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    Good afternoon everyone ! Just quickly read today's posts. I wish I had time now to respond to each of your posts individually (and get all the names straight!)- but I have to say - you are all awesome!!

    I can definitely relate to the difficulty with the routine...and as well with the alcohol (well, wine :-).

    I totally agree on the speaking in a kinder voice - I know sometimes I am my own worst enemy !

    As for the talk about "clean eating", I am far from perfect in this area (hence the frozen dinner for lunch), but I do try to incorporate as much "clean" stuff, or at least a good portion of it, through my day. One problem I have though is that my tummy does not seem to like eating too many raw veggies, even though it is so convenient to snack on them !!

    Marielle - for my Avatar - it may look like a serious, even sad, picture - but it actually represents something very positive for me. The photo was taken a few years ago as I was sitting and focusing right before attempting to break cement at karate. I wasn't successful, and in fact unfortunately broke my wrist, but (once I got over the pain and disappointment), it remains an example for me of the courage and determination I have and it keeps me going when I need a kick in the pants. I have not given up and in fact have since broken wood (cement days are done for me), with my LEFT hand. So, that photo is kind of my "You are brave and you can do it" icon. It is my "determined" look ! :-)

    Now - as for today - I am focusing on pre-logging my day's food AND my karate tonight so that I will be there - no ifs ands or buts ! :-) Weekend ahead though - that is always the toughest time to stay on track for me.

    Have a great rest of day girls! I will get in the swing of this thing soon, hopefully.

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    Just to add....I HAVE added another picture to my MFP profile, so you can get a better look at my smile. It is a recent selfie I took at the beginning of this month. I don't really like myself in picture these days - but - there it is ! :-) :-)
    (Ok, that may have been one of those "unkind to myself" comments, but.... I did post the photo anyway !)
    Cheers ladies! (going to get my requisite afternoon bottle of water!)
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    Emy, definitely right in catching up this week, but I think I'm back to 'normal'! So July, I definitely failed logging and all my goals, that's okay - I had a fabulous vacation so I start today!

    Today I was back into the swing of it with eating and got my C25K in. I didn't log, but promise you all tomorrow you'll see me logging away! I'm hopeful the Friday morning weigh-in will keep me at a maintain weight this week.

    My goals for the rest of July are: log each day, C25K, and eat right.

    Oh Lisa - hummus - have you tried 'everything hummus' - so delish on veggies!!!

    I found a great juice - Ocean Spray - Cranberry Lemonade. It's 5 calories and less than 1 sugar and it's REALLY Good!!!!

    Brenda, congrats on week 4 of C25K. I have to laugh at myself. I started when Emy was on week 2 and she is now far far ahead. You started after I was 6 weeks into it and today I just finished week 2. Ah well, at least I'm still trying …. and hey, I did pass the old couple walking tonight :):)

    Welcome to the new ladies - look forward to getting to know you. Johanne, great thoughts on your picture.

    Good luck on Friday Weigh In … chat with you all tomorrow!

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    Glad you got back into it Cindy. It always amazes me how easy it is to lose track. You'd think that after months (years in my case!), this is second nature and this is easy. But I'm afraid it never will be.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the weight loss, but I had hoped that this minding-my-food-intake thing would be a thing of he past by now.
    We have the Ocean Spray cranberry juice here as well, my daughter is big into it!

    Ahhh Johanne, I'm looking at your avatar in a different light now! OMG breaking your wrist! I And thanks for uploading the second pic as well, you're a very pretty lady!
    That reminds me, I must get a new pic as well actually. Mine is from August 9th last year, taken by my husband during a pub crawl on our first wedding anniversary (we got married late), so considering we're nearing our second anniversary by now, I'm due a new pic!

