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    Ris- Thanks for the welcome. Hope your little one cooperates with a workout for you today!
    Shanaber- Thank you too! Good luck on your race on Sunday and great job rocking those muscles!

    Im excited about this challenge and adding a new support group. I feel a new energy to keep those cals in my goal set and make the workouts count. So far today I have done about 10 minutes of climbing/running stairs while waiting for the bread cart with my kids. I am finishing up the homeschool part of the day with them and then will do back of the body strength training.
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    Welcome, Steph!

    I didn't drink last night! I had to pick up my mom and stepdad at the airport at 11pm so I decided I shouldn't drink before that...

    I did workout. Steph, I am trying to do a pull up! Can you do one? I would be ok with a chinup, too, I know it is easier but either would be an accomplishment for me. Pushups are coming along for me but I can only do about 3 sets of 3.

    I am also trying some balancing on arms moves, it was Zuzka (formerly of bodyrocks, now Zuzka light) challenge.

    I like the top too, Beeps. I will have to get some pics and let you all vote on what I should wear to this June 24 wedding. It's in the mountains so I have to think about a jacket and appropriate shoes-not sky-high stilletos;)

    I also have a wedding to attend July 4 and another September 6, so most of the dresses will be able to get a turn. I shouldn't have to buy anything.

    They did install my garden Tuesday. It looks pretty nice. Everything is just seeds now, and more will be planted later this month. I am trying to Pin recipes that might utilize my garden produce!
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    Thanks for the welcome, is it Amy? I would love to send a friend request your way. I am so stoked about you guys and your focus on strength and calorie accountability!
    I would LOVE to be dressing up for weddings this summer! I had two last summer, but none on the books for this one.
    I can do 3 sets of 3-4 chinups and 3 sets of 8-9 assisted pull-ups (with a band). I struggle to gain reps on push-ups but have broken through my 8 to 9 and 10 (sets of 3). I have done some Zuzka- another great and crazy site! One thing that I noticed helped my push ups was burpees... I am not sure if it was the momentary rest off my arms between each push up.
    Today was a win on my water, workout and cals!
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    Yes, it is Amy. I am going to change my username, I have been saying it for awhile, but I really think I will, maybe for privacy, really! I might just go AmySj and my city (Denver) or Zip?

    Anyway, wanted to share this, Rusty Moore made his Ab Blue Print free today, anyway:

    I bought and am using his latest ebook and I have the Vacation Body Blueprint, that I also got for free at some point. I like his stuff generally, he is not too unrealistic and he tried to support things with science. What he says in the abs thing is basically, you have to spend a good while developing them, a body fat must be low enough to reveal them. But once you have them, it's easier to get them back...

    Steph, I am impressed on the pull-up and chins. Did you get there with the bands? I have been doing the "reverse" by hanging and lowering slowly.
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    steph--that's impressive you can do chinups! I've never spent much time working on them but I've only ever been able to do assisted pullups. I'm better at pushups, though I got out of practice when I was pregnant. I should get back to those. And burpees. A while back we had a burpee challenge on this thread, maybe we should bring that back :tongue: (no everyone on this board is a fan)

    Amy--nice job not drinking last night!

    shanaber--you look super muscular in your picture, and that's definitely the right thing to focus on! No one but you sees the number on the scale. I think a lot of people would agree that it's better to focus on body composition.

    I finally got in a short workout last night. It was just 15 minutes but it was enough to make me a little sore today. I have a running date tomorrow, and I'm going to try to get in a good workout Sunday as well.

    I also have a cookie in my bag to eat tonight. It's already logged (along with some wine :blushing: ) It's taking a lot of willpower not to eat the cookie now! But I know I'll enjoy it more later when I'm at home relaxing and not at work.
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    Good morning!
    Amy and Ris, I should add that my chin ups are not from a complete dead hang, I am working on that but have to keep a little bicep curl momentum to make it happen! Here is a video that gives some great tips, working with bands was really empowering for me~ http://www.12minuteathlete.com/how-to-finally-do-a-pull-up/
    Thanks for the ab pdf, I got it!
    Ris- great job on your day hope you have a great run this weekend!
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    Friday night i snacked....i knew my period was on the horizon and i chose to NOT challenge myself on that day, lol!

