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    Today i go back to work - officially!!! I'm pretty excited. So just giving a quick check in.

    Even with my dropped calories - I was under EVERYDAY except Friday. Friday I was over by 40 calories. PLATINUM BABY! Bad news- I only worked out twice and I my fat was high.

    2 week challenge
    1. 5 workouts
    2. Focus on macros

    Keeping it simple :wink:
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    Hey ladies!

    KC - have fun starting the new year at work!! Great job on the platinum star!!

    Kadi - Nice work with the silver! I'm sorry your hips are out of place, mine do that sometimes too, it is so uncomfortable!! I hope you feel better soon!

    Shanaber - I hope you had a great busy weekend!

    Jess - I hope you had a great time visiting with friends! It is so easy to fall out of a work out routine, but you'll feel so much better once you start going again! Good thinking of starting to look for gym memberships now, then you'll be all set when you go back!

    Beeps - I'm intrigued by your gym rant.. I'll have to see where you posted it! Congrats on the loss! That's awesome!! You seem like you're on a great path, you can make it!

    Amy - Happy anniversary!! Your celebration sounds fantastic, I hope you enjoyed it!

    I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Grumpy Gills right here! I woke up to go to the gym at 4:40 like I usually do on gym days... only to remember halfway getting dressed that it's a RI holiday and the gym doesn't open until 10.... I should have just stayed up or gone for a run in the dark, however I was dumb and went back to bed for an hour. Big mistake!! I'm so sleepy now! Then I woke up (again) and stepped on the scale.... the highest number I've seen in over a year!!! Ew! Up 5lbs from my normal weight!! I know I didn't gain 5 actual lbs, but I'm bloated and feel horrible right now!! So today is a straight fruit and veggie day (aside from a little olive oil for cooking my meal tonight). I went way over on calories this weekend, however I luckily at lower during the week last week and managed to keep at an O.K. place.

    I feel like I must be missing some calories. According to what I have listed I have a platinum star, however with a 5lb gain I feel like I at most got a silver!! so idk!

    This will hopefully turn into a better week!! Also, it's 8 months until my wedding!! (April 11) :) So that's good news!!

    Have a great Monday
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    Hey everyone. Hope you all had nice weekends. Mine was nice. It was relaxed because we had nothing planned, but I kept busy getting things done: laundry, shopping for a baby shower I'm throwing Saturday, grocery shopping, cleaning out the freezer, picking tomatoes, etc. etc. etc. Friday night we pretty much vegged. I got home early (since I went in 1.5 hours early and worked through lunch) and I grazed on leftover takeout and caught up on Big Brother. I think we were in bed by 10. Saturday night we went out to dinner and then Eric went down to the neighbors and I watched and indie film. In bed before 11. All weekend long I said I wanted to run outside with no stroller, but it just never happened. It was so muggy here this weekend.

    So I basically got no official workouts done last week since I had to skip my class and my day off was spent at the PGA tourney. (Which was a lot more fun that I thought and we did walk a TON. I was beat.....) My eating was ok. Gained another pound last week which I expect for the rest of my pregnancy. If I gain a pound each week, that would put my gain at right around 30 pounds which is what I gained last time. I'm okay with that.

    But my body is really feeling like it needs some good workouts. So I packed a gym bag today and I WILL lift during lunch, which I have not done in a LONG time. I will be super sore during my class tomorrow, but I'll manage. Wednesday I will run and walk on my day off. Weather is supposed to be high of 80 and sunny. What is this August weather?! We're usually in the 90's with heat index in 100s sometimes! I LOVE it! I should be able to manage some yoga over the weekend also. My parents will be in Saturday and I have the baby shower, but I'll make it happen.

    I made some awesome homemade canneloni last night. It took forever, but I like doing homemade pasta. The filling was ground chicken and I just used a little bechamel sauce in addition to marinara so it wasn't terrible for me. It was one of the better things I have cooked in a bit. We're eating it again Tuesday. Tonight is chipotle tamale pie (which is basically chili with cornbread on top) and Thursday is flank steak with brcolli and grean beans. Turkey wraps for lunch again. I WILL have a good week!