    Emy that's so nice of you to say, thank you. My youngest daughter's middle name is Sian (she's not too pleased thinks it's a boy's name, Sean. Eldest daughter's middle name, Rae, sounds like a boy's name, Ray, as well, so both not impressed :laugh: )
    I'm completely with you on the difficulties of clean eating in the sense that it takes so much preparation. Sometimes I just can't be bothered to pre-soak my oats the night before, or to chop up all those veggies I bring to work with me for lunch, or to preboil my eggs for a snack later. As long as I do all those things, I can relatively easily stick to the plan, if I don't, I end up grabbing handfuls of jellies, cookies... well you know what I mean!

    Lisa I hope you had a better sleep last night. We all seem to be very similar when I read the stories, it's so easy to get on that slippery slope isn't it.

    YIKES my eldest daughter's front tooth is about to come out :sick:
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    Hope everyone is doing great this morning! It's raining here today, so my office mates and I are wishing we were at home sleeping in! It's supposed to rain all weekend, and my girls have a horse show! Better locate my rubber boots!

    Marielle, my youngest daughter's name is Sian too, but we pronounce it Shan (sounds like Shannon without the second syllable). She's named for her Welsh great-great grandmother and supposedly this is how it was pronounced according to my mother-in-law and her brother. Someone else in the family also used the name and pronounced it the same way. However, my children had a teacher from Wales and she said it should be pronounced like Sean. I like it and so far my daughter doesn't mind it. It's her middle name though (but what we call her at home) so I use her first name for doctor appointments and such. I cringe if I hear someone call her Cyan (which happens quite often!). Oh and congrats to your daughter on the tooth! This is the beginning of a new phase for you! Exciting, wonderful, but also sad too. She is growing up!

    Cindy, glad you are still in good spirits! You too will finish C25K! Just know that even though I "graduated" last night, I'm still only covering 2.5 miles in 40 minutes! Lol! I still have a long way to go.

    Johanne, that's amazing that you have broken wood with your hand! I really admire your dedication to your sport!


    Forgot to add my to do list today! I'm actually not sure of my schedule yet. I may take today as a rest day because I'm heading out of town for the horse show. I'm hoping to convince my husband to take turns for the weekend. Me go down today and come home Saturday and he can go Saturday and come home Sunday. If we do that, then I will rest today, do weights tomorrow evening, and my run on Sunday. If I have to be there the entire weekend, then I will need to get my weights in this afternoon before I leave and try to run tomorrow morning.
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    Good morning everyone

    I have not been posting as regularly as I had been, want to change that. I sit down here, read a few posts....start to post my own and then ending up getting up before i am done. If I don't do it in the morning I never seem to do it.

    Yesterday was a rainy dreary depressing day. I ended up doing a Jillian Michaels workout in my basement. Today I will run, its going to be a nice day I think.

    Cindy - July is really only half over, so all is not lost! You can get right back to it...and you were on vacation, so hard to be totally vigilant while on vacation.

    Johanne - welcome welcome welcome! Weekends are hardest for me too, I enjoy a glass of wine often on weekends and it just makes me want to munch as well. I have been doing better with that lately.

    Siannah - love the good morning picture :) cute Did you get for a walk or a bike right last night?

    Emy - too bad for the rain this weekend, hope the horse show goes well anyway....and you get your exercise in. Hopefully you can rotate with your dh. We just finished with the rain and have some sun for a few days. Hopefully!

    Lisa - hope things are going well with you and you got a good night sleep :)

    I am cleaning my oven right now (well...its self clean) and does it ever stink. I don't know what was in there, someting must have boiled over in the past few days. Dont know what, maybe the kids did it. LOL all the windows open and can't wait for it to be finished.
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    Morning ladies ! It is a beautiful sunny day here in my neck of the woods (St-Hubert (south shore of Montreal), Quebec, Canada...and I am off work today. Plan to take advantage of it with an afternoon at the local pool with a friend of mine who is also off. This means I have to be very discplined and get some exercise in this morning (no karate classes today). I plan to do 30 minutes on the elliptical in the basement and then go and mow the front and back yard. comment on everyone's post and try to get names and stories straight! It might take me a while to get it right:

    Marielle: What lovely original names for your children! But I do hear you on THEIR point of view ! lol Thanks for the compliment!! I think your picture is fabulous !! I can relate to your comments about always watching what we eat, etc. I also don't like th eidea of having to be so vigilant all the time with EVERYTHING and thought I knew enough by now to get by with that, but the ten pounds lost that have returned say different: Losing teeth - quite a milestone!! Sometimes I miss those days ! :-)

    Lisa - Hugs to you. I hope a better night sleep will make a difference; I know it always helps me even a little.

