark off a goal as complete. :smiley:
  • Pmagnanifit
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    And wow about your goals. I thought Australia had some of the best maternity research in the world. Work for a while to figure out how to change the world.
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    Pmag - yes, research is awesome - it's just not integrated into practice.

    Re DLs - you are doing 30 reps before you even start the 'real' work. You'd be so fatigued by the time you get to the max. How about cutting out some warm up lifts? I get that you like to get hold of the bar and try a few reps just to get the feel of how your body will cope that day, but 10 reps? You might find that if you cut those down you have the ability to lift more. What is it that makes you fail - form? Can't lift it up? Mental block?

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    Jo, you'd like talking to my brother - he's a country hospital doctor, qualified GP and obstetrician and yet still works in the public system trying to change it. Drives him nuts some days, but he keeps going. His main focus is improving medical services to rural areas, but he obviously has a stake in maternity care as well.

    Currently shoving food in my face, and wine. Spent the day with the in-laws. 'nuff said.

    It's hot and the kids are driving me bonkers. Maybe I'll just go to bed...

    That said, like what I saw of Obama's speech today (via tv lol I'm too lazy to try and get into the city) and having a good giggle at Angela Merkel's antics last night :smile:
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    dnamouse wrote: »
    Jo, you'd like talking to my brother - he's a country hospital doctor, qualified GP and obstetrician and yet still works in the public system trying to change it. Drives him nuts some days, but he keeps going. His main focus is improving medical services to rural areas, but he obviously has a stake in maternity care as well.

    That's funny - when I was on country placement the GP OB's were the exact people I had issues with!! Far too keen to make birth a medical process, knew nothing about what a 'normal' birth should be. Women traumatised and expected to obey orders rather than stand up for their rights and choices. NOT saying your Brother is like that!!! But midwives and medicos are often on opposing sides of the fence. Don't get me wrong, they have their place for sure. And will always be needed. But not every woman needs a doctor to have a baby. Anyways.... I'll stop about that now ;)

    I lifted today - upped my bench FINALLY. Marginal. But an increase nonetheless.

    My in-laws are back tonight - have been in Perth for a blissful week. I will certainly be on the vino.
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    Hello hello everyone! You guys are busy and amazing! I watched the handstand push ups and the pull ups/ chin ups? dna and they were amazing! You're badass for that! Jamaica I think you're making good solid decisions for yourself but I do hope you go to your doctor. Knowledge is power and all that jazz. Julie your progress is amazing! I'm so impressed with you and how you've done.
    I started supercharged last night. The book was really daunting so it took me a while to work up the courage to put a work out together and just do it. But I finally did and I wish I had started sooner. The work out was great. I never warmed up before working out. Being forced to warm up really changed everything for me. I feel much better today than I ever have post work out. And the lower back pain I've been dealing with for months is barely noticeable.
    I haven't worked out in five weeks and only gained two pounds and .5inches to my waist. That's not bad especially since I've already dropped .8 of those pounds. I've been eating like trash so it's time to clean up my diet. I was eating chinese food thursday night and my body went into full anarchy and rebellion so I bought groceries Friday. I think I'm going to have to give up the Starbucks too. I'm always exhausted by 11 and I think the coffee and bad food are the reason. So it's another diet clean up.

    Lazing around in the bed today and then another work out tomorrow. Have a great Saturday ladies!
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    Well done for getting started redlipstick - the book is complicated hey? It gets easier to figure out the more you do. TBH, I skip the RAMP now - could never remember any of it and didn't want to take book to the gym. I've always warmed up with a run though and stretches so didn't feel the need to change. Don't sweat it with the diet either - clearly your body can handle a few extra calories now and then. xxxxxxxxx
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    Jo, I think Aus and the US are very similar in their maternity practices. When I had my babies, I wanted a hybrid approach to birth- an atmosphere that provided support (birthing tub, nurses that cared about my decisions regarding pain relief, and a more home-like environment) but with the ability to intervene medically if something crazy happened. They had birthing centers like this in the 80s, but the ones around here shut down. I don't have any major complaints about any of my hospital births, but I hear horror stories from ladies. I wish there could be a more holistic approach to birth within the hospitals, instead of women feeling like they're forced to be "rebels" or "hippies" and have their babies at home (which I think is actually great in most cases) to be able to have their say in what their birthing process is like. So I hope you CAN change the world of maternity care.
    Whew, that was long.
    Pmag, I think Jo is right. Too much warm-up can be a problem. But maybe you just need to experiment and see if you need less. 165lbs is a lot of weight.
    Red, glad you're back at it! I loved Supercharged.
    dna, I think you deserve some face-stuffing for dealing with the ILs.
    Julie, your progress is amazing. You're going to kill the 1" by Christmas challenge. I have lost absolutely nothing!

