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  • chelsyraechelsyrae Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    I'm new and need some support :) I had a baby boy in January, and lost 40 pounds on it in three months. Then, I became a full time working mommy and stopped doing it altogether. I'm back on the weight loss journey. I was 212 when I delivered, 192 pre pregnancy weight, and 170 now!!! I want to get down to 150 long term, but right now 160 is my goal. I'm 23 years old, and a nursing mom!!
  • marleighsmamamarleighsmama Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    Hey everyone!
    New here and looking for moms to help motivate each other to keep fighting this fight with those crappy extra pounds. I have about 110 of them to lose! I'm hoping this can help me stay motivated and to stay accountable!
  • georgianna123georgianna123 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    Hello everyone!! Just joined today. I have two kids and my youngest is leaving for college iin 10 days. Finally committed to getting back in shape since I will have lots of free time now. My problem is that I don't look ahead and prepare and end up grabbing fast-food every day. I'm hoping to lose 50 lbs and will need all the support I can get!!!
  • georgianna123georgianna123 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
  • DDecaireDDecaire Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone!
    My name is D, I am a 25 year old,mother of 2 and new to MFP. After having my son in October 2011 I weighed 220. I now weigh 175 just from counting calories and working out. My goal is to be 115. ( that will be the smallest I have ever been as an adult) I am ready to work my *kitten* off literally! I would love some support and I would love to support and meet more mom's like myself :) WE CAN DO THIS!!
  • SAC0O3SAC0O3 Member Posts: 95 Member Posts: 95
    Hi! I am new to the MFP website, but not to the food diary! I have been tracking calories (off and on MFP) since October 2011. I have never taken it very seriously, and that is why I was always off and on. However, I have been very strict with my exercise. I am ready to take it to the next level and actually see weight loss! I usually eat over calories I burn. I was a nursing mother, so I couldn't really diet but now that my son is almost fully weaned it is time to get my butt into gear!
    I am married and have a one year old son. He just started crawling, and is almost walking, so he is keeping me busy! I just joined a gym with a nursery that he can go in. We really enjoy it so far!
    If anyone wants a weight loss buddy please add me! I need all the support/motivation I can get, and can provide motivation and support to others as well :-)
  • liljgrafix88liljgrafix88 Member Posts: 19 Member Posts: 19
    Hey Ladies,
    I am a mother of an AMAZING 4 year old daughter. and Would LOVE to have some support from mothers like you that know what we want and know that we have to make a change in our lives to help better our kids lives!!
  • bitlisabitlisa Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
  • CaptainClipboardCaptainClipboard Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Hi everyone

    I am Tamaryn, a 31 year old wife & mother from Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Keen to work in a team environment to stay on the straight & narrow, as it were. Always easier for me if I am rivalled, & have to be accountable. Otherwise it all goes pear... literally & figuratively.
  • osmom3kidsosmom3kids Member Posts: 25 Member Posts: 25
    I am a mom to three boys (11, 7, and 4). My current weight is this is the first time I have ever admitted this to anyone.... and my goal weight is 150. I am an emotional eater and would love to connect with other people to support each other in our goals.
  • tkelly293tkelly293 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    first time mom of an 8 month old. Still yet to loose any weight =( Ironically i work at a gym, but I have yet to work out since my baby was born. I didnt think I would have to come back to work so soon, so I am struggling with finding time for myself. I rush home right after work to spend time with my little girl, and by the time she goes to bed I am just exhausted. I walk to work most days which helps, but not enough to loose the weight. I heard about "my fitness pal" and figured I would give it a shot!! And join a group to feel more connected to others with the same goal. Here goes nothing!!

  • meni79meni79 Member Posts: 42 Member Posts: 42
    Hi everyone, I have 15 pounds to lose before my son's 1st bday at the end of Oct.
    I need to figure out how to fit in a 30 min workout during the day.
  • kestie77kestie77 Member Posts: 39 Member Posts: 39
    Hi all,
    I am mom to two and a teacher. I have been working to loose the extra weight I had before I was pregnant and gained while pregnant. I had Gestational Diabetes for both pregnancies, and I know for a fact I don't want to EVER have diabetes again. That has been my main motivator and helped me kick my Mountain Dew habit. This forum should be a great encouragement.

  • Rmwilliams321Rmwilliams321 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Rashawn, I'm a 29 year old mother of two girls ages 11 and 3, and a son who is 8 years old. I've recently restarted mfp and lost ten pounds. My goal is to ultimately lose 24 more. I love to go walking not only for me, but my kids can get some exercise also. I also love zumba and bodypump. I would like to know what kind of activities some of the other moms do to workout but also involves their kids!!!!!

  • CrystalleneRCrystalleneR Member Posts: 3 Member Posts: 3
    Hello all! Im a mother of two boys ages 4 and 2... They keep me busy..and stressed lol. I see a lot of you tend to reach for the comfort foods too. I definitely have that problem. I like healthy foods, but often find myself adding a lot more junk in than I should, just to keep myself 'happy' I guess? I am 150 lbs, but only 5 ft tall so would really like to get down to125 or less. Thanks all for being here :)
  • misha_misha_ Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    I am a mother of 3 wonderful children ages 18, 11 and 10. I am an easy going person, love to help people, and put smiles on everyones face. I've been here for a couple of months and would like a little more friends. Feel free to add me.
  • Sarah1023Sarah1023 Member Posts: 224 Member Member Posts: 224 Member
    Hi, everyone. I'm Sarah...just started MFP today. I'm doing good so far. Need to drop these last 10-15 pesky baby lbs then maybe even more...hoping to find the site/app/groups motivational.
  • skinnybytheseaskinnybythesea Member Posts: 6 Member Posts: 6
    Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and am the mom of 2 amazing boys 10 and 8. I am in my 40's and overweight and not happy about it. My goal is to be active with my boys and to look fantastic for our yearly beach trip - tired of being the "fat friend" at the beach. I have been on a program for about 4 weeks and really loving it, although I have strayed - could kick myself for that. Went last night and bought good running shoes - I am doing my first 5k in October! Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing ideas and support. All the best - Michelleflowerforyou
  • Tiggeroo2321Tiggeroo2321 Member Posts: 22 Member Member Posts: 22 Member
    Hey Everyone! I'm Rebecca, I'm a mother of three little girls, Amanda (6.5) Emily (4) and Olivia is my newest at almost 8wks! So having just turned 30 this past July I realize that while I'm more prepared for motherhood now than I probably was the first time around, handling three girls is insane! I was on the brewer diet during my pregnancy and the concept is very low amounts o carbs...kick up the protein and lay off the sugar...well laying off the sugar is my main problem. At 5'2" and 216 I am definitely obese...And 71lbs seems like Mt. Everest sometimes! Right now my goal is to get under 200 by Christmas! With a longterm goal of 145lbs by my 31st birthday next July! It's feasible I think but man I have trouble with sweets! I bought two bags of funsize kit kats and had a plan to give them to the girls every once in a while as a reward for doing something special; that plan lasted all of five minutes...I ate WAY too many! So I'm using the excuse that it makes my infant fussy since she breastfeeds to hopefully curb my need to buy and consume all the sugar...Just wanted to stop in and say HI and let ya'll know that we are all in this together!
  • xxa5h1eyxxxxa5h1eyxx Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Hi. My name is Ashley. I'm 24 years old and the mother of two wonderful little girls. My oldest Madison is 3 and my youngest is Sophia and she's a year old. I started using the My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone about 6 days ago and i've already lost 5lb. I am currently 5' 7" and 195 lb. with a goal weight of at least 150. I would love to meet new friends to help keep me motivated.
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