    Emy - Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement ! My karate is a passion of mine now, really, although the aches and pains and longer recovery times that sometimes come with it as I age are at times difficult ! :-). You have a busy schedule ! Good for you for getting YOU time and exercise in in the midst of all of that ! p.s. My oldest daughter has always adored horses and would be so jealous !

    Maureli - I always dread the smell throughout the house when I put the self cleaning oven on as well !! Ugh! Takes so long ! Thank you for your welcome and your kind words ! Also great that you keep getting your exercise in!

    Kind of dreading the weekend a little since, as I said, it is off routine. I'm encouraged by my 0.4 pound loss this morning (and being now under the 150!) and don't want to blow it. Supposed to have dinner with friends tonight, out with my daughter tomorrow (though that will involve a lot of walking) and BBQ at my sister's on Sunday. Will have to be super vigilant (while not taking ALL the fun out of it) and try to get in some exercise to balance it out. Wish me luck !

    Have a wonderful day everyone - wherever you are ! TGIF !
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    Siannah, I mean Marielle, I thought that was your name too. I like Marielle better! I love your maintenance plan. Woe is me, if I’d stuck with that, I’d be so thin still! Live and learn!

    Lisa, so glad that all that is behind you and you’re feeling better. Your plan for clean eating sounds fantastic. I think I’d break your clean eating rules with a couple things I eat. I use store-bought dressings, but I choose healthy ones with a short list of recognizable ingredients. I also have been allowing myself a Cadbury Caramello popsicle on days I have a big workout. They’re snack size, 160 calories, and taste like heaven on a hot summer day. I’ll have to check the ingredients to see how long the list is. I cook everything myself at home and eat out rarely, so that part comes easy!

    Emy, I agree about the daily grind. I always have to let some things go if I’m really working hard on my nutrition and fitness. The housework is always slipping when I’m losing weight. Once I start tutoring when school starts, I’ll have to keep up with cleaning more because the kids come to my house. Then in September I’ll start homeschooling my own kids. I’ll be struggling again to have time to log and workout. But I’m hoping that this summer jumpstart I’ve gotten will carry me through. By then the behaviors will be set in place and harder to let slip. Crossing my fingers!

    Johanne, I recognized you were wearing your karate outfit (ghe? Can’t remember if that’s right or the spelling). I like the focus!

    Maureen, I did the exact same thing yesterday. I have a word document I type responses into. That way I don’t have to struggle to remember once I click reply. I can just copy and paste it into the window. But as I was shutting the computer down last night I saw that I had never actually posted it into the forum. Grr. So today is catchup day! And I hate that self clean cycle. I have to do it in the winter here or my house would be an oven. But it smells so bad!
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    I decided to post my update separate in case I get distracted again! I am feeling much better about my momentum after the last couple days. I've tracked my calories and worked in the yard like a mule. I've been successful these past 5 weeks not weighing in everyday, just my one morning each week. But after seeing the 0.8 lb gain on Wed, I couldn't help but step on this morning to see if I was headed in the right direction. I'm down 1.8 in two days (probably all sweat from working outside and stoking the burn pile in the backyard all day yesterday - so sweaty). Perhaps that official weigh in was just an odd bump, which makes me feel better. Anyhow, the tracking has been positively reinforced by that scale reading this morning, tracking the rest of the week for me!

    Today I will, hmmm, well, ummmm, I have nothing planned. What!? I've been running around so crazy all week. Our two-day cool weather streak is over here, so no yard work today. I think today I will get in a Just Dance workout and some home strength training. I will work on the finances a bit, and start my homeschool wrapup from last year. I hate grading papers, even with only two students, still hate it. I've got loads of stuff that needs to be entered into the computer so I can calculate their final grades. We've still got a few things to finish up too. Ooof, time to take off my summer-vacay blinders and commit to getting some things wrapped up.
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    HI Everyone!