    Had a massage yesterday. It was great. My low back is really tight for some reason. It's odd because there's not much low back work in the program I'm doing. Probably from the good mornings I did on Thursday.
    Today was back (rows and pull-downs galore) followed by 5 rounds of 30/30 HIIT.
    I also just want to say that Starbucks is evil. For some reason, around this time of year I just want to live there. I think it's the cold weather, the pretty red cups, and the dainty sprinkles they put on all their holiday drinks. Oh, and the cranberry bliss bars.
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    Jo, you'd like my brother - he believes that everyone has a place and should work together... let's just say that the nurses and midwives that work with him like him :wink:

    That said, he's also worked in some pretty remote areas (the main reason why he became a doctor, and why he still works in the public system even though he could earn waaaaaaaay more in private practice, and why he's a huge advocate for getting more medical services in the bush), and he's seen some pretty bad stuff happen, both in hospital and out. Which is why he is all for everyone working together, communicating and helping to decide on what is right for each individual situation.

    He's not a GP Ob - he's first and foremost a hospital doctor, but highly qualified & experienced in the areas where he saw a need from his time out west (think Cunnamulla, Charleville etc where the nearest possibility of an emergency c-section was a 3hr drive or a helicopter ride, or just him doing the best he can to save mother & child). Even now, although he doesn't work in a very remote area, it's a small hospital and he's pretty much it when it comes to a maternity emergency. He lives on hospital grounds though, so the midwives do most of the work and call him if needed as he's only a 2 minute sprint away.

    As you can see, he's pretty passionate about his job, and it rubs off lol

    Too hot here today. We've decided to stay home. I've done the washing etc and now I'm trying to finish the assessments for my little nutrition course. Then I'll decide what I want to do next, and how to fit it all in.
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    Barbell, I totally understand the desire to hit yo Starbucks more often at this time of year. As soon as those red cups come out I feel a swell of joy. Their Christmas goodies are too yummy; not really a fan of the Bliss Bars but the Gingerbread Loaf is amazing. And those damn Ginger Molasses cookies that they have year round just go so nicely with a cup of Christmas blend. I have been there a lot in the past couple of weeks! I actually took my three year old son there the other day cause he was under the weather and I had dragged him on erands, and we had a little hot chocolate date. So fun :)

    Red, welcome to Supercharged! I am really enjoying it. I only lifted twice last week with my youngest not being well enough to attend the gym daycare, but he seems to be on the mend so I should be back on track for three lifting sessions next week.

    Made sticky toffee pudding and custard for a dinner party tonight, to go alongside DHs roast, potatoes, Yorkshires, and carrots. Yum yum. Now a little more wine before bed. Cheat day at its best :)
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    Hello everyone.
    Dna, that video is awesome. I will have to give those a try when I am stronger.

    Julie, great job finishing stage 5. I'll be done next week & trying to figure out Stage 6 with you.

    Jo, wow your goals. Ppl like you are rare and we need more like you. The world would be a better place if we had more like you in charge. I don't know anything about healthcare in Australia, but I know I live in one of the most powerful, riches countries in the world and we have ppl dying of preventable illnesses because of our crappy healthcare. They are more concerned with lining their pockets than helping ppl. We have some of the best doctors and facilities if you can pay.

    I went hiking with my BF up a mountain yesterday. I guess I didn't think of how hard it would be for him. I was thinking of a personal goal, I hiked this mountain a few yrs ago & couldn't walk the next day & I wanted to see my fitness improvement. It was only 1.2miles but it was pretty much straight up. He didn't do well. I had to get the car & pick him up at the bottom. I felt bad that I didn't realize he couldn't keep up. I've been doing the cardio & strength but he only does strength. He's strong but out of shape. I'll have to work on that with him ( he's also a dramatic baby "I'm severely dehydrated" um no you just finished 3 bottles of water less than 5 minutes ago & its not very hot or that long of a hike). Next time I take him anywhere I will give him the hydration pack to where.

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    dnamouse wrote: »
    As you can see, he's pretty passionate about his job, and it rubs off lol

    Good! Passion is what is needed! You're right, he sounds like a reasonable bloke ;) Who knows, maybe we'll cross paths one day!

    Thanks for the support ladies, it means a lot. A lot of the time I wonder wtf I am getting myself into /trying to achieve. But the women 'on the ground' experiencing these things always have stories which keep me motivated. I imagine the US health service to be similar to Australia. But bigger, hahaha. That's one heck of a giant to change. It's hard - I come from the UK where public health is the only option for the vast majority and it is free - and good quality. However, the system doesn't seem able to support itself and quality is falling as staff are cut despite an ever increasing demand. But overall, the UK maternity system is better than both the US and Aus in the sense that it is focused on a wellness model and that women are central to decisions about their care. The world can learn a lot from countries like the UK - and New Zealand which is similar.

    Squats today.... hope will be ok, knees feeling a little stiff.
  • dnamouse
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    :smile: I can't remember where you live Jo, but I know my brother (a Qld doctor) has just been asked by NSW Health to help them implement a better rural medicine scheme to encourage graduates to head out west. It's hard though - not many want to have to deal with the isolation, poor pay (in comparison) and tough conditions. Too many go into the profession for the city-based private practice pay packet :disappointed:

    But we grew up in the bush, and the only way he got through medicine was a scholarship and a lot of hard work.

    Smashed myself again this morning. I think it's the heat. I was literally soaked in sweat by the end of it :wink: But my endurance is kicking in and the intervals aren't quite as difficult as they were at the start, so I'm finding I can go a little bit harder.

