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  • Cafelelia
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    A few housekeeping items!

    I love how they have a little boy using the cleaning playset in this photo! This is how I am trying to raise my guys!

    Weekly Step Challenge
    It has been a very exciting week with so many step challengers! Please make sure we have all of your steps posted by around 5 pm tomorrow (Sunday, March 1 to Saturday, March 7). We can then post the winner tomorrow night. Mostly everyone is up to date, except for today's tally. Here are a few reminders for those outstanding:
    @GingerPwr - we need your steps from Wednesday onwards
    @ljdanny and @timibotkin - You like to post for the week, so just a reminder to do that tomorrow.

    Weekly Weigh Ins
    The team did great this week with posting weigh ins! Just a reminder that if you need to skip a weigh in, post your weigh in on a different day or change your weigh in day, just post here to make the request to me and Pam. If you you miss 3 weigh ins in a row, you get moved to the drop list and we don't want to see that happen! Also a reminder that Pam or I record your weight on the spreadsheet and then mark your post as "Insightful" to let each other know it is logged. Obviously, we are liking or sending you a hug too, but the "insightful" part is useful for us.
    We just need 2 more weigh ins this week: @starycrystal3 and @timibotkin. Thanks!
  • Cafelelia
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    @timibotkin - I am so sorry about what you are going through. It is very natural to worry, but it is exhausting. It is very good that have the medication and some support in place. I know that talking about it is hard, but it really can help. It is good that you are keeping up your exercise, because that can help with stress and worry (although I know it will be there still). I am praying for you and send you a really huge hug right now.
  • ljdanny
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    Sun- 9,502
    Mon- 7,136
    Tues- 12,073
    Wed- 11,545
    Thurs- 8,475
    Fri- 7,803
  • lennoncpa
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    Hello and happy Saturday team. I’ve had another successful week and I’m feeling great and eating great. Some of you might remember that I have a problem with eating a “portion “ of nuts, so I have stayed away - as much as I crave them. I did eat out one night this week and the salad I ordered had walnuts in it- so that is the only time I’ve had any nuts in quite a few weeks. I can’t keep them in my house or they are history in a day! I occasionally try to talk myself into buying some, but I work through it in my head and say “nope - not today”. The battle of the nuts. Haha. A good way to entertain myself during tax season.
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    Weigh-in Week 2
    Weigh in day: Sunday
    PW: 267.8 (121.5 kg)
    CW: 265.4 (120.4 kg)

    Loss of 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs. Pretty happy with that, finding a good balance that includes eating cake 😄

    @sleepymom5 and @Cafelelia you need to update my weigh-in day to Sunday again please. It initially changed and then slipped back to Monday on the list.
  • GingerPwr
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    Steps update

    Wednesday 10,065
    Thursday 6416
    Friday 8,267
  • Cafelelia
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    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx - Have requested the Sunday on the spreadsheet and am recording this weight for Sunday. Super nice pics & that cake looks yummy!

    @GingerPwr - Thanks for the steps!
  • sleepymom5
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    Saturday check in

    Food-good until evening
    Exercise-10 bike, 10 treadmill, 4 elliptical (ran out of time) PT, stretching and strength

    I am so tired but I do have an early day tomorrow so I wanted to check in. Had a good day until dinner at 8. I was starving and over ate, then had some cookies when I came home. Tomorrow will be better. I am leaving early so between the time change and the early start, I may not be able to get on here until the evening. Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!

    @hope002 What awesome pictures! You look beautiful! And what a beautiful family. Is this your family that you vacation with? Looks like a fun group. :)
    @GingerPwr It is amazing that you already have adjusted and prefer it black. That is awesome!
    @Cafelelia It will be nice for you to have some warmer weather so you can run a little more often. We had such a mild and no snow that stuck. I bet we are done down here but I guess you never know up where you are.
    @timibotkin I am sorry that you are going through this all over again. It sounds like you have such a caring, supportive team around you. I hope the medicine helps you get through to the biopsy and the results. I am sending hugs and prayers. xoxo
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Nice loss! I am all about balance! Look at that cake! Yum! Happy birthday to your handsome son! Thank you for the sharing the pictures!
    @amsandos Yes, back at it tomorrow. Great plan! Hope you are feeling better.
  • sleepymom5
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    Week 2
    Sunday's Weigh Ins
    Monday's Weigh Ins
    Tuesday's weigh ins
  • JillyBT
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    Saturday Check in
    Not tracking food
    No exercise

    Wedding was nice but cold, they did not mention it was an outdoor wedding and reception. I’m still in California but Northern California, Berkley.

    @sleepymom5 Saturday Steps 6777
    Lots of sitting today
  • Freeglerock
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    Saturday steps 9,281
  • tryingagain5
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    Yes, have been working a lot but only since Christmas but it seems much longer. (Before Christmas there wasn't much OT at all.)
    The extra pay is nice but yes, I am feeling drained and ready to work just a regular 40 hour week. One of the other buildings doesn't have enough work right now so they've been sending some of their people over to my building so that should mean a little less OT for 3rd shift.

    I do still try to fit in my activities so that I see people outside of my coworkers and I don't feel like all I do is work and sleep.
  • tryingagain5
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    It sure was a lot of OT so next week's paycheck will be really nice. Wish I could have that for a 40 hour week.😁
  • Freeglerock
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    Have generally been eating really well and drinking my water. Yesterday was a productive day - chores in the morning, followed by a little trip with the kids to a civil war re-enactment (this was held at a property that is only a five minute walk from us - the property has a long history - was visited by Queen Elizabeth 1st, King Charles and was where some of the civil war battles took place, and they have activities and games for the kids inside that teach about it history). I then went to the allotment and picked a load of purple and white sprouting brocolli (love this stuff and my plants should keep us going through spring!).

    I then went to the shop quickly, but being hungry by this point I made some poor decisions - in my basket landed a chocolate and expresso cheesecake.... anyway - ended up way over calories, but back on it today.

    @timibotkin so sorry you are going through this. I know what you mean about the wait being the worst - I feel exactly the same. Sending you positive thoughts xx
    @lennoncpa turns out I am to cheesecake as you are with nuts! I really wish I was able to have nice things in the house without it becoming a binge fest until it is all gone.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx lovely photos! And that cake looks amazing!
  • tryingagain5
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    Great weigh in!
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Yes, I normally have Friday night off(for work purposes it's Saturday). It was 3rd shifts weekend. We have a rotating weekend schedule so every 3 weeks if there's work to be done we go in. I believe the next weekend for me is the 27th, unless they tell us otherwise.
  • tryingagain5
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    Saturday 3/7
    Food: over
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 10 minute walk

    A couple coworkers bought pizza for everyone for our lunch break but nobody knew so it was a nice surprise. After work I basically slept my morning away.

    It was pretty nice here,temps high 40's but windy. A couple of my friends have dogs and we took them to the dog park. It was very busy with dogs and people everywhere. This dog park has an area for big dogs and a separate area for small dogs. There are also several walking trails in this park. I don't have a dog but the condo complex where we all live have many dogs so I don't need one. I can just go to one of the neighbors.🐶😉

    My brother surprised us by coming to visit. He lives about 2.5 hours away. None of us have seen him since Thanksgiving so it was a nice surprise. My dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law and a family friend who's more like family and I were all together. We don't get together that often so it was nice that none of us had any other plans.

    I had eaten an early dinner and was already over for the day but did have a couple of treats while with my family. Every one else ate when we got to the restaurant but I just had coffee while there.
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