    I am feeling better today. I got a good nights sleep, and that does make all of the difference.

    No exercise yet for me. Hopefully this evening I will go for a walk, but I am picking up a new Chevy Traverse tonight. Pretty excited. We have not had a new vehicle in a long time, as we have been buying used, so it will be nice to only have to worry about oil changes for a while.

    We had a big fire in our town today. It was a food processing plant that employs 700 people at this time of year. They evacuated houses around the plant for a few hours today. I decided that it was not a good idea to go for a run. Looks like the fire is out now & no one was injured.

    Emy: congrats on graduating from C25k. I did not make the 5km at the end either. That was my next goal after I finished. My mom told me at that time to increase my distance or time by 10% each run. I now run the 5km in 40 minutes, so my next goal is to reduce that time. I have found that by increasing my distance (even though I run slow), and doing interval training I am getting faster. There is also something about you take off a minute per km for every 10lbs you lose. Not sure how true that is but when i reach my goal I will willing races! lol

    Have a great day everyone!
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    Lisa - congrats on the new car - enjoy!!! Sounds like another crazy day for you; glad everyone is alright.

    Pam - hope you got your workout in :) Nice to hear you were back down that 1.8; definitely a good feeling!

    Johanne - you'll catch up with us soon enough! You can make this weekend work - good luck!!!

    Emy - hope your husband split the weekend with you - especially on a rainy weekend!

    Marielle - time to get your girls to help you chopping up those veggies, etc. early in the week. Make a game of it :)

    Maureen great to see you back!

    Today was a beautiful day - low 80 - light breeze. We have 1/2 day Fridays at work during the summer so I got to enjoy it. Sat outside and read for the day; it was rough :) I know tomorrow is a busy day for me so I got my C25K in tonight. I think tomorrow will be a log day only. Back to C25K on Sunday. I'll be on week 3!!

    Hope you all have a great weekend :):)
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    Pam - that is a great idea, doing up a post that way, I'm going to try that. Just got to remember to actually post it! Haha So glad that you had a good report from the scale this morning, its so disappointing when we work so hard and then feel like we're not being rewarded by that number on the scale. Great motivation :)

    Johann - we are having a beautiful weekend here too, sun is shining finally...after a few days of rain. I didn't realize you were in Montreal...we were there when my hubby did the Ironman in Mont Tremblant, loved it there! Such a beautiful place. Oh....and the stove turned out great...nice and clean :) Sounds like a busy weekend for you, enjoy your time with your friends and fam. I'm sure you will make good food choices.

    Lisa - the new wheels sound pretty nice! Sorry to hear about the fire, very tragic, but glad that noone was hurt.

    Cindy - I spent a big part of my day outside on the deck reading as well. Finished my book so now I have to figure out what to read next.

    Soon going to head out for a run, got 8K in yesterday. I am trying to beat last months mileage and so far I am right on. However there is an extra day in July! Lol

    Have a great weekend everyone
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    6Km run done! Totalling 40.2K for this week! :smile:
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    Good morning everyone ! Another beautiful day here.

    Maureli - Fantastic job on your run !!! That is so great. (and yes, Montreal and its surrounding areas are beautiful. Many different festivals in the summer - a great place to visit ! :-). My son (who is 14) wants me to do the Spartan Race with him next year. I'm up for the challenge - we'll see if he is. It wil require him to put down the playstation and do some training :-_.

    Pam - Great job on the scale ! I hate that feeling on when the scale has an "off day" like that ! Glad to see it back on track.

    Lisa- that is exciting about the new car ! Congratulations!