    LOL Ali at your BF :wink: You'll just have to take him on more hikes lol

    Okay, I need more coffee. So far I've managed to go to the post office, come home and send a couple of emails. Waaayy too much to do.
    Dna, what do you sell/make?

    I make & sell crochet hooks with handles, and other little crochet-related goodies lol
    My store is on Etsy - https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/TheSpottedHook

    Oh, I did manage a swim yesterday. The 40'C heat kinda made it easier to jump in the water. Remind me next time to wear my goggles though :smile:
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    Good morning!

    DNA, I'm going to look at your shop, as I - ready for it - crochet! LOL I'm in the middle of making me a pretty wrap. Okay. Just checked out your shop and liked your FB page. Your hooks are AWESOME! Do you use clay for the handle? Do you ship to the US? :smile: And, yes, to more coffee. It's nearly noon here but it's raining and dark out, which is making me sleepy at this desk. And your brother sounds awesome.

    As do you, Jo. You'll find a way to make it happen!

    Soooooooooo...started Stage 6 today. Erm. So, the negatives. I couldn't even hold my body up when I tried to jump up! lol I wound up lowering the bar (I used the Smith machine) to a position where I could go up on my tippy-toes. I made sure I was tight and got to probably 5 seconds to lower myself. Holy hell, I felt like a fool doing them! But I don't care because I know it'll get better.

    I also did the barbell split squat at 105. No problem on my right leg but my left leg (non-dominant) was like YOU FOOL. smh I did do all the push-ups though. And I definitely can go up more on the underhand lat pulldown. I was afraid that doing 10 sets of slow and controlled reps would tire me out. My forearm is a little sore right now but my back/biceps definitely could have handled more so I will up the weight next time.
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    Ali_momof2 wrote: »

    Jo, wow your goals. Ppl like you are rare and we need more like you. The world would be a better place if we had more like you in charge. I don't know anything about healthcare in Australia, but I know I live in one of the most powerful, riches countries in the world and we have ppl dying of preventable illnesses because of our crappy healthcare. They are more concerned with lining their pockets than helping ppl. We have some of the best doctors and facilities if you can pay.

    Ok, I'm really NOT trying to start a debate, but as someone who works in healthcare, I have to say for the most part, this isn't true. People die of preventable diseases(diabetes, heart disease, obesity-related illness) mostly because they refuse to take responsibility for the role their lifestyle plays in their health. The education and resources are available to change their habits(including free preventative screenings, free nutrition classes, free fitness classes), but most do not want to alter their behaviors. While I agree that there is a very small percentage of doctors who practice for the money and often take the easy way out by prescribing meds instead of addressing the real issues, I think 95% of the doctors (and nurses!) truly want to help people.
    But I tend to be overly sensitive on the subject as an RN married to a doctor:)
  • BarbellCowgirl
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    edited November 2014
    Y'all are killing the workouts!
    Ali, I would consider it a NSV to be able to out-hike the BF?
    Love, enjoy 6- those negs are no joke!

    Arms and shoulders today!
  • Ali_momof2
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    Barbell, you're right. I should have worded it better. I know that doctors and nurses are doing their best and want to help. And I completely agree with you about the diabetes and heart disease, obesity issues. I meant more that we have the technology but not the afforable healthcare. I feel that we should have free healthcare of our citizens like the Uk & Canada. Sure they may be a waiting list for certain thing but there is also the option to buy private insurance. You're not as liking to lose your house over medical bills. The system is broken, not the workers. I surely didn't mean to put any healthcare worker down. What you guys do is amazing, I couldn't do it. I get queasy seeing blood on tv lol. Now getting it all covered is a different story.

    As for the NSV, Thank you I didn't think of it that way.
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    Ali-was it camelback by chance? We hiked that last year and I thought I'd die! Good for you! Dbf is gonna need to step it up to keep up with you! My dh barely made it to the top. It took him a looong time, many breaks. Lol!

    Love-I am with you of the negs! I did the assist machine because I couldn't find a bar to do it from. I'll try the smith next time-thanks!

    Red-thanks! I'm a work in progress, for sure! I'm delighted with how weight training has reshaped me! Can't wait to see how far I can go!! Good for you!!

    Sorry I'm missing some of you! You're doing great!!

    Started stage 6 today. Love how short it is, but ill need to beef it up a bit, maybe HIIT or ab work? The negative pull-ups were tricky, we don't have a bar per se, so I used the assisted machine. I couldn't get my chin above the bar correctly. I tried a few times to jump up there, but that was ugly! Ended up doing some slow descending chin ups to hopefully mimic the movement? I'll try the smith machine set high next time.

    Feeling good. This carb nite plan is a good fit for me. Hope to make more forward progress in the coming weeks! Holidays make that tough though!
  • Ali_momof2
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    Julie, I see camelback rescues on the news too much to try that one lol. It was Piestewa(Squaw ) peak, the summit trail. And he took soooooo many breaks & just wanted to go. This is my last week on stage 5, I can't wait to finish, but at the same time I'm glad you & love are a bit ahead of me so I can hear about what I'll be facing.