    1. 4 workouts
    2. Eat well

    I too am keeping it simple.
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    A gold star for me, shanaber
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    @shanabar I get a silver star. My new goal is still <9500
    Yikes, my goal was 9500 because I was going to eat back some exercise calories, instead of doing that, I quit eating once I hit my calorie intake goal. The reason I am so far over, is because Friday night with friends I ended up snacking a lot in the middle of the night. Really put me over my goal. 10,192/9500 puts me over with 692 too many calories.
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    Morning ladies! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Don't have time to catch up with everyone, but way to go on Stars!

    My week last week was good. Got in four workouts, which I hope to achieve again this week. Had a good weekend of relaxing and visiting with friends and got some stuff done around the house. Our weather here is starting out hot hot hot this week (Better I think we must be getting your heat) and then should tapper of towards the end, so hoping to get in some additional walks.

    I haven't looked at the scale in a few weeks and I feel pretty good about my decision. Last week was the first I week I truly experience some uncomfortable moments... but hoping those will tapper off.

    Goals this week:

    Workout 4 days
    Get as many walks in as I can

    Have a great Monday!
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    no star for me, I was over by 2060 which I think was the same as I was over last week, but I am too lazy to verify this...
    Weekend was ok. Chilled on Friday, watching a new show Justified. It is pretty good.

    Saturday I fell during a trail run. I must of have stumbled or tripped on something and I thought for a second I was going to pull it out but then I didn't- I landed facedown but both arms were under me so my face was fine, just my palms and foreams were skinned and my chest was bruised from a rock or my hands, maybe. It hurts a bit even still. Hopefully I don't open any wounds at Warrior Dash!

    Sunday we went to the movie Boyhood, it was good. Interesting because they shot it over 12 years so you see the same boy from 6-18 yrs!

    My calorie goal is the same, my workouts call for one today and tomorrow, rest wed, workout thurs then rest til Warrior Dash.

    We are going to Aruba for Thanksgiving and I am going to do the 21-day Clutch for the 3 weeks before Aruba, which would be Nov. 1-22. But I need something to do before then, not sure if I will go back to drop 2 sizes, or something else?
  • amysj303
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    I made some awesome homemade canneloni last night. It took forever, but I like doing homemade pasta. The filling was ground chicken and I just used a little bechamel sauce in addition to marinara so it wasn't terrible for me.

    Do you make your own bechamel sauce? do you have a good recipe?
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    I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Grumpy Gills right here! I woke up to go to the gym at 4:40 like I usually do on gym days... only to remember halfway getting dressed that it's a RI holiday and the gym doesn't open until 10....

    This will hopefully turn into a better week!! Also, it's 8 months until my wedding!! (April 11) :) So that's good news!!

    Have a great Monday

    Cheer up! :flowerforyou: i would be annoyed if I got up early and the gym was closed. I cannot workout in the morning...
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    Hi ladies! I'm going to unofficially join your star challenge for the next two weeks before I go on vacation. My weight has been creeping up and I need to get it back under control, which means back to logging. I also need to watch the booze, as I've been having more when I drink now that I'm (finally) no longer nursing at night.

    There's way too much to catch up on, but I read through the last few pages and, as always, you all inspire me!
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    I am embarrassed to check in. Way over last week, no star for me....didn't even bother logging Sunday because it was that bad.
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    I made some awesome homemade canneloni last night. It took forever, but I like doing homemade pasta. The filling was ground chicken and I just used a little bechamel sauce in addition to marinara so it wasn't terrible for me.

    Do you make your own bechamel sauce? do you have a good recipe?

