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  • amysj303
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    I totally pigged out again last night! and the scale was not friendly this morning. I still need to log last night's drinking and eating binge, it won't be pretty...
    I had to go back to the log and see what I was doing in March that was working because I don't think what I am doing now is. After I worked so hard for a platinum star and the scale is up from last week, 2 pounds... Maybe it is water for TOM and the binge last night. I will try to clean it up and hope for a better number next week.
    Have fun in Paris, Beeps, it has been over 15 years since I have been there.

    I did google the wraps, I can't see that they could actually work for weight loss, but maybe if you had stretch marks or c-section scar the stuff might be good for smoothing that. Curious to hear what your experience is!
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    I got up super early (for me) to run and it was already so hot! Managed to get in almost 6 miles but now I am exhausted! :yawn:
    I tried out the HRM with my Loop on the run and it worked really well. The app and website give a graph of your HR over the time it was on which is really cool. I have had several other Polar HRMs but this is the first one that synchs to my phone and/or the web. I used my old ones to also track my actual running time and pace since I could pause it when I needed to stop for the puppy or to chat with a neighbor but this one is just on until you take it off - there is no pause or off button. That will take a bit of getting used to. I started using one initially because my HR is really low (really really low) and I needed to ensure it wasn't dropping too low and that I was getting it high enough during my workouts. I think having the chart over time will be great especially if I am doing HIIT.
    It measured my calories burned yesterday at 1580 - good since I was just under 1500. For my run today it said 647 calories burned; Map My Run had it at 695 and MFP has it at 595.

    Amy - it does track your sleep and is supposed to give you restless versus restful time but I have yet to find that. I think one of the FitBits does more sleep analysis and has the alarm.

    Beeps - hope you are having a blast! I hope the weather starts cooperating!!

    Kelly - Hope your week is getting better!

    Chloe - I look forward to hearing if the wrap works - would love to know if it would help my weight loss 'leftovers'!

    Shander - my feeling is if your hair and make are perfect after your workout, you didn't work hard enough! :laugh:

    InspireUFit - Welcome from California :smile: I love Maryland - so beautiful there!
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    I did my first wrap last night...no change yet, but I am going to do one a week until vacation, so 4 wraps. I will keep you all updated. I am also taking these "fat fighter" pills through the same company. Even if it just makes my tummy a little flatter for vacay I would be happy, I'm not expecting miracles.
  • stephv38
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    Welcome InspireUFit! I hope you this group helps in your goals!

    Hey Amy, hoping this week is going better for you!

    I had a landslide yesterday but not as bad as in the past and if I curb cals by 100 a day through Sunday I can recoup for Platinum. I am getting my running in so I wont have it all in three days like last week. I think part of what happened was that I was very carb/cal depleted!

    Shanaber- your running and awesome food logs are inspiring!
  • amysj303
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    I kept it pretty close to calorie goals yesterday, I decided to go back to look at what I was doing before I recorded my lower weight and I don't really see much difference, it's so strange. It seems to coincide with the new workout, so maybe it is some water weight, but it's discouraging when there's really no reason, like net cals were the same when I was trending down as now when I am trending up...
    I will just try and get my runs in, drinking down until after memorial day, then I might try cycling some lower calorie days.
    The red dress I want to wear to the July 4 wedding is too tight, it's like a muffin top but the muffin is under my arms!
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    Thanks Steph - I have been a recording fiend for a while now and I credit it for getting me this far. I have been reluctant to stop even when I reached my goal initially and now it seems even more important when I just want to lose those last few sticky pounds!

    Amy - another reason I have seen for my weight to go up even though everything else seems to stay the same is my stress levels. Even if I am eating well and getting in my workouts if I am stressed out I think my body processes it all differently and up the scale goes. Just a thought. Hang in there!
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    We are in Paris! I have two full days here and then i fly home on Sunday!
  • amysj303
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    Beeps, enjoy the last few days!

    Thanks, Shanaber, that is interesting. I was stressed about giving a speech in Toastmasters. I will stay on track and see what happens next week!

    I was pretty good last night. Got in 3 miles. DH made pancakes and bacon for dinner. He has a show and I thought about drinking but I just had some sparkling water with peach puree.

    Saving up for steak and wine tonight, but will try to get in an hour of running and so that should help.
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    Hey, hey! The longest week ever continues. 4.5 more hours!!!!Then i have a busy weekend but, whatever.

    I've had two great days of eating but not sure if it is enough to balance out Mon/Tues. I only ate 1600 ish but apparently that is enough for me to be .5 up today.

    Beeps- HAVE FUN!!!!!

    Amy- I have looked back before and I always see that I was eating the same or more. My workouts are about the same. Eh. I don't know. I have to where a bathing suit in 5 weeks but I am not ready. Bleh.
  • shanaber
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    This was too good to not share here especially since so many seem to be getting a little discouraged. Copied from a post on FB from I <3 to Run

    It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice.

    Give it 12 weeks. Don’t QUIT!

  • stephv38
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    Awesome post, Shan! Thanks! Hope everyone kills it on their weekend!!! :)
  • stephv38
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    Platinum star for me, I was 180 calories under for the week. I had a couple days over and 5 days under... I like this system of averaging for the week, it allows for some flexibility. I ran 14.25 miles this week in addition to strength work, HIIT and backpacking. Good week. We just got my 3 year old a push bike -no pedals for her first bike so I am afraid my days of hiking her on the bike path with the other three are over! A little less calorie burn for me!
    My goals for the week will continue with:
    11,200 calories
    run 12 miles, plus HIIT and strength
    protein!!! Didnt do so great on that again.
  • RisOnTheRun
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    Hi ladies!

