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    Welcome, missmay! your goals sound reasonable! I have considered switching to tea. A rooibos with almond milk would have fewer calories. I like tea with almond milk but not coffee for some reason-unless it's my iced latte splurge, I use a cup of coffee, a cup of almond milk and 2 tablespoons of hazelnut agave. It's not too bad for a treat (150 cals).

    Beeps, nice for getting on a dress and your makeup! I used to wear makeup intermittently and when I didn't everyone said I looked tired! then I heard someone on the radio say she was told she wasn't promoted at work because she didn't wear makeup, which was perceived as she didn't really care. Not sure what kind of job she had! But anyway, I used to not wear make up because I sort of liked it for the transformation on special occassions, but after age 30 I developed a "day face" that only takes me about 5 mins...

    Better, there is something creepy about carcass:indifferent: but that is a good tip! I get rotisserie quite a bit from Kroger, no Costoc membership. But I do just put frozen breasts right in the crockpot with some broth, salt and pepper and shred that up...

    Shanaber-did you meet with a nutritionist? I don't remember if you said? I like Saucony too, but I think the latest pair are Asics. I heard you are supposed to alternate between a couple of pairs, but I never had more than one pair.

    For the lifters, what do you wear for foot wear? I have been taking off my shoes for lifting but my gym isn't supervised and I know it's not really safe to be in my socks:noway:
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    shanaber - glad the beach run went well & from what I've heard about running shoes it is super important to get the right kind so hopefully that will help. My personal fave is New Balance. I like having extra cushion & the price is right for me. :)

    missmay - welcome & best wishes with your goals, getting a good amt of sleep is key for so many health reasons - both physical & emotional

    better - I am also hungrier later in the day, plus my exercise is usually afternoon or evening so that makes sense. I see no point in eating in the morning if I'm not hungry besides once I start I tend to just keep going so I find it best to postpone as long as possible

    Beeps - welcome back & you are so right about taking a little extra time to look nice, makes you feel way better & let's face it at the size we are no one really notices the difference in waistline, but the right outfit, hair, make-up etc makes a real difference

    amy - yay on doing the Warrior Dash, my Mudderella is right around the corner & I am a little nervous about the obstacles - not quite sure what to expect, but I think the race is designed more for fun than intensity so hopefully it shouldn't be too bad

    That's all I can see for now. I am not able to log right now so I am out of the star challenge. I am just focusing on getting in the workouts & avoiding wheat & sugar, although it's been tough lately, seems to be everywhere I turn. I am doing a 6 mile mountain/trail run tomorrow night, so far that will be the furthest ever for me. I'll let you all know how it goes!
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    Abi- Good luck on the trail run!

    Amy- I wear my normal running shoes usually...I have a hard time mentally with lifting bare foot for some reason

    Beeps- Yea I feel better when I get ready too, but it always feels like so much effort in the morning

    Day 2 of no snacks is going well so far. I am finding the morning hours easier than afternoon I think. I have to eat breakfast. But its usually about 2-3 hours after I get up. I wake up around 5 or 530 and workout. I usually drink my protein smoothie while driving to work around 8.
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    I wear makeup everday I go to work. I wear makeup almost never on weekends unless we go to dinner. Then sometimes don't even feel like it. So often we are doing casual these days. Of course if we "go out" I get glammed up: extra makeup, flat iron hair, lipstick (which I rarely wear even though I look better with it on). My hair is easy because it's long and straight and I can wear it down on day 2. It's crazy. Or put it up. The outfit is the hardest part for me. It's amazing how it can affect how I feel about myself. If I feel like I have on a frumpy outfit, it just makes me feel unattractive generally. I tend to love dresses, skirts, and leggings. Liking what I am wearing these days is getting harder and harder but I don't want to spend a ton on new maternity clothes.

    Good luck on the trail run Abi!

    Yeah, I guess carcas is not a good word to associate with food. :wink: The broth I made was really good. I just used the skeleton (better? :wink: ), a few stalks of celery, some carrots, onion, and bay leaves. I don't even think I salted it since the rotisserie seems to have ample salt. I throw anything I don't use: bones, skin, that tough ligamenty meat and then just strain after I cook for about an hour..... It was good broth. It made about 4 cups that I froze.

    When I lift at work I wear running shoes. At home I used to wear a flat footed very lightweight shoe. I know lifting shoes are a very hot thing. My BFF that does crossfit had a pair customized; they say hot mess on them. But those are pretty expensive. I figure for what I do, running shoes are ok.

    Onto meeting #2. Better run!
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    When i first go back to work, I do my hair and always wear cute outfits. Then over time, I only do my hair for meetings. I always feel better when I put forth effort.

    I just found out that my kids will have soccer practice on different nights- which means EVERY night I will be at soccer practice!!!!

    Abi-good luck

    Beeps- Your plan sounds doable.

