post before pics between now and Mar 25th ONLY HERE!!



  • Hi everyone!! I'm excited to do this challenge with all of you - I'm hoping it will keep me motivated through the summer!

    My current weight - 235
    Goal weight by July 8 - 193

    Here is my before pic! Didn't feel comfortable uploading the pics I have in my undies :/

  • Let's get it started! Thanks for the challenge.


    Goal: 130

    I'm following the directions, but it doesn't work!

    You need to lowercase the i in Img :) That should do it!
  • LittleDoodlePoodle
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    I am totally in! Will upload pics once I get to a computer!
  • WindmillTilter
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    not happy about my starting point.
  • lknockstead
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    This me 20 days ago at the 100 pound mark. To date I have lost 109 pounds. I currently weigh 156.4 and hope to weigh around 125 at the end of this challenge. Feel free to add me! :-)
  • Groovyca2022
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    Weighed in today at 146.1
    Goal weight 125
  • McAmber84
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    Let's see if this works.

  • xxghost
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    Starting Weight: 259.0
    Current Weight: 243.2
    Challenge Goal Weight: 223.2
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 199.0

  • JO4IT
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    Current Weight: 158.4
    Goal Weight for challenge: 143.0
    Ultimate goal weight: 135

    I haven't had time to do my photo yet.

  • I'm hoping to lose 22 lbs during the challenge.
    Height 5ft 3inches
    Current weight 168
    Challenge Goal weight 146

    I'm trying to figure out how to post pics!
  • PMDiva
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    SW: 245 lbs
    CW: 216.2 lbs
    Challenge Goal: 196 lbs

  • xxghost
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    The picture in my old post is broken. I'm going to reupload it, then repost it.

    Starting Weight: 259.0
    Current Weight: 243.2
    Challenge Goal Weight: 223.2
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 199.0

  • racerchick31
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    Current Weight: 265
    Challenge goal Weight: 225

    Beginning photos :(
  • Sandahlxx
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    SW: 152
    CW: 145
    GW: 125
  • oneilltara60
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    I joined WW two years ago with two stone to lose. I got to my goal weight last summer and have been up and down since. I grew to dislike the WW programme (even though it lost the weight for me) and gave MFP a go. Have lost my discipline though and am on my way to regaining almost 1 stone of the 2 that I had lost. I need to fix this pronto!

    Current Weight: 152lb
    Goal Weight: 127lb

    Bust: 36
    Chest: 32.5
    Waist: 34
    Thigh: 23.5
    Arm: 10.5

  • mrs_mab
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    OMG!!!! I can't believe I am about to do this :embarassed: I rarely take pictures anymore because I am so unhappy with myself!

    BUT I HAVE TO start somewhere. Pictures of my 3rd consecutive Warrior Dash last May just 3 weeks before shattering my ankle, I will miss my 4th next month and am pretty bummed about that! Me with my daughter in November the day she signed her scholarship to play softball. Me at my comapany Christmas party in Dec, then of course my current body shots from 3/23/2013!



    OK, Let's DO THIS!!!! :glasses:
  • sfrocks
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    I've already lost around 70 lbs. I had a car accident a couple of months ago and now they found out that the cartilage in my knee was damaged so now I REALLY need to lose weight to get the strain off my knee!! also, my knee caps are displaced to the outside (most likely from carrying all that weight) so let's do this!!!!!

    SW 194.2
    GW 160

  • BakerRunnerBadass
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    Mine keep showing up sideways, couldn't figure out how to fix it, but here my pictures are.



  • Chucksteakswife
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    Height: 5'6
    Current weight: 172
    Short term goal weight: 160
    Long term goal weight: 145

    I post my measurements from time to time on my blog.
  • MasterKat
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    SORRY! I'm 2 days late....

    160.0 lbs looking to drop 15lbs...but will be happy with 10. :bigsmile:

    Full body shot...ecks!!! :blushing: