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    My body has never responded well to mini meals. When I am actively trying to lose (which generally is maintenance) I skip breakfast, eat lunch and dinner and usually a small snack around 5:30 and a small treat at the end of the day. I like to feel full after a meal.

    I made beef with brocolli and green beans last night. I wanted to get takeout, but I motivated myself and cooked. So except Wednesday, most meals have been decent this week. I did have technically 3 desserts last night, but one was a 45 calorie popsicle. (And some sherbet, and some grahm crackers with biscoff butter and a Hershey kiss :blushing: ).

    I will walk after work since it's lovely! Happy Friday all!

    Where's Beeps been?
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    Aloha Friday! Today is a State holiday...but alas not a Federal one so here I am.

    Yesterday went well again...4 days! Food came in good even though we ate out 2x. Lunch we went to a sandwich shop an I ordered a roast beef wrap...half way through the meal I got sooo sleepy and only picked at the other half of the sandwich. Hubby said he knows when I am exhausted b/c nothing gets between me and food LOL. I got into the candy when I got back to work and that perked me up a bit. Traffic was horrible and when I finally made it home I took a nap for an hour before we had to get up to go to Costco to stock up for hubby for the week I am gone...ugh, men LOL. I also went to look at new GPS watches ( am debating over the TomTom Cardio or the Garmin220) but they had a pathetic selection where I went. Home by 8:30 and in bed...after a few rounds of candy crush :)

    Got on the scale this morning and there was a big jump up, probably inflammation/water from my 5 day push. I had to pee 3x in 45 min while getting ready for work...so yeah. Today is squadron PT...a kid is being given the opportunity to excel and leading it today so who knows what type of exercise I will be getting into LOL. Lunch/mentorship session is at the professional development center with the another group of "kids"...I call them kids but they are full grown adults, just lower ranking LOL. I imagine lunch will be burgers/dogs...dinner is on me and I am thinking lasagna (pre made kind). I have a ton of stuff to do before I fly out tomorrow early evening...running with the group at 0630...a laser hair apt at 0930...laundry, packing....etc.

    Gotta get to work I guess...coffee is almost gone.
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    wow - what a busy week and into the weekend... I think I did ok though, ate well on the business trip and did not gain my usual bloat! Ran around and shopped for the family reunion dinner and did well with only 2 glasses (not even) of wine tonight. We'll see what the scale says on Wednesday but for now I am about even with where I was when I left for Charlotte which for me is a triumph!.

    We managed to get a couple of hours in at the dog beach early this morning and I ran (yes ran!!) pain free on the sand! Told my DH that I just need to go to the beach now to run regularly :laugh: felt wonderful and my foot is good so far!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend - post your Star results!
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    Happy Monday! In a few short hours I will be surround by 12 adorable 5 year olds who know NOTHING about school! :-) I am so excited.

    Last week was a win/fail. I did lose 1.5 pounds, but I logged like one day and only did 3 workouts. I have all my meals planned and prepped for a great week. I am not off to the best start for workouts because I was up LATE baking cookies for the first day of school (and yes, I ate one....). I have time for a cup of coffee and a quick check in before I get in the shower. Yes, I always drink coffee and play on the computer for 15 min before I start my day. I LOVE it.

    Shan- I have never ran on the beach but I would think it would be more difficult! That's awesome!

    Chel- Great job!!! Keep it up

    Better- Great job cooking. I know when your preggers you sometimes don't want to do anything.

    Ris- I like to do wall squats and jumping jacks at lunch and when the kids are at specials. It helps keep me going.
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    Good morning!

    Kelly - Have fun with your new students!! :) That's a great loss! Congrats :)

    Shan - I'm glad the run was good on your foot!! Adds extra resistance with the sand too!

    Chel - Sounds like you have it all set! Great planning :) Have a great trip!

    Ashley - I agree with you about the mini meals, I like to feel full! Plus, if I do mini meals I end up picking unhealthy options! Oh well :) Your desserts sound yummy though :)

    Chloe - You just reminded me about my black bean quinoa bake! I'll definitely make that this week too :) I was trying to figure out my meals! Sounds like you have your week all set and some great goals planned!

