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    Saw the doctor yesterday and I apparently tore my plantar facia during my run on Saturday. Was running on dirt and didn't step on anything like a rock or uneven ground or... No running for a while but he wants me to walk so that is at least something, but no elliptical and bicycle only if I am very careful how I place my foot.

    Beeps I am echoing you - I NEED A RUN! Really what I need is just Cardio any Cardio :grumble:

    Been trying to eat less with my limited activity so I am lowering my calories to 1300 and I will see how that goes. Also TRYING to cut back on wine. Notice I don't say cut out wine... just having a glass once in a while instead of one or two every night. :laugh:

    Maleficent was great. I am not a big Angelina Jolie fan but she was perfect in the role! Also a bit of trivia... Her daughter (real life) is in the movie as a very young Aurora. Apparently all the other little girl actresses were terrified of Angelina in her makeup but her daughter knew it was just mommy dressed up!
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    Okay quick catch up!

    Kelly—I can’t remember if we’re doing the star challenge or not, but I’m going to continue to pretend that we are  Otherwise it’s too easy to go over one day and then just pretend like it didn’t happen without making any adjustments the rest of the week. Though I can never actually see the results on my work computer, so I’m fine if we just want to do an informal challenge without making anyone keep track of the results.

    Beeps—love the DOMS! And nice job kicking the belly bloat! And I agree, my kid is still little, but morning is definitely his best time.

    Steph—good luck with your husband’s new work situation! And as far as getting your eating under control, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Like Beeps said, as long as you’re moving forward, it’s okay even if it’s teeny tiny steps.

    Amy—logging definitely makes all the difference with me. I think that for most people, unless you eat super healthy (i.e., no liquid calories or empty calorie food) it’s really hard to just listen to your body and still lose weight when you’re working on those last few pounds. There’s just such a small window between maintenance calories and starving yourself.

    Shanaber—I hope your foot feels better!

    I was over last night. I usually go for a run on Wednesday evenings but it was storming so I rode the stationary bike and did weights instead. Which is fine, but not as great of a burn. Plus I ate a lot of pizza. I've pre-logged most of my day today and I should be able to stay under and make up for last night at least a little.

    This weekend will be tough. I don't think I'll have time for a long run (but I'll at least do a 6 miler or so), and we have a crawfish boil on Saturday. At least crawfish are time-consuming to eat so that will cut down on the calories. I think I just need to plan on taking little walks throughout the weekend, maybe get in a quick lifting session, and avoid snacking so I can save my calories for my meals.

    Not much else to say, just trying to stay on top of this thread!
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    Oh the games I play! I set my cals to 1400, but my weekly average is 1500 per day, so I don't mind when I go over. Still, I am not leaving a lot of room for any weekend splurges and haven't gotten in any workouts this week.
    Maybe I will run tonight, sorry if that makes you jealous, Shanaber:tongue: but maybe I want a beer with my ribs and cole slaw.
    There's a work picnic/bbq tomorrow so I will probably want to get in a workout after that.
    Saturday rest and Sunday brunch for Father's Day, with my father-in-law, which we are hosting so I can try and keep it reasonable for me.

    I cannot work out in the morning! I admire all those who can, but it's not bad, going after work, before dinner. Whenever you can, or will, do it, is the best time, right?

    Next week is looking tough-so I need to stick to a plan...
    I am going to keep pretending we are doing the star challenge too, it helps me a lot!
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    Still no @%$% work-out. usually I am regular as rain about this....

    Anyway, I have a pretty dress on and at least I look good!
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    I haven't worked out either! But I am doing with my calories and was down half a pound on my mid week check in. I think the best time to work out is WHENEVER you do it. I just get tired after work and never want to.

    Ris- good job getting in a workout, even if it wasn't the one you wanted.

    Shan- sorry about your foot. I hope it heals quickly.

    Amy- running s you can drink a beer sounds like a great idea!

    Ok, I MUST put the laundry away AND workout. My big ole booty is looking flabby!!!
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    I cannot work out in the morning! I admire all those who can, but it's not bad, going after work, before dinner. Whenever you can, or will, do it, is the best time, right?