    I did. I used a recipe I found on foodtv.com that was with the canneloni recipe, but I sort of halved it but didn't do the math. It called for 5T butter, 4T flour, and 3 cups of milk. I used about 2T butter, 1T flour and about 2/3 cup of milk. It was a little thick and I don't think I cooked it quite long enough, but it mixed in with my marinara so worked out and tasted fine.

    Man I'm having a hard time with my motivation today. The last 2 weeks has been balls to the walls at work and now I'm just sort of hanging out with not a ton to work on. And my boss is on vacation all week......
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    Good morning Ladies!

    Better_Balanc, I love how you have all the meals planned out. I have tried to plan ahead too but I am such a horrible homemaker LOL. Hubby and I both work so much that evenings are short before we have to go to bed...I want to cook more b/c I know hubby usually doesn't eat lunch...or breakfast for that matter (an argument we have about his dietary habits) and so I want him to get a good meal at night...If I don't cook, he will make a salami and cheese sandwich or something else horrible or just not eat.

    Chloe, I feel ya...and DITTO!

    So this weekend...We had Friday off because of the "storm" which fizzled out and we got about an inch of rain and that was it. But we spent most of the day on Friday in PJ's and eating and eating and eating....Saturday I was up at 5:30 am for group run and then a shoe clinic. The run was painful b/c we were working on our "recovery pace" which is about a 13min mile in running form and that hurts! We ran bout an hour/ 3.6 miles. Afterwards we sat in a shoe/injury clinic for 2 hrs and I ended up with 3 new pairs LOL. By the time we were done, it was really hot and muggy so I called it a day on running. Afterwards hubby and I ate and ate and ate LOL. Sunday I was up at 6:30am and hit the road about 7:20 (after an emergency detour by the gym b/c the Chinese was fighting back from the night before). I wore my new shoes (the ones for Ultra Marathoners) and they were really comfy but I have a few muscles that are complaining....and then guess what we did? Ate and ate and ate ...humph. Shortly after my run I got a splitting headache that would not budge, hoping I am not getting sick.

    So I didn't get on the scale this morning b/c it would have been sad. Another week has gone by that I have thrown away to gluttony. This week is busy as I get ready to fly back to FL for a 5 day meeting...ugh travel and jet lag wrecks havoc on my diet.

    This week:

    Shake 4x this week
    Salad 3x this week
    Run 3x w/ group
    Hills 2x (oof)
    Strength 2x

    Calories less than 12,000.
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    Crazy day at work today, relatives visiting and then puppy class... whew exhausted. I will post the Star results in the morning - hopefully Abigail will check in!
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    Chelneal, where do you live again? I've heard you talk about the island, so I am assuming Hawaii?

    The meal planning I have started only in the past 6 months or so. I used to grocery shop about once every 2 weeks, get a ton of stuff, and decide night of what I was making. I love to cook and wing it as opposed to strictly following recipes. But I found I was wasting food that I didn't use, and it was just too hectic. Now that I have a 2.5 year old and our schedule is not cook and eat whenever I want to, I have to meal plan. But funny you should mention that. So last night I got home with Daphne about 5:40. We hung out for a little bit and around 6:00 I started dinner. I plopped her down in front of the TV and started cooking. Eric got home around 6:20, and I put the tamale pie in the oven around 6:40. We ate around 7, did bath time, snuggled on the couch and watched Pepa Pig a little, and then it was bed time. I feel like my hours between 5-8 are so hectic and that I'm not getting quality time with my family. So I think, I could totally cook things out of a box in like 20 minutes instead of an hour. But it's important to me to eat good foods. Plus I like to cook and eat the food I make. And I have a little anxiety about when another one comes. How am I going to cook dinner wiht a 3 year old and new baby?! I do understand on some level why some Americans use the drive thru so often.....

