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    One more question.... I posted this in a different thread, but I think I should've posted here for my fellow low-carbers.

    For someone that hasn't been on a low carb diet (or any diet for that matter), would this coffee have the same effect on them? My husband wants to see what all the fuss is about, but he isn't following any kind of diet...

    If I had to make a guess, I would guess no, it wouldn't work the same way for him. Why? Because the human body uses carbs and glycogen stores first for energy. Low carbers have very few carbs and glycogen to burn through and are readily fat burning adapted. I think the danger would be depending on how much sugar he intakes daily, a higher fat, high sugar diet can be a very bad combination for the body. The WHO recommends less than 10% of your diet come from sugar. Most people far exceed this. I personally wouldn't recommend bulletproof coffee to those without a lower carb lifestyle. He may get a boost of energy from the caffeine in coffee and may feel full, but the long term risks of higher fat, high sugar diet wouldn't be worth it. And, without a calorie deficient there would be no weight loss benefit.
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    Thank you so much for your responses!

    That makes a lot of sense too... Maybe I'll just let him try a sip of mine so he'll see that I'm not nuts for putting butter in my coffee.
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    I discovered BPC about three weeks ago and am LOVING it, but mostly just for the taste.
    I can't say for certain it has improved my energy levels or my hunger levels in the morning. Maybe some of you can help?

    I'm currently doing my second round of P90X3 since January. I workout first thing in the morning on an empty tummy. I've lost 20+ pounds since January, and more than half of those just in the last five or six weeks since I started calorie counting (and paying attention to my foods in general) with MFP.

    The trouble is that my BPC alone doesn't feel like enough breakfast for me. Maybe I'm too used to eating more carbs (I do love Costco's organic honey chia bread toasted up nicely) or maybe I need more calories post-workout? They're only 30 minute workouts, though.

    I'm currently doing just 1Tbsp kerrygold and .5Tbsp Nutiva organic coconut oil with organic beans from Trader Joes and 1tsp Manuka honey. Should I increase my portions?

    Is this an adequate post-workout replenishment? Should I be having protein for muscle repair? Since I started bulletproof coffee my weight has somewhat stalled (except for daily fluctuations). I'm no longer losing quite as fast as I was before, but maybe that's due to muscle gain from my latest "Mass" routine of P90X3.

    I'm feeling like I'm on the right track but I'm still a little lost as I've just begun reading about this stuff, paleo diets, etc. There's so much data out there to prove diametrically opposed theories that I don't really know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    I've been drinking Bulletproof Coffee for about 18 months on & off, I go thru phases. I do 8 oz of coffee though (but keep the rest of the measurements the same). I have my co-workers hooked on it as well. A few things:

    Always use a french press and high quality coffee.
    Always use Unsalted grass fed butter
    Always use a blender, bullet - whatever to whip it up.