    Last night was mother's day supper out....meal was quite late, but i fasted most of the day to prep for it!

    Did cardio on saturday. Hope to weight-train today.

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    ^^^ that's my mother's day gift from my precious offspring!
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    Beeps - Lovely moms day gift and it looks great on!
    Steph - I am still struggling with the pull ups - I can at least get movement up on the bar but no real pull up (no band). I try every time I do hanging knee tucks though and I know one of these days I will be able to at least one!
    Ris - I hope the cookie was wonderful! Sometimes I hold things off and then they fail to meet my expectations but then I am not so anxious for them the next time...
    Amy - I am going to check out the website and workout/blueprint!

    Ran my half today - no PR - too many brutal hills and it got too hot. It was colder than expected at the start - 45 degrees and nearly 80 at the end with 2 huge hills in between. The view from the first one was awesome (see picture - yes those are runners way down the hill) but by the 2nd big hill at mile 11 I had nothing left, it was hot and i didn't really care about anything but getting finished. I don't know my exact time but I think it was between a 10:30 and and 11:00 mile which is ok by me!

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    Amy- that's worth looking at just to see the hot guy on page 11! Do you still have the vacation one? I know you sent it to me and i think I went to look at it again.

    Beeps- That is a beautiful necklace!

    Shanber - Where is that at? Looks like a beautiful run.

    Steph- My upper body is my weakness.

    Ris - I LOVE cookies and that is MY weakness for sure!

    As for the challenge- 673 under -WHAT??? I think because it has been hot. My macros were not as good. 46% carbs and only 23 % protein. I seriously ate crackers for dinner one night.

    2 week challenge
    1. Get my macros closer to 40/30/30
    2. 6 hours of exercise
    3. 2 cheats
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    Hey ladies. The board moved fast while I was partying my @ss off. :drinker: I drank all weekend Thursday - Sunday. Drank a lot Friday at the track (FUN! but cold) and a lot at our party. The weather was perfect Saturday and we had about 20 people and 6 kids (all under age 4) throughout the day. It was our first bigger party with a lot of kids and it went really well. So I had a good weekend but barely logged and only ran once and walked once last week. BUT! This morning and I got up and ran and I'm motivated to get back on track for May.

    May Goals
    1. Monday morning run
    2. Stay under 10,000 calories weekly
    3. Lift 2x a week around 30 minutes
    4. Circuits class
    5. One other day of cardio
    6. Don't drink like a fish
    7. 1/2 pound loss a week

    I really enjoyed my run this morning so I may bring back some morning workouts. I also want to get my husband motivated to do something.

    Here's my Oaks get up:

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    Hi ladies! Quick check in. I did pretty well over the weekend. I got in a longing run on Saturday (8.5 miles), but no workout on Sunday except for the walk to and from church. I didn't do great on food, but I logged it all, which I count as a win. 320 calories over for the week, which isn't terrible. The scale is still holding steady, so that's fine with me. The good news is that the baby got a clean bill of health from the doctor this morning, so hopefully that will mean more sleep at night which will also mean I'll have more energy to workout during the week.

    Ashley--glad you had a fun weekend and your party went well!

    Kelly--nice job on being under your calories!

    shanaber--congrats on the half! Hills are hard, and so is running in the heat. Great job pushing through!

    Beeps--sounds like a new weekend!

    That's all I can see, and I can't see pictures at work unfortunately. I'll try to check them out from my phone later. Happy Monday everyone!
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    Great running, shanaber!!

    kclynch - UNDER is GREAT!! Congrats!

    Better - you look HAWT, HAWT, HAWT!! Totally great colour on you and TOTALLY great style to show off THAT BODY! BOOM!

    Ris - yay for babies with clean bills of health!