    Chloe- good job with no snacking

    Amy- I lift barefoot because I workout at home

    Shan- That one summer when i was a runner :wink: I always had pain in my arches. I would have loved to have run barefoot or gotten my shoes fitted.

    I goota run. Oh, Hi Ashley! :laugh:
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    I used to wear full make-up and full hair every. single. day.

    And then, I started working HERE.

    And, it is a "jeans only" workplace....which really means, all the workers look like they rolled out of bed. And so, I mostly became "just like them".

    Dumb. But, yes, it saved me 30 minutes every morning and that was 30 minutes of SLEEP that i really wanted!

    Having said that, I am job-hunting this fall, so it is time to just get with the program and dress the part, at work....because I feel better, I look better and I really want another job - and no place else, in the world (I am sure!) would have a "jeans only" office policy. So, might as well get comfy in my business-suits, again!
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    I work from home so I am usually in jeans, my running clothed or my jammies :laugh: depending on what time of day it is. I don't wear makeup cause no one sees me except my DH and he doesn't care. If we go out to dinner or out with friends I always get dressed up in a cute outfit and makeup on. Of course when I am traveling, visiting a client or go to Corporate then I always wear a suit or more businessy business casual. When I had to go to the office everyday I did everything, hair makeup clothes, even when I worked in some really casual places (like an oil company research facility). It made me feel better too.
    My biggest issue right now is my hair which is super curly. I had a pretty bad cut the last time and I hate it! My favorite stylist left and I can't get in with the one I want until the end of September.:sad: I won't go back to the one who cut my hair the last time.

    I have worn Asics ever since I started running and basically the same model. I do keep 2 pairs and rotate between them and also track the mileage and replace them pretty often. I will try the Altras on Friday when I go for my 'trial' run and see how it goes. The doctor also recommended New Balance and Saucony but I hate to put out more money for running shoes with my others relatively new...

    For lifting I have a pair of Asics TRs - they are a little wider on the bottom so you have really good stability.

    Ashley - I have only been fitted once and had problems because they didn't understand how my orthotics work with the shoes. Now I just look for neutral shoes and let the orthotics take care of the rest since they were fitted to my feet and running gait.

    Amy - no nutritionist yet. I am still waiting for a recommendation from my daughter...

    Chloe - good job with no snacks! I know I couldn't do it so I just try to keep healthy ones around!
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    Hey ladies! Lots has been going on this past weekend. I moved into an apartment in Missouri yesterday. The packing and last minute work kept me so busy. Today was just a day to relax, but after three days of not watching what I ate plus no time to work out, I knew I needed to get something done today. I ended up starting my new workout routine, running. Which I managed to run for ten minutes straight without any walking breaks. Almost made it to a mile. I just have to work on endurance.
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    I am jealous of your curly hair, shanber. The end.
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    Hi ladies! Just a quick check in before I get too far behind. I had a good week last week and was under my calories. Scale isn't budging though and my middle is still looking pretty horrible. Looks like I will not be wearing a bikini to the beach next week.

    Abi--good luck on your trail run! We started and ended our run on a trail over the weekend and I totally wiped out at the very end. I'm out of practice for trails and I was just really tired at the end. But it was still a fun run :happy:

    jess--nice work on the run! Building up endurance is tough, but it gets easier.

    shanaber--I would never leave my jammies if I worked from home! I put them on as soon as I get home every day.

    Beeps--looking good definitely makes you feel good!

    Kelly--that's a lot of soccer practice! Maybe you'll be able to get in some runs during that time?

    Ashley--I was all about getting cheap maternity clothes. Lots of stuff from Old Navy. It was a little casual for work but no one is going to criticize a pregnant woman for what she's wearing :tongue:
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    for the broth, Better, do you strain out the carrots and celery and such? I think I will try it next time we get a bird:wink:

    Jammies... I do not have a pair of pajamas! I was on pinterest looking at packing/wardrobe capsules (I sort of obsessed with those "how to make 24 outfits our of 9 pieces stuff) anyway, one actually had 7 pairs of pajamas on a packing list :huh:
    I mean, I have sweats and I usually change as soon as I get home into something comfortable, but I don't waste any packing space on pajamas...

    I forgot to weight today. It might be up because I lifted for the first time in awhile last night-Stronglifts 5x5 workout A. I started at the beginning with the 45 lb bar for everything and it was fine, but I don't think I will be able to do overhead press with 45 lbs!
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    I am jealous of your curly hair, shanber. The end.

    and just once I would love to have straight hair that didn't revert to curly/frizz within an hour after straightening :bigsmile:
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    I got laid off today, lol!

    Celebrated with a totally leisurely 75 minute weight workout and then ninety minute walk with a gf!


    Weight loss is on tap....hope i find a new job. By november.....but won't look too hard for a couple weeks!
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    Oh No Beeps! That sucks! No matter how much you hate your job and even if you are already looking for another one, it is never ok getting laid off. I'm so sorry it happened to you! Hang in there I know there is something better for you out there!
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    shanaber - I am still up at the crack of dawn!

