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    I finally got me a brand new scale yesterday. that is much better quality then the old one. I was worried that the old scale wasn't showing my correct weight and that I might weigh more than it was showing. So I decided to do a comparison between the two and as I feared there definitely was a difference.
    I weighed this morning and the old scale put my weight at 282.6 lbs the new scale put my weight at 291 lbs. (8.4 lbs difference) believe me I stepped on the scale a few times to make sure that it was the correct weight.

    This is not an gain from over eating or water retention. The older scale was showing around an 8 lbs lower weight then the new scale. I really didn't want to let you all know because I was a little upset with my true weight. However, this is why I got a new scale to have a more accurate idea of my true weight. I had the old scales for a very long time, and they just wasn't working properly anymore. I have been losing and my real weight must have close to 300 lbs, bec
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    @CanadianGiraffe I am so sorry to hear this. I will certainly add your son to my prayers. Praying for wisdom and guidance for the medical staff, healing for your son, and peace for you and your husband. ❤❤
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    @CanadianGiraffe - so sorry to your news about your eldest son. I will keep you all in my prayers 🙏
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    Steps update for 4th November:

    4205 (rest day so no exercise)
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    @CanadianGiraffe sounds like you're going through a really tough time. I hope things get better soon <3
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    @CanadianGiraffe -- you are in my thoughts and prayers! I wonder if they have a Ronald McDonald house or similar near the hospital that might make the travel less taxing on you and your husband
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    @CanadianGiraffe Thoughts with you and your family. Stay safe on the roads as the weather changes and hoping for a speedy recovery for your son.
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    @CanadianGiraffe Thoughts and Prayers, hope they get it under control quickly... Be Safe
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    @CanadianGiraffe I am so sorry to hear about your son's hospitalization. How incredibly scary. And your long drive, wow! Sending love and light and prayers to you all for healing and safe travels. Hugs!
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    I swear every time I step on the scale it says something different! I’m talking within minutes I can gain or lose a few pounds. It’s frustrating! I changed the batteries today and still got 4 different weights. What scale do you use and why do you like it?
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    Thank you @jugar
  • travelingalone1
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    @CanadianGiraffe, Sorry for what you and your family are going through. May your son get will soon and that you all find peace and comfort.
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    Alberta on my mind. You and your son, my daughter in an intense army training period where one person lost his life last week - I wish I could be there. I hope you know we are with you and your family, holding your hand. So many hugs flying that way.

    Scales can be troublesome. If you are weighing yourself within a minute of the last one, there should be no change. If there is time in between, a difference of even several pounds is perfectly normal. I have a scale from Etekcity that is very consistent at the same time each day (right after getting out of bed, going for a pee, and then weighing myself) but the same day after dinner will be 5 pounds higher. But if you are stepping on the scale in the same state at the same time of day several times and it is all different, there's a problem!

    It was a good day here today - after all the snow, we are having some balmy temps and the white stuff is going away and the ice on the pond is melting. It won't last, but it should be lovely for a few days. It gives us time to do more outdoor work.

    I'm a bit excited, in a good and a "yikes" way - I am having a scan tomorrow and an appointment with a surgeon next Tuesday to see what could be done to get rid of my hematoma. For 7 months I have been living with this large lump on my butt, and finally it is clear it will not go away all by itself. I hope it can be gone really soon!!! I am happy that I have been able to function well all this time, but I really, really miss lying on my back, sitting evenly on both buttocks, and not having this weird protuberance that makes my clothes fit weirdly. Hoping the news will be good! This surgeon has a great rep, so I am hoping for the best. With the pandemic and all, it still might be a while before they operate, but I'm encouraged that there might be a solution.

    OK gang, tally ho!
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    Well, today seemed to zip by, getting ready for Monica to move home this evening. She just arrived and she'll try to adjust by having a yummy fish and veggie 'chowdah' that Sarah made.
    I really wanted to do a bang up "welcome home" sign, with balloons and banners but, alas, that wasn't in the cards.
    I have eaten well today, eating slowly, well, slower than Sarah, at least!
    I've taken to coloring during ZOOM meetings and it's really a helpful way to stay calm. It goes from 12-1:00 every week day. One of the things I enjoy about that time is that we then eat a small lunch at the "not-regular-lunch-time". For some reason, it helps me behave better.
    I can't say I walked much, but tomorrow morning I'll get more walking done.
    Be well, all.
    More soon.
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    The BIG Friday's almost here HEADS UP!


    Due Thursday:

    Due FRIDAY:
    @CanadianGiraffe (no problem to excuse you from this week or for as long as needed!)

    Keep it rolling!
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