Take progress pics!



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    I had my photo taken for work and was super impressed with thin-ness of my face. The receding hair line - no so impressive

    Good to see you. I have wondered where you've been. Yes, your face does look thinner when compared to other pics in your profile. Thumbs up! I feel the same as you feel about...my wrinkles. But hey, I'm 63. Wrinkles gonna happen. It's in my genes. I was a spittin' image of my Mom and am becoming a spittin' image of my Grandma. It's all ok.
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    So inspiring!! Keep the pics coming! :)
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    Good to see you.

    Thanks! I stepped away for a bit, but wanted to check in to see how the group that inspired me to lose 32 lbs, 16 kilos was doing!
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    Wow...that is a major difference as far as I'm concerned. In your face, in your tummy. Maybe the scale isn't cooperating, but there's definite shrinkage there. Good job!!

    Thanks so much.. I can see it now. I'm going to ignore the scale for the most part. Need to get a measuring tape!

    Yes don't put to much stock in the scale. Make sure you measure because a lot of times when it says you haven't lost you will be losing inches. My weigh day was today and the scale says i had gained 2.4 pounds but the measurements say I have lost half an inch in my neck, arms, and hips. I think I will be able to go down another size real soon hopefully. Non scale victories are awesome. Congrats in your weight loss I can tell a difference in the pictures.
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    Here we go!! 6 months progress. I took a diet break for a full month from August-September. Came back with a renewed determination. You want to know what’s crazy? I’ve been eating the same amount of calories the whole time from May-now (not counting the diet break). Didn’t lower macros.
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    You're recomping @LolaDeeDaisy23, correct? Could be a bit of evidence that muscle does, in fact, burn more calories that fat. Kudos!
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    @kpk54 I’m in a deficit since I’m prepping for a show in January. Lifting 5x per week and 30 min cardio 5x a week (other than that, I’m very sedentary).
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    @Steph_Maks You look wonderful! Look at those cheekbones - I'm jealous! :)
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    All I can say is "WOW!" "WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!" "IMPRESSIVE!"
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    You guys are looking great!
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    AnvilTime wrote: »

    JUST WOW! Absolutely awesome. Thank you for sharing your success with us. :)
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    @karl317 Yours is also an amazing transformation. Both of you guys have done a great job on your journey to better health and a better you.
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    holy cow @karl317 You look like a different person. Maybe it's just the beard :D
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    holy cow @karl317 You look like a different person. Maybe it's just the beard :D

    Yeah, I'm not hiding behind it anymore lol