    Gold star for me. I had a few good days and a few bad days. And way too much sugar over the weekend.

    My two-week goal: no desserts during the week, and no more than one dessert a day over the weekends. I really need to kick this habit.

    I'm behind on everything, so I'll have to catch up with everyone later.
  • shanaber
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    Hi everyone!
    Hope everyone had a really nice weekend!
    I had a really great week and ended up under by 800! Platinum for me!!

    I hit all of my macros finally - getting in all the protein is still so hard for me but it seems if I focus on the protein everything else falls in line assuming I keep to my calories. I also got in all of my running despite it being so hot here.
    I am looking forward to getting back to my regular running schedule this week. We do have company though - my SIL arrived Saturday from Dubai and another friend comes in on Thursday from NZ. I am going to have to be super diligent to eat well since I know there will be more eating out and lots of wine.

    Goals for the week:
    Calories - 10,500 again
    Running - 5 runs, 30 miles total (just realized I haven't done this since March!)
    2 strength training sessions
    Stretching and abs every day, not just on running days

    Have a great week!
  • amysj303
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    Ok, I managed a bronze star thanks to the running! We went to the Rockies game yesterday and I went overboard a bit. I think I should be able to dial it back this week, no real plans...
    I am going to keep cals at 1600/day for the week. Today is a rest day, I might do some abs stuff, I head those bridges and side planks are good for back pain, so I can do those for abs and back, strong core is important...

    Sounds like everyone did really well. Way to go Shanaber and Steph for the GOLD! and Steph, what is a push bike?!

    Like the inspiration too, Shanaber. I do give most programs 12 weeks, but I think for cutting diets I can only do about two weeks!
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    Hey everyone! I was only 358 over which I though was awesome since Zi just lowered my calories and went to billion parties , choir concerts! and piano recitals last week! My protein was low - only 25% but it averaged to 88 g a day which isn't horrible.

    Shanaber- it's hard to be good with company - good luck!

    ris- good luck with cutting back on sweets. That's a hard one!

    Steph- great job being under!

    I went bathing suit shopping this weekend. It was pretty depressing. :-( 5 weeks until vacation. I know I won't Lise 10 pounds at this point, so I will just work on doing the best I can.
  • ramalem
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    Morning ladies!

    I got a platinum star for the week - only because I get to add an additional 200 calories a day now ha ha. :laugh: My eating has been really good during the week, and then of course I fall off the bandwagon a bit over the weekend. My battery died in my scale this AM so I wasn't able to weigh in, but the way my belly is growing I bet I gained some weight last week. I've been managing to get at least 4 workouts of some sort in per week which I think is pretty doable from here on out.

    Steph - Man you're a beast! (in a good way!) You deserved that platinum star for sure, way to go!

    Shanaber - Way to go on being so far under and sticking with your macros. I was at 51% carbs yesterday, oopsies. Good luck with the 30 miles, you can do it! Company always seems to derail healthy eating :drinker:

    Amy - Great job on the bronze, baseball games are hard to get through with low calories.

    KC - You'll get there! Swimsuit shopping is pretty much the worst, aside from bra shopping (for me anyway). Keep up the good work, you'll get there!

    Goals this week:

    Stay at or under calories
    At least 2 lifts, 1 yoga class and one day of cardio
    Keeping my carbs in check

    Have a great day!
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Thanks for reporting ladies! I have everyone's but Chloe's and then I'll post.

    I had a pretty good week last week. Even though I got platinum, I feel like I just ate a lot last week. And lots of carbs. Today I am feeling icky, like I may have a stomach thing. I came into work late and am still not feeling great, but better. So my calories are all jacked up from sugar full ginger ale and a bunch of carbs. I did good on workouts last week. I skipped my Thursday class because I had to have a minor procedure that left me pretty sore. But I ran twice, lifted twice, and did a ton of walking over the weekend so I'll call the week a success.

    This week I want to focus on eating better foods. I did a ton of food prep yesterday to set me up for a good week. But this morning when I left, baked sweet potato with salsa, cheese, and ground turkey and veggies and dip sounded horrendous, so I got a veggie sub for lunch instead. Once I'm back to 100%, I'll get back on my diet and workout horse.

    I'm heading out of work early today so just a quick hi to everyone and let's have a great week!
  • Beeps2011
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    I am back from Europe.....great, great trip....my last holiday for awhile.

    Will return to the gym on Wednesday.....am confident i can just pick up where i left off!
  • stephv38
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    Glad you had fun, Beeps!

    Ramalem- I know I said this before, but I have alot of respect for your goals and continued fitness!

    Kelly- 88g of protein is wonderful. I am not hitting that and definitely need to.

    Shan- good grief! I see you run tons but had no idea it was 30 miles a week! Holy moly! You continue to inspire!

    Ris- I get sugar busted too! I have liked cottage cheese or fage yogurt with a little low sugar jam or honey in the past for a sweet craving. I also like berry tea with truvia in the evening while I am dinking around on the computer! :)

    Amy- Im so glad you got a star this week! Great run! Just keep up your cutting goals for today... and tomorrow.... the 12 weeks will come. :) (the "push bike" is a little bike with no pedals. Everything else the same, but they push and coast with their feet to the ground. Supposed to be good for a training bike, although this is the first time we have tried one!)