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TEAM: Flab-U-Less (July)



  • hellmo1983
    hellmo1983 Posts: 17 Member
    Daily post 2nd July
    Track: no
    Exercise: yes, again just general bits of walking through the day up to 48 min

    Didn't have a great day, was very busy in work and only managed 10 min lunch which was shop bought rather than homemade. Also had an unplanned meal out for dinner and haven't tracked any of it, was so happy with losing 2 lb this week which I think was down to tracking.
    weekly goal is to drink more water and track everyday.
  • KristiRTT
    KristiRTT Posts: 346 Member
    40 min spin class
    One more day of work and then a day off!!
  • happy7811
    happy7811 Posts: 154 Member
    Daily post tuesday july 2nd
    Tracking _yes
    Calories_over by 136 goal was 1230
    Exercising_yes total 43 min.
    20 min walking an 20min full body work out boot camp.
    Tried stationary bike again 3 min.
    New goal i am adding s. Bike starting tomorrow.
    Water goal 10 cups this helped me cut down on all that coffee.
  • Alsison
    Alsison Posts: 480 Member
    Daily Post (Tuesday July 2nd)

    Track: Yes!!
    Calories: Yes!! (550 calories under :))
    Exercise: Yes!! (Housework)
    Goals/Day/Comments: Still fighting a cold but plugging along...
  • Starshine15
    Starshine15 Posts: 457 Member
    Daily post 7/2
    Track: Yes
    Calories: Over by 252
    Exercise: No
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,526 Member
    @leni1us Welcome back with that new attitude!
    @evangsimmons170 nice steppin!
    @cruise4me @Starshine15 @12774 Perfect day!
    @hellmo1983 Awesome weigh in!
    @clairetomkinson great gym goal!
    @debbie14892 nice walk!
    @colinwendy91 I can change it to Monday..no problemo!
    @Ldenzel Hooray!! Congrats!!! That is the way to start the new month!!
    @WA_Teacher Yeah, I am afraid that eating out is going to do that to me next week when we go to the gaming convention.
    @KristiRTT Yippie! Perfect day! Enjoy your (almost there) day off!
    @happy7811 great workout and goals!
    @Alsison Perfect day! Hope you kick that bug to the curb soon!
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,526 Member
    Daily Post: 07/02 Tuesday
    Track: yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: no
    Daily goal: Avoid a cloud giant critical miss! Tomorrow-we do it all again!
  • cruise4me
    cruise4me Posts: 85 Member
    July 2
  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,424 Member
    Weigh Day ..Tuesday
    Last week...193lbs
    Will definitely not meet my goal for the end of July
  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,424 Member
    Daily Post....7/2
    Exercise. None
  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,424 Member
    @ evangsimmo, thanks for the info.I will be seeing my podiatrist in a few days and hope to get some relief so that I can get back to my exercise routine.
  • evangsimmons170
    evangsimmons170 Posts: 1,170 Member
    Daily Post (Tuesday, 7/2/19)

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Yes (under)
    Exercise: Yes (Leslie Sansone walk/aerobic videos for 88 minutes, plus a 10 minute walk in the grocery store)
    Goals/Day/Comments: 100,000 steps by 7/6/19

    6/30/19 11,321
    7/01/19 14,439
    7/02/19 15,694
  • plummerbecky1
    plummerbecky1 Posts: 49 Member
    Week 1
    Fridays - but will be out of town on Friday so doing it early
    PW: 205.6
    CW: 204.2
  • shanteel612
    shanteel612 Posts: 503 Member
    @mram3582 I forgot to weigh in this morning. Can I do it tomorrow or Friday?
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,526 Member
    @12774 There are still 3 good weeks left in July if you keep having great days like today!
    @evangsimmons170 You're doing fantastic with the walking!
    @KristiRTT @plummerbecky1 Awesome weigh in today you two!
    @shanteel612 no problem!
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,526 Member
    July week 1
    I debated on weighing this week because most of that is contrast from all the tests that I just took.
  • leni1us
    leni1us Posts: 705 Member
    Thanks for the warm welcome back, @mram3582.

    My weigh in day is typically Friday but we'll be heading out of town early Friday morning for the holiday weekend (like 5:00 am early). I'm afraid I'll wake up and forget to weigh and log on to the computer before we leave. So to be safe, I'll just weigh tomorrow (Thursday), if that's okay. Then it'll be back to Friday.

    Daily Post - July 2
    Track - Yes I did
    Calories - I stayed under but I did work 1 fish taco and fries into my day (I did share the fries with my husband)
    Exercise - No
  • Alsison
    Alsison Posts: 480 Member
    Username: Alsison
    Weigh in week: July - Week 1
    Weigh in day: Wednesday
    Previous week's weight: 216 lbs
    Today's weight: 213 lbs

    See you never again three pounds... :):):) !!!
  • evangsimmons170
    evangsimmons170 Posts: 1,170 Member
    Congrats @Alsison 😀😀
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