    This week I got a Platinum star! Thank goodness I have low cal days during the week or else I'd be wayyyyy over! I was over by 600 calories on Saturday and Sunday.. wooops! We had company this weekend so it was a lot of drinking and going out to eat. This will be a busy week, or start to the week at least, so I guess I should get going!! Have a great Monday :)
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    Hey ladies. Quick check in before I start doing real work..... I ended up with only 3 "real" workouts last week. Didn't walk Friday after work. I decorated and cleaned till about 6:30 instead. My parents flew in at 1015 so we were up late. Saturday I was in go mode by 830 and didn't stop till about 1030. Baby shower lasted till about 2 or 3 I guess. Then my family and my parents and I all just kind of hung out, had an early dinner and were up till midnight. Again. Parents left yesterday mid-morning. I grocery shopped and food prepped and realized I forgot to buy chicken for my new recipe this week. :sad: So that has thrown off my meals for the week already. But we may go to the fair one night and eat there (mmm....carnie food!) so I'm sure it'll work out. I did ride my bike to the farmers market and Eric and I walked with Daphne for about 20-30 minutes yesterday, so that was something I guess. Eating was so-so as usual. I'm just finding myself to be hungry. Like I ate spaghetti with chicken meatballs for dinner and an hour later ate ramen noodles (I know....terrible.....I bought them to make that cold salad weeks ago and I actually happen to love ramen noodles, so I just ate them already.....) But I have not been hungry for breakfast today yet. So there is still room for improvement in my diet, but I'm not stressing too much. Gained another pound last week. Anyways, still exhausted from the weekend. This weekend is not much better. I have book club, a work party and a friend's birthday party. I brought a gym bag today so I may lift during lunch. Most importantly, I need to be in bed by 10pm this week so hopefully I can catch up on lost sleep from the weekend.

    Have a great week all!
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    did ya miss me?!?!?

    I get NO STAR for last week! I didn't even log....I just ate and drank and got bloated....

    Nevermind. Back to square 1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, this looks/feels familiar....
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    No star for me either, I forgot to log dinner Friday and the day after Warrior Dash, well, I think the 7 beers put me over quite a bit!
    WD was fun, they had changed it up some, and no timing because at the end there was a long wait for an obstacle, it was a water slide!

    My plan now is to alternate cardio and strength now, on cardio days I am going back to Couch to 5k to use that plan to try and get faster. On strength days I will do Stronglifts 5x5 and work on pushups and pullups because I want to improve that. I will also do yoga once a week. So that's the plan for the next month!

    I think I will bump calories to 1600/day (11200 for the week) but not count the calorie burn and see how I do.
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    No star for me either 2200 cals over :ohwell:

    But, on a positive note it is almost noon and I have not snacked since my morning protein smoothie. But, I am starving.

    SO right now my cal goal is 1450. I do not log exercise cals...I just try to eat 1450. But, I tend to come in around 1750. I would estimate my calorie burn from runs to Piyo workouts to be about 1500 (and that is probably under estimating) I am wondering if I should just up them to 1650? Or start logging exercise? I just hate feeling like a failure every week when I am so over. Any thoughts?
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    Chloe I personally like the motivation to get extra exercise in by being able to eat my calories back, but that's just me. So many times I have done extra cardio in order to eat, or more likely drink. :drinker: I also like the weekly average. I was doing usually 2 pretty low calorie days (around 1100-1200) and of course had high calorie days on the weekends to even it out. So long story short, if it were me, I would bump up the calories and count exercise in order to motivate myself and not feel like I was failing. Good luck!

    I did my lunch workout. I hoped it would wake me up but I think it made me more sleepy. I need sleep. :yawn:
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    Morning ladies - I am so not ready for it to be Monday already.

    I had a pretty productive weekend and got a lot done around the house. Still a long way from feeling anywhere near ready for baby, but we're taking steps to get everything in order. I know I have three months left, but I also know they are going to fly by.