    I had a good day yesterday and was even good when I went out for dinner last night. Sooo much tempting heavy stuff on the menu but I had 2 light beers and a chicken brochette. It was all good. I seem to have caught a nasty summer cold though :-( .
    Today I have plans with my oldest daughter (who is 18) to go Laronde (which is the big amusement park in Montreal) and then stay for the Fireworks Competition tonight. Tonight is the U.S. :-) (this Fireworks competition takes place at Laronde every year with teams from around the world competing throughout the summer with the fireworks to music). I can usually hear them from my house, so it will certainly be loud (but fun) up close where we will get to see and hear the fireworks synchronised with the music. I've seen it once before and it is pretty spectacular. Not SO looking forward to the amusement park since the spinning rides make me nauseous (just can't do them) and the coasters and such terrify me, but I will sacrifice myself on some of them for my daughter, who is eager ot go. We have two more weeks of this "bonding time" before my two youngers ones (14 and 16) come back from their dad's. Not planning on doing any structured exercise today and will consider it somewhat of a "rest day" after 4 days in a row of fairly heavy training, but I know that I will be doing a lot of walking today, so that will be something. (Does clenching the seat and them screaming on a terrifying roller coaster count as a calorie burn ? :) Hopefully this head cold won't put too much of a damper on the day.

    Have a great day!
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    Wow Maureen I don't think I have even run 40km thus month yet! Lol.

    Today I did the colour run but we just walked most of the time. It was what we had planned as it is too crowded usually to run it. It was fun. I was the only mom up on the stage jumping & throwing colour with the kids. Lol

    It is a dreary day here. I think DH is going not go to work so that we can go buy a BBQ. lots of spending this week but it is long overdue.

    Johann: have fun at the amusement park! I used to love roller coasters, but they scare me more now!

    Have so great Saturday everyone!
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    Mooorning everyone!

    Didn't check in yesterday, we unexpectedly had people over from London, who we showed around. Went to Howth, cute little coastal village, watched the seals, did a short hill walk, and had lunch and a few obligatory pints of course. I gave up tracking after my first cappuccino :laugh: Did some guestimates later, but it's fair to say I went over.

    How's you new car going for you Lisa? And that's awful news about the fire. Is the plant destroyed? Oooo the colour run sounds like great fun!

    I love that Cindy, half days on Friday during summer, sounds like a great company! I'm still loving my days off on Friday as well, makes such a difference.

    You're doing great on the running Maureen, 40k in a week, way to go!

    Johanne, hope you had a great day. I'm with you on the rollercoaster rides, I hate them! Thankfully my girls are still young, but hopefully hey'll stay away from them as long as possible Haha. How was the fire works, it sounds amazing!

    Today I will.... mmm god knows. No plans really, so I reckon we'll all veg at home today. Daughter is here besides me on the sofa in her PJs, watching tv and the other one is playing the kitchen. Nobody's dressed yet.
    Husband and I usually give the house a good clean on Sunday, takes us an hour or two. Might squeeze in a tabata or something as well. Coffee first, it's probably half cold already.

    Have a good day!
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    Good morning everyone!

    Marielle: Loving my new car! There was always something going wrong with the old one, but the last straw was that the wheel started wobbling during the funeral procession & we kept picturing ourselves with the wheel falling off or something, with a car full of kids (had extra nieces in with us)... I loved not having car payments, but the stress of that was too much!
    As far as the local fire goes, the storage part of the plant was destroyed, about 40 million dollars of damage. They say they are going to rebuild, and I hope for the sake of all of those employed there & the town tax base they do.

    I will be heading out soon for a long run (coffee first). I will run 1hr & 20 minutes today. I don't know where or how far that will take me but the weather looks good, a little foggy which will keep me cool. I have found that I am getting a suntan on these long runs. I should probably start applying sunscreen, but I kinda like it! Normally because I work so much during the summer I don't have time to get any sun.

    BTW... My 7 day challenge to myself is not working out very well. Hopefully today will work a little better in the food department since we have a new BBQ that I get to hopefully try out!
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    Good morning gals...

    I love how you all live such "normal" lives and doing your best in the midst of it ! Discouraging sometimes to read some of the people on MFP who live excluvisely for every bite of food and mile logged. While I am focusing on that, I am glad to know you girls are out there just doing the best you can (and doing it so well!), like me !