    No, it did NOT feel very good to be laid off....it is the right thing for the business, and for me, but no matter what, even with it being "Business", it still ends up feeling really "Personal".

    Soooooooooooo, I am going to work-out THIS MORNING. On a weekday!! OMG...that hasn't happened in 4.5 years.

    I hope I find work by November. I won't even start looking until September because NOTHING happens here over the summer. Nothing.
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    Sorry Beeps, but maybe a blessing in disguise? Enjoy your time off.

    I'm not doing so great on workouts this week. I had to skip my Tuesday class because I had a meeting run over. I probably could have made it and been there a little later, but I didn't feel like going across town in rush hour. So I went home. Yesterday I had to take Daphne to the dr. so that took place of my usual morning running/park time. We walked (very slowly) in the morning, but then it got hot so we never got back out. Plus whatever she has, I seem to have so I'm feeling kinda sh*tty. Even worse this morning. I have a baby dr. appointment at lunch and I may go home after. We'll see. Another busy weekend....and all I want to do is sleep.
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    Oh no Beeps...I am confident that you will find something great though! Like others said, maybe a blessing in disguise. But, it is difficult not to take that stuff personally.

    I am still on track with my goals. Staying under cals. No snacking and I did not drink Tuesday or Wednesday. I did take a rest day this morning, the kiddo was up all night and I was exhausted. I might try to get something in after work, but no promises. I have three PiYo workouts and one run to get in to make my goals. So my plan is Friday morning PiYo, Saturday run and the shortest Piyo workout and Sunday Piyo before the Cubs game.

    Ashley hope you feel better and Daphne too!
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    Beeps - Great you are up early and off to the gym. I love going during the day because the gym is typically pretty empty! You may like this being off so much that you won't want to go back to work!
    Ashley - I hope you and Daphne are feeling better soon! Nothing worse than being sick along with your child, except maybe being pregnant and sick along with your child :sick:
    Chloe - Nice job staying under and not snacking or drinking! Hope you can get some rest today though!

    I have been doing ok with my eating/calories other than not eating enough/skipping meals because I am busy or distracted. I missed lunch altogether yesterday and may today as well because I have another doctor's appointment for my foot. He will treat it again today and then wants me to run tomorrow, then rest it until I get back from my business trip next week.
    I did strength training on Tuesday - first workout in a week and I am SO sore today! Have another session tonight. I always feel so much better afterwards and it makes me crazy not to be able to go - damn work keeps getting in the way!
    My DH is out of town until Saturday night and it is very quiet but nice in that I can cook whatever I want to eat, when I want it. I took my neglected puppy for a 3 mile walk last night after it cooled down and ate dinner (late) afterwards. Just had a huge salad with chicken but it really was exactly what I wanted.
    My plan is to continue to eat well, lift tonight, run tomorrow and get to the gym on Saturday. I fly to the east coast again on Sunday and home again on Tuesday... this back and forth is getting old!
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    Beeps! So sorry to hear about the layoff. I got laid off a few years ago and it turned out to be a total blessing in disguise. I hope yours is the same. I will admit, I was not as productive as you after I got laid off - I seem to remember going to straight to a local bar with another friend who was laid off and proceeded to get hammed ha ha.

    Ashley, I hope you and Daphne feel better. I can't imagine being sick, with a sick toddler all while pregnant. Hope you can manage to get some rest.

    Great job keeping up with the goals Chloe - I'm seriously impressed with all your working out. Gives me something to aspire to post-pregnancy.

    Shan I'm glad your foot seems to be making progress! So annoying when work gets in the way of working out. Not cool! I kinda love when my DH is gone. It means I get to watch all the trashy TV I want along with eating everything he hates :laugh:

    My week is going so-so. I wasn't able to make it to the gym yesterday (also due to work) but I did get out for a 3 mile fast paced walk and I stopped twice along the way to do some body weight arm/leg stuff. I got my workout in on Monday and plan to go to yoga tonight. I'm trying to get up the courage to get my swimsuit on and head to the pool tomorrow during lunch, we'll see if that happens! My eating has been pretty good, desserts are still my downfall, but I've pretty much given up on trying to curb that habit.
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    Beeps - so sorry to hear about the layoff, it's always yucky no matter the reasons, enjoy some time off & best wishes finding a new job that will be just the right fit for you

    ramalem - that's a good idea incorporating some strength into your walk

    shanaber - glad you got some strength training in, good luck with all the traveling

    Chloe - how are you liking the piyo workouts? I will most likely be looking for DVD's to use in the winter when the weather is yucky & that was on my list to check out

    better - hope you feel better soon

    I survived my trail run last night. I did okay the first 4 miles, but started to do a lot of walking on the way back. I need to work on my endurance. We are planning to do the same run next Wed & I might do a mountain run on Sat if my sister can go with me.