    Last week I almost made my goal of 4 workouts, but fell short due to some short-term back pain mid-week. Still keeping that 4 as my goal for this week. In addition to 4 workouts, I want to keep up my water intake and start cleaning my diet back up. I've been getting real lazy.

    Better- Sounds like you had an exhausting weekend! I am also finding myself super hungry like all the time... sigh. Not looking forward to getting on the scale at the Dr's next week.

    Welcome back Beeps! Hope you had a lovely vacation.

    Amy - I've always wanted to do a WD, but never have had the balls to do it. Your plan sounds great!

    Chloe - I agree with Better. I always do much better when I can accumulate extra calories and eat them back. It makes me much more motivated to workout.

    Hope you all have a great Monday!
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    Sounds like everyone is having super busy weekends!
    I did well on the business trip but with dinner last night I was 200 over for the week - so Gold for me.
    Everyone leaves for AZ to move my niece into college tomorrow so I should be on track for Platinum this week. Sunday I leave for yet another short business trip, but again all the way across country to Richmond, VA this time. My puppy is going to be SO confused with everyone coming and going.

    Kelly - when I was teaching I loved the little ones! They are always so cute and fresh and excited to be there. The beach yesterday was awesome - it was cool (71) and the tide was out a bit so there was lots of running/playing area. Honestly I could have stayed there all day. It does provide more resistance as Shander says but for whatever reason running barefoot in the sand just felt right.

    Shander - That is Platinum 2 weeks in a row. Great job - looks like maybe a streak is starting!

    Ashley - wow what a busy weekend, it is no wonder you are exhausted! Do you shop at Costco? They now have (at ours anyway) the rotisserie chicken available in a package - off the bone and shredded. I love it for salads, quesadillas, or just about anything you would want to put cooked chicken in. it is delicious and easy!

    Beeps - I did miss you! I guess I didn't see that you were already going on vacation. I thought it was this week. Oh well I am having enough trouble keeping track of my own schedule :laugh: I hope you had a wonderful time!

    Amy - WD sounds so fun! I may look at C25K too but I need to use it to get ready for my half in October - I just need to go really slow and not relapse again.

    Chloe - I am thinking about going back to eating back my calories too. That was what I did when I was the most successful with losing.

    Ramalem - I wouldn't worry too much about the scale - just enjoy being pregnant and healthy!

    Haven't heard from Jess, Kadi or Abigail on the Star challenge - I will give them the rest of today and post the results tonight.
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    Thanks for the input ladies!

    I really don't feel like I need the motivation to work out. I already have that just fine. Its eating and drinking that is my problem. So if I use one of those online calculators it says my TDEE if I am sedentary is 1700 and then if I add in my average calorie burn of 1500 a week that puts me at 13,400 for the week. So for a half pound weight loss of week I would need to eat 1650 a day. I think that seems more realistic for me right now. So thats my goal 11,550 for the week total and I will continue to not log exercise cals.

    As for my first day of no snacks....
    Its going great! I think the whole grazing all day was a terrible habit to start. It was like I was eating because I was supposed to. Although right now it is 3:30 and I'm starving already. I think I'll have a cup of coffee. I need to hold off till dinner at 6.
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    I would up the calories, Chloe - that 'feeling of failure' is a BIG DOWNER for me....I'd rather succeed (eating a whopping 100 cals MORE per day....) then FAIL continuously because i can't duck under that number.

    Yes, I was on vacation! It was lovely. And now, I have MANY, MANY weeks without any holidays....loads of time to get down that brutal scale number.

    Which, I don't even know what it is because I AM NOT STEPPING ON THE SCALE FOR AWHILE.


    I am going to EASE back into the challenges:

    1. skip breakfast daily....on vacation I ingested TONS of bailey's before noon....which is calories....and I much prefer me with NO calories in the mornings!

    2. eat a sensible lunch - 400 cals or less

    3. skip all afternoon snacks - green tea helps me with this!

    4. eat a sensible supper - 700 cals or less

    5. NO food after supper.

    it's all VERY doable!