    Yes! I totally can't do the morning work-out thing....I totally can't do the after-work thing....i'm stuck in the middle!


    or this week....not "stuck" anywhere, I literally just ran out of time, each and every day, to work-out! blech.

    Calories are still low. I will get to the gym on Saturday and we'll see what the scale says!
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    Amy - I am jealous! I think you need a 'Will run for Beer' hat! I have a "Will run for Wine one that my hubby got me :)

    I did go for a walk and that was interesting - wanted to run but couldn't and just felt generally frustrated. I did get to the gym and we are of course focusing on upper body and increasing the weights - at least that made me feel better! I have also been super busy with work so I may not have had a chance to run anyway (at least that is what I am telling myself).

    Beeps - it is wonderful when you have on something that makes you look and feel great!

    KC - good job staying under those calories and losing another half pound!

    Ris - nice workout and I am pretending we are doing the star challenge still too - keeps me honest!

    We have plans for the dog beach for Father's Day and then to a graduation party with LOTS of Filipino food which I love. I am going to have to be super careful - not quite sure how I am going to handle it...
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    We have plans for the dog beach for Father's Day and then to a graduation party with LOTS of Filipino food which I love. I am going to have to be super careful - not quite sure how I am going to handle it...

    Father's Day is a BUST this year because daughter's piano recital plus her hockey.

    BUT, I just found out about a BRAND NEW festival that is in town this weekend, so I have approached hubby to see if we take the family to it later Saturday afternoon!

    I am going to the gym, today....I literally am leaving at 9:00 am to get that f*cking weight-training work-out in and I'll deal with the fall-out later! (It's Friday....people have short memories....by Monday my boss will have forgotten I was out of the office for Friday morning at the gym, lol....)
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    Beeps - hope you did get your workout in this morning with no fallout at work! Another reason I love working from home - no one knows if I am sitting at my desk or out for a run. My phone rolls over to my cell so if someone needs to get in touch I will get the call.

    Is Father's Day in Canada the same as in the US?
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    I did not get a run or a beer last night, but I was still a little over. I can come in at goal if I get 1500 for the rest of the week.
    Since we are making up our own star challenge I might do Sun-Sat, I know it doesn't really matter but it's just how I think of my weeks...

    I will try to run tonight. No plans for dinner so maybe we can keep it light. We are going to a play at 8pm.

    It's so darn hot, I wish I had brought a bag to work out at the fitness center instead!
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    Hey Shanaber- I was just about to post on your wall asking how your foot was doing and stopped by this forum. That sounds kind of serious! Im sorry... eta on time for improvement?

    Ris- Thanks for your encouragements and tips. I really am flailing around to figure out what my whole deal is. But, yes, continuing to take those baby steps- big steps AND CONTINUAL steps. Oops, Im yelling. :)

    You are logging some great workouts, Kelly! No "flabby butt" on you I am sure! :)

    The star challenge does work amazingly for reigning in a day and making up for it another day, doesnt it?! And Im not sure who originally posted it but cardio does great things for appetite and just general mood management. I personally get the most benefit from starting my day with it- but the kids, well, I need to think on that situation more. Im a little tired of doing a 40 minute workout in 2 1/2 hours due to interruptions and it soaking up the whole morning.

    Only a couple more weeks here and then back to Oregon to start new chapter there! Mostly... Heavy. Lifting. I dont need to lose weight as much as recomp. And that recomp is significant. Lots of unwanted flab. Looking forward to it. In the meantime, if I stick to 1600 a day and regular runs and walks I should be at a slight cut. Will be good...
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    Oh, WHEW for getting in my work-out! BOOM!

    And I lost 1 lb....so, that means my calorie-deficit is working! I lost 1 lb last week and lost another 1 lb this week.

    I think I will therefore keep my calories at 1,400, although I might go down to 1,350 as Monday approaches (particularly if I drink as much alcohol as Father's Day might bring on....)