    OK, sorry to rant. I know there are a lot of Moms on the board so thought you all may have some advice/knowledge for me. Long story short, I'm a planner. :smile:

    I'm sore from lifting yesterday. Feels great! Class tonight. Then off tomorrow! Have a great day all!
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    I feel the same way. I get home about five, usually feed Jack something. We go for a walk with the dog. Husband works late most night during the week, so I usually just make myself dinner while Jack plays or watches me and then its bath and bed time. My weeknights go way to fast. I am looking forward to fall because I tend to use the slow cooker alot more. Which should save me some time in the evenings. After bedtime is when I usually sit on the couch and pour myself a glass of wine and read or watch some trash tv. So I need to change that up. My goal this week is no drinking Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I had some wine last night because it was Mike's night off and he was having a beer. I am thinking I will sub a sparkling water with lime? or maybe some tea? I need to change up this nightly wine routine.
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    Quick check in for the Star Challenge. Here are the results for last week. Again we were split more or less across doing really well or not so much and I suspect this will continue until after Labor Day with everyone trying to get in that last bit of summer fun!

    I am having a crazy week - traveling tomorrow for a client presentation on Friday. Again we were told no suits (my go to when I have to present). I realized I really have nothing other than the skirt I bought/wore last time. The good news is I cleaned a lot more stuff I can no longer wear (size LG and XL and I am now a SM, XS) out of my closet. Can't believe I have left them there almost 2 years now without being able to wear them. I am going to try to run up to the mall this afternoon to find a cute top.

    I used to plan meals when my daughter was small and it worked pretty well. I used the crockpot a lot and always made extra on the weekends (still do) or I prepared up to the point of cooking and either froze or kept in the fridge. It was so helpful to have things pre-made to reheat or that just needed to be cooked especially when I was exhausted and just wanted to sit down and enjoy being with her. I can't imagine managing with more than one but I know lots of people do it just fine. You learn to manage to the challenge I think - Beeps has two so she could probably advise better.

    Chloe - I am trying to cut back on having a glass of wine (or two) every night too. I was doing really well until my s-i-l came and she has been wine deprived living in the middle east... I guess I will just have to suffer through with her for the next few weeks and then start again :bigsmile:

    Chelneal - I am with you on traveling, although you have the greater time difference. Only 3 hours for me to NC but it is still difficult to manage the diet and takes me at least a week to lose the travel bloat feeling.
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    I might just be a total nerd, but I actually really enjoy meal planning. It's become a part of my Sunday routine... get up, have some coffee and make a grocery/meal list. I try and get as much prep as I can done on Sunday's, which is much easier in the fall when all we're doing is watching football all day anyway :)

    Better - I'm even nervous about the impact my little one will have on my cooking ha ha. I am going to try and make a bunch of freezer crock pot meals before it comes to try and help in the beginning. I also totally get why people use the drive through or get take-out. It's just so much easier and quicker.

    Chloe - I can't wait to sit on the couch with a glass of wine... not gonna lie, I miss wine a lot. Slow cookers are awesome... I actually have also started to use a pressure cooker, which is nice too.

    Shan - That had to feel good getting rid of all those clothes. Good for you!
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    I need to slow cook more. I love having a meal done when I get home.

    Part of my meal planning is making something Sunday or Monday that we can eat Tuesday also since I don't get home till 6:30 or later Tuesday. I usually have at least one meal and a frozen pizza in the freezer too in case of emergency. I've actually had the same pizza in the freezer for probably over a month, so I guess I'm doing all right. :wink: We're more likely to walk up and grab dinner out on a week night if I don't feel liie cooking. Which was more fun when I could drink. And even more fun when we were kidless..... :wink:

    What are you all's crock pot go tos? I do pulled pork a couple ways. I also do crock pot lasagna, and I have a Mexican chicken recipe I think I've made once. I find a lot of crock pot recipes have a cream of soup base or somthing equally processed/salty that I try to stay away from. I have a ton of "dump" freezer crock pot recipes on Pinterest but have never tried any.
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    Right after I had the baby I thought I was never going to eat like a normal person again. I pretty much lived on protein bars and whatever people made for me. It took a couple months, but its back to normal now.