    Had a good day yesterday although this head cold is really packing a punch now. I pushed through it for my daughter though. Went on a few roller coasters with her. Feels like one of them gave me whiplash ! Apparently that is what happens, my daughter claims, when your muscles are too tense and you are not "relaxed" on the ride ! Sure ! Easy for her to say. I just hold on for dear life and stare at my feet the whole time! It was a great day with her though; with 3 kids on my own most of the time, we rarely get to spend time alone together. The fireworks were amazing. We got home at close to 1 a.m. and after a fitful few hours of sleep I am up early as the cable guy is on his way. And no, that is not cute code for anything - it really is the cable guy coming to fix my cable ! lol.. Today supposed to be going to my sister's for pool and BBQ; honestly not up to it but haven't seen her for a while and hate to cancel last minute. Made the mistake of stepping on the scale this morning and was up - but I'm hoping that was "sodium" weight after the pizza and french fries I ate at the park yesterday because I was pretty good overall and we spent the whole day walking. We'll see. Not sure if I can really work out with my neck the way it is and my head feeling this way so I may just take it easy altogether. Sun is shining... I love summer.

    Hope you girls havea spectacular day !

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    Lisa, a Chevy Traverse is very exciting! I hope you love it. That’s what we’re planning to get next. We haven’t had a car payment in 10 years, so right now it seems impossible to squeeze one into our single income lifestyle with two active, growing boys. We are planning on renting one to take on a trip to Virginia in October. We have to use a car-top carrier now to get all our gear in the Camry. I’m not convinced the Traverse will be that much better, but I agreed to a rental trial this fall.

    Cindy, those temps and the half work day sound delightful!

    Maureen, your mileage is inspiring!!!

    Johanne, that fireworks competition sounds awesome! Go USA! ;) We are huge fireworks fans here. We can’t buy the big ones in Georgia, but we can in Tennessee, so we always get some obnoxious ones when we drive through. Last time the cops came because they had received a “shots fired” call. Luckily they were happy it was us celebrating and didn’t hassle us. And yes, you will certainly burn calories walking the park and being terrified. A racing heart is a racing heart after all! I always suffer a few days after the coaster riding with my neck. And I think relaxing has nothing to do with it, it’s age, stupid age.

    Today was cool, cloudy-foggy, and I took advantage and rode 17 miles at Stone Mountain this morning. It was fantastic. My husband and I have been tackling the mess of our garage yesterday and have more in store today. Despite working in the garage I still got my strength training in at the gym yesterday. I am really having some pain in my hip flexors though. I think I’ve figured it out now though (I’m a bit of a physical therapist-wannabe diagnosing my injuries online). It seems to be worse after I do the abductor and adductor machines at the gym. There are a couple hips flexors that also abduct the hip (pull it inward). And with my bike riding twice/week (which involves a lot of hip flexing) I think I’m stressing those muscles out and giving myself a little tendonitis. I’m going to lay down on a lacrosse ball today and holler real loud as I roll those muscle attachments out. Maybe you all will be able to hear me here! Lol. Have a lovely Sunday ladies!
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    Hello all! Once again I've been out for a couple of days. Just got caught up. Sounds like everyone has been very busy!! Work is still crazy and I've been having to work at home on weekends/evenings as well to keep up so haven't had much extra time. I'm getting my food logged, but that's about it.

    Lisa, congrats on the new vehicle! I currently have a Traverse (since 2011) and love it!!

    I'm making today a rest day - getting prepared for w6d3 of c25k (22 minutes of straight running) for tomorrow. I need to rearrange my exercise room so I can watch tv (and listen to zombies chasing me) while I run. Is it bad to "multitask" while running? I just get so bored staring at the wall!!

    I also tried (and failed) at the clean eating. You definitely have to be prepared and I was not. Will try today to get lunches prepared for work for this week and veggies cut for snacking. Try, try again!

    Have a great day!