    Yes, Father's Day is the 3rd Sunday in June in Canada. Every year.
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    If I stop after popcorn tonight I will be only 253 over on cals this week!
    Dinner was really good, and easy-I browned 6 corn tortillas in a little oil, layered them in a pie plate with some shredded chicken-bout 8 oz (made 1.5 pounds of it in the crockpot), then I poured a cup of green chile on top (a brand in the freezer section here, it's quite tasty and only 30 calories per 1/4 cup), topped with 1/2 cup cheese and heated/melted the whole thing. I called it 4 servings but had two. It was only about 250 per serving.

    Steph, moving is tough but hopefully it is a good change for you and your family. My mom lived in oregon for 10 years, I liked it.

    Beeps, you're killin it! 1350 sounds tough!

    I have a busy week planned and the rehearsal dinner and wedding at the end of the week. I found something to wear to rehearsal at H&M for $15.
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    Had a really good day today after a very stressful Friday afternoon and Saturday. My boss' boss decided I needed to be in mandatory meetings in Dallas on the starting on the 24th. The only problem is I had vacation scheduled, in Seattle leaving this Wednesday! So I am flying to Dallas from Seattle and then back to California. Going to be expensive (for the company) but oh well. I am going to end up eating the ticket home that we paid for as the company won't reimburse me. I was so frustrated and ANGRY Friday, then it took most of the day Saturday to make all the travel arrangements and get all the approvals. :angry: Of course no workout as a result although I ended up walking a lot doing errands. I am going to enjoy what I can in Seattle and just try to forget work completely if I can. I did great with my eating this week and keeping the calories low to match my reduced activity level except on Friday when I let the anger affect my eating and had an extra glass of wine.

    Steph - Thanks for asking about my foot. I saw the doctor on Friday again and the swelling is down about 50% so improving. I am icing it 2-3 times a day after walking and before going to bed. We walked on the beach today and I did ok, but it was really sore afterwards. I see him again on Tuesday and he thinks if I really take a break from running in Seattle and Dallas, I may be at a point to try some easy, short runs when I get back. I will be thrilled if that is the case and will do whatever he says to get to the point where I can run again. The hotel in Dallas has a super nice gym so I can get some workouts in there. How long have you been in Germany? Is it a major move back to Oregon (furniture, cookware, dishes, toys, wardrobes, etc.) or primarily just clothes and toys? We love Oregon and may move there one day - or to Idaho where I grew up.

    Beeps - I bet that workout felt fantastic! How was Father's Day? Did you get to the Festival?

    Amy - I love H&M for quick inexpensive outfits. Your dinner idea sounds really yummy!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend and Father's Day!!
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    Hey all! Well, as far as the star challenge goes I think I am without a star again this week. Per logging I was only over about 500 cals but I know I wasnt 100% accurate all week and could have easily missed 100-200 cals per day. I have been back on the exercise and good logging though.

    We came to Germany with 9 suitcases for our family of 6, will return with the same... just personal items, the house was furnished. We go back to Oregon, where I have lived my whole life! I love it! My kids have been raised on a 150 acre farm that is next door to Grandma and Grandpa, they go to a small country school where my little sister went... etc.... :) My husband is finishing, in one week, his last term of college, which will end our season of him working full time AND going to school full time. However, we made the difficult decision to turn down a job that would have paid alot more money so we could stay in Oregon. That job would have involved moving every single year, and with small kids- plus one with very high needs- we just didnt think it was right. But, the job he took is with Nike- in Portland- 2 hours from our home. He will rent a room up there and stay there most of the week. Yikes.

    Im so glad your foot is healing so rapidly, Shanaber! Good job staying off it! Get it all healed so you dont have setbacks. It sounds like you have had your fair share of stress lately, on top of the injury!

