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Step-It-Up September Week 1 (9/1-9/7)



  • baconslave
    baconslave Posts: 6,977 Member
    I'm about to go camping for the extended weekend. So much biking, chasing kids, sweating my face off, and hiking to be done.
  • genmon00
    genmon00 Posts: 604 Member
    kfat1 wrote: »
    Did 20 secs of my plank challenge, harder than I thought. Had Panda Express for dinner tonight with my hubby, first splurge since July 17, and first day over 15 g carbs. Now I have a headache and a stomach ache. Was not worth it!

    Im doing this plank challenge too
  • auntstephie321
    auntstephie321 Posts: 3,586 Member
    elize7 wrote: »
    I'm planking and am at 150 seconds. It's killing me, but I'm sticking with it for the month and then I'm trying variations. See how it goes. It's so hard, but I feel it working, and I hate sit ups more.

    September Daily Goals:
    1) activity: dancing/ 150 minutes
    2) 9/2 loss: 10-1.2 = 8.8 pounds to go
    3) basic plank/ rest day.

    Bonus is, I'm feeling so good right now about things. Hope this wave lasts for awhile.

    planks really do make a major difference. after only a few weeks even I noticed abs starting to develop and my arms getting stronger. I wish I would've kept it up all year. no time like the present to start again.
  • bjoates52
    bjoates52 Posts: 35 Member
    I use the Garmin Vivofit, my goal is 10,000 everyday, right now it is a hit and miss, I will try harder!!

    Ketogenic Plan: SW: 206; GW: 150, CW: 203

    9/01: Logged into MFP: Yes
    8 Cups + Water: 10+ :)
    Calories 1200: 1521 >:)
    8% Net Carb Goal <25g: 39g
    64% Fat Goal <88g: 96g :/
    28% Protein Goal <75g: 70g :)
    Cholesterol <300: 205 :)
    Ketones: 15-Small
    Garmin Goal Steps for today >8,496: 12,303 :smiley:
    Booze: (1) 1.5oz Tequila & Arizona Diet Green Tea
  • kvinson80
    kvinson80 Posts: 26 Member
    A day late, but I'm here! I need to step it up in way too many areas... I think to keep from overwhelming myself I will do it like this:

    September Goal: Lose 10lbs (hopefully this isn't just a dream, but this would get me into One-derland!)

    Week 1 Goal: Step up logging and get back to less than 20g net carbs a day

    If I can consistently hit this week 1 goal, I will move on to a different goal for week 2 while still holding myself accountable for this goal as well!

    Also, I think I will join in on 1 of the 30 day challenges as well... or maybe both, we'll see :)

    SW: 256 (3/7/2016)
    CW: 209 (9/2/2016)
    GW: 180, 160... haven't really decided yet
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    September Goal=1200 minutes of exercise.
    Today=Day 2: 60 minutes of walking, 3.56 miles (1080 minutes to go)

    It's raining here but I was so happy to get outside in low 70 degree weather (versus the 90s) I couldn't have cared less about the drizzle. Grabbed my backpack and walked to the grocery store/s. Taters & an orange for DH. Coconut & HWC for me. Done!
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    Guess my other post didn't take...
    September Goal 1200 minutes of exercise.
    Today: Walked 60 minutes to/from the grocery store. 3.56 miles.

    1080 minutes to go!
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    Attempt 3 at posting this. Wouldn't take my post on the app.

    September Goal: 1200 exercise minutes.
    Today: 60 minute walk to the grocery store. 3.56 miles. It was raining but I was so thrilled to have 70 degree weather I didn't care about the rain. :)

    120 minutes down. 1080 minutes to go.
  • binkviv
    binkviv Posts: 20 Member
    Hi all, this is my second month on low carb. My goal is to workout 5 - 6 times a week for about 30 to 45minutes.
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    edited September 2016

    ETA: 60 minute walk. 3.56 miles.
  • auntstephie321
    auntstephie321 Posts: 3,586 Member
    Just walking away trying to get my steps, sodium migraine nearly sidelined me, thankful for thermotabs today.

    The weekend will be my real challenge haven't so far kept up my 20k steps on the weekends yet.
  • jmd543
    jmd543 Posts: 174 Member
    Sept. 2
    AM Cycling: 7:30
    Breakfast: 3PM
    PM Cycling: 8:00
  • macchiatto
    macchiatto Posts: 2,890 Member
    Sept 2
    Stayed under calorie goal
    Ate 40 gm net carbs (revised goal is to stay under 30-40 net carbs/day)
    Exercised (did my neglected PT exercises for about half an hour)
  • genmon00
    genmon00 Posts: 604 Member
    nvmomketo wrote: »
    I went for a walk today. It was brisk because it started raining and the temperature dropped to about 10C. It feels like fall already!

    I think I'll try this plank challenge some of you all have going on. 20 seconds doesn't sound so bad. 5 minutes though? Eek!

    We can do it!!