    Oh, and I lifted today....yes. I. did.
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    Yeah, Chloe, I think you were too low if you weren't counting exercise. Now I am second-guessing my choice not to count workout cals, it really does motivate me, like I can have a beer if I work out... Maybe if I only count cardio?

    As far as eating schedule, I have always pretty much stuck to 300, 400, 500 cals breakfast lunch and dinner. I just want the bigger meal at the end of the day! I usually have an afternoon snack of 100-200 cals. Then, when I'm trying to drop weight, I have done the cal cycling, I can usually manage 2 low-cal days if I don't exercise and plan well! It's hard to stick to the same amount everyday-so I like to say, well, if I can shave off 500 calories on this day, I can have them Friday:bigsmile:
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    Star Challenge results. No word from Abigail, Jess and Kadi so I am going without them... ladies Sunday night or Monday morning for getting your results in. I am later than most everyone except Kadi and Ramalem so there is no excuse :noway: to get your results in!

    Lots of 'No Stars' this week - come on ladies let's get going here! What is your motivation going into the fall? For me it is the half marathons looming on the horizon that I need to be ready for in October. That and the thought of running in cool weather - I can't wait and want to be ready for it!
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    So I saw the doctor again today and after my pain free, shoeless beach run yesterday he wants me to try running later this week with different shoes. I did get a new pair of my favorite Asics not long before I hurt my foot so maybe that is what started it and keeps causing the flareups! I am cautiously optimistic but a little afraid of hurting it all over again. I did buy a pair of Altras on sale with a big discount, for walking shoes... they are technically running shoes but gender designed with a smaller heel and wider toe box for women. I love them for walking - this is what he wants me to run in so we will see how they do.
    I also think I will up my calories next week to account for my running/training/etc. at this point it can't hurt!

    Beeps - hang in there! Once you get past the after vacation return hangover you will be right back on track!
    Amy and Chloe - I cannot go without eating breakfast. I have to eat something around 100 cals within 30 mins of getting up and then pretty much every 3 hours or so. Otherwise I just get too hungry and eat anything in sight good or bad!

    We are taking a few days of vacation in early September to visit my daughter for her birthday and see her new house! She is moving in over the month of August! Can't wait to see her and by then she should know if she passed her first round of board exams!
  • I'm a bit new to this type of forum but here's a good start
    Goals for the next two weeks
    - Get at least 8 hours of sleep
    - First week :workout 5x for 30 second week: 5x for 45
    - Have an activia yogurt for breakfas, have a light supper with the family,and then healthy snack few times/day
    - Drink tea with milk instead of coffe wihth 3 sugars 3 creams
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    When I'm not pregnant, I tend to eat more than half my calories after 5pm. I too enjoy a larger meal at the end of the day. I've never been a big breakfast person.

    Shanaber, do you get fitted for running shoes? I never used to and I think it helps a lot for someone to watch me run and suggest footwear based on my form. I have been wearing Saucony for the last three or so years and love them. Thanks for the Costco chicken tip also. I have never been to Costco! I do buy rotisserie chicken from Kroger and shred for Eric's chicken salad lunch sometimes so usually have a couple cups of cooked chicken to freeze. I love having that handy. I also make stock from the carcass. I have probably 3 chicken carcasses in my freezer right now.... :ohwell:

    Good luck Beeps! I bet you're glad to be back to normal.

    Hey everyone else!

    I've got a good amount of soreness from my workout yesterday. Feels good. I ate pretty well yesterday too. Generally feeling good today. I've got my class tonight unless my 3:30 meeting runs late. Then I hope to get an early run in tomorrow since summer weather seems to be here; temps in the 90's all week. Wah.
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    Here's the "trick" I am working on: I put on a pretty dress, today, I did a FULL face-make-up and I curled my hair.


    I totally look WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better when I do this. Way better than worrying about my waistline. I feel better. I know I look GOOD when I take care of myself.

    So, yes, I need to whittle down my waistline....but, in the meantime, SPANX is my best friend and spending an extra 15-mins in the morning is going to lead to a WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better "I FEEL GOOD" DAY!