    Amy, you should post a pic of your dress! I love living vicariously through others! :) I dont have any reason usually to shop at H&M but I know it is super popular!
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    Amy - I am going to stick with 1,400 daily cals this week....looking at my calendar, this isn't the week to try and cut back further. And, since it worked well last week, I am just going to stick with it. (I had two maintenance days this weekend....not the one that was scheduled, so that tells me I am not ready to cut back FURTHER if it takes 2 maintenance days just to feel whole, again!)

    shanaber - we did make it to the festival - the weather was very cooperative this weekend! I totally feel like I need 3-day weekends and only 4-day work weeks. I can't make it work like that until or unless I find a different employer, so I'm firmly stuck in DREAMLAND about that! I didn't realize your foot was still so sore!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!

    From Germany to Oregon, eh?!?!?!? If it works for YOU, that is all that matters! BOOM!

    Is there a star challenge, or is this just a continuing self-report mechanism?!??!?!
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    UGH. I feel HUGE today and I am not sure why. I did not log yesterday, but it wasn't HORRIBLE. Maybe it was sodium. Chips and hot dogs for lunch. For dinner i made fajitas but I skipped the tortilla. I did have 2 beers though. 7 days until vacation. I can be amazing fro 7 days, right?

    Beeps- Glad the festival was fun. If 1400 works for you, stick to it.

    Steph- I can't even imagine what that would be like, moving to Germany. When do you go back to Oregon? Good job with getting back on the exercise train.

    Shan- I can't believe you have to leave vacation to go to a work meeting! How stressful. What do you do for work? Glad your foot is doing better

    Amy-H&M is great for cheap clothes. I use to shop there all the time when we lived in Denver. We are FINALLY getting one here sometime this year.

    I am off to spray paint some stuff for my classroom and then workout. This afternoon, we are going to the pool and then I will get in some extra cardio after that.
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    Hello all! I'm back! I quickly skimmed and semi-caught up, but way too much to respond to. But I have missed you all.

    Well....a lot to report on my end. Vacation was fun. The kids (5, 2.5 and 2.5) had a blast. The adults had fun too. I ate a lot, and only got one run in (and wished I would have more....I love running on those shaded bike paths in Hilton Head) but didn't drink anything because......I'm pregnant! Yeah, so the plan was to wait until after vacation to start "trying". I distinctly remember Beeps saying something about plans rarely work out....guess you were right! :smile: It's still fairly early, but unlike last time, I've already told a ton of people. I had a really early u/s 3 weeks ago and another follow up right before vacation and so far so good! I've been feeling pretty good; really tired and I have been a little nauseous if I don't drink a ridiculous amount of water and eat pretty soon after waking. I feel like I'm already showing at 9 weeks which is a little upsetting but I'm trying not to let it get to me. I know this is one time in my life I don't need to obsess over these things. I have quit logging but really do want to get back on track to eating better and getting at least 4 workouts in a week. I'm going to see how I feel in a couple weeks of being back to "normal life" but I doubt I'll log this time around. I did last time and just feel like I need the break from such structure. I've really been trying to disconnect a little from social media/having my nose burried in a phone also, and logging really does take quite a bit of time. Anyways, that's my news! Due date is 1/21, 4 days before my daughter's birthday, but most likely I'll be schdeduled for c-sect the week before. I think I left the group last time around but want to continue to keep up with you all.

    Well, I've just caught up from vacation, so I better get back to it. Let's have a great week!
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    Ashley - welcome back from vacation and Congratulations!!

    Kelly - I love your new picture! So pretty!

    Steph - Your home in Oregon sounds wonderful! What a great place to raise a family especially with your family so close by!

    I want to continue the Star Challenge (platinum this week). It motivates me but I don't think Ashley is going to continue compiling it. Beeps if you don't want to I can give it a try if the rest of the group wants to continue?
  • Beeps2011
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    kclynch - pool?!?!? I am JEALOUS!

    Better_Balance - congratulations!! Just think, you'll be big and pregnant when the winter-weather hits and can hide uber-big-belly under coats and stuff, lol!! Look how very quickly you got off the alcohol train, lol....all it took was a pregnancy!

    shanaber - I'm "out" as organizer of any challenges....please feel free to just take on the role!

    You can sign me up....9,800 calories per week for me, please!