    Today, i lift....Wednesday I lift....Friday I won't because I'm leaving for Europe! BOOM!
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    Wow, this is the longest I have been away from this thread for awhile. I have just been scrolling through & reading everyone's posts. All the talk of travel is funny considering I just got back from a trip to Washington, D.C. yesterday. All the eating out & the fact that I get totally backed up when I travel (sorry for the TMI) is leaving me very uncomfortable. I really need to detox & get some good exercise in this week to recover. Then I really need to sit down & brainstorm a plan. I have been pretty lax with my eating & working out over the winter. Spring is here & the weather is getting nicer so no excuses, it's time to get bathing suit ready for the summer. Have a great week ladies!
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    I was over for the week by 150 even with upping my total to 1500/day but it was because I ate too much before and especially after the race (starving!). This week I will be eating lots of protein and hopefully back on track with total calories and all my macros. I plan to run 3-4 times along with my strength workouts but the running will depend on how my legs are doing. They had motivational signs going up the hills and one of them said 'Your legs will forgive you.... eventually'. :laugh: Hoping mine will soon! Have puppy agility class tonight and I am not sure how I will manage running/moving for that...

    Better - you both look great but you look awesome! Did you actually watch the Derby? I heard a horse from California won :smile:

    Kelly - Good job on being under! The race was in Escondido California - near San Diego but inland. We ran through farmland and vineyards and ended at the San Diego Safari (Wild Animal) Park. The hill in the picture was between mile 6 and 7 and was actually a service road at the back of the Safari park. There was another at mile 11 that was a bit bigger and about did me in :frown:

    Beeps - are you excited? All packed and ready to go?

    Ris - nice run over the weekend! So glad the baby is feeling better and you both will be able to sleep better!

    Have a great Monday everyone!!
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    Well, I am not going to try and record yesterday, so no star this week, I am sure if I logged it would be over! But I am on track this week and will faithfully report in next week!

    I do still have the Vacation Body Blueprint, so let me know if you can't find it. Now to look at page 11:wink:

    My mom and stepdad were visiting and eating is a big part of what they want to do because they live in a small town, without sushi, thai and Mexican food. I wish I had at least tried to jog once or twice but no... They are visiting other family now, so I should be able to get things together a little better.

    Congrats on the race, Shanaber, that is pretty incredible views, and what a fun course. I tore out another half-marathon training plan and I will consider it, but last time I tried I just felt really bored on the long runs. After wedding #1 I will start the Warrior Dash training, but after that (in August) maybe I will...

    Pretty necklace, Beeps, is Mother's Day in Canada a week earlier than here or just celebrating early?

    Pretty dress, and "fascinator" (is that right?) I watched the race and California Chrome was pretty far ahead, would be so neat to have a Triple Crown winner this year!
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    Morning ladies!

    Lot's to catch up on. I was 150 calories under my goal last week, and considering I was out of town visiting friends all weekend, I'll consider that a win. Hoping I can keep the momentum up this week and be good about not eating out and getting workouts in!

    Better - your dress is SO cute and looks so great on you! So glad your party went well, and great goals!

    Ris - so glad to hear the babe is a ok!

    Beeps - so exciting about your trip! let the countdown begin!

    Abi - I totally feel ya on the traveling situation. Good luck getting back into the swing of things.

    Shan - Glad to hear the race went well. Good luck with puppy class tonight.

    My goals for this week:

    -Lift 2x
    -Yoga 1x
    -DVD workout 2x
    -80oz of water/day
    -Keep cals in check

    Hope everyone has a great Monday.
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    Wow a lot has gone one while I've been gone the past 5 days!!

    I'll catch up with everyone later :) My sister's episode of Wheel of Fortune will air September 15, so excited!!

    I ran my first 5k yesterday and am very happy with my results, I know many of you ladies run them more frequently and I'm sure do better, it is definitely a new PR for me (even from when I run on flat surfaces on the bike path) but I finished in 25:32 :) So happy with it!!

    I had to share that with you, I'll hopefully catch up with all that's been going on tomorrow once I'm caught up with work!
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    Shander that is really fast-great job!
  • shanaber
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    Shander - that is an awesome time! Great job!!