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    Busy morning - gym, eye doctor appt to “see” effectiveness of Latanoprost usage; Then an appt (made 3 months ago) with gastroenterologist re: schedule for that ever-endearing colonoscopy procedure everyone looks forward to. So lunch was a quick - (296 cal) – a Large Spring mix salad with the usual veggies & Buffal0 chicken burger.

    Jean was working hard in the house and then raking leaves this morning before setting off to take a friend to her doctor’s appointment. I can tell she really wants that “green card”.


    Jackie – Great Cornwall photos – what a difference! I love the feel of both.

    Anne – I can tell by your pic and comments we are experiencing similar weather patterns and “colors.” It’s 77 degrees - warmer than predicted. Tomorrow should be some showers and upper 60’s and then Thursday back to 50’s and low in 30’s… knew it couldn’t last forever. Could go for this weather all year round!

    Sandy – Nice job walking. That “wrap my arms around” comment was hilarious. Thankfully, I do just that every day… A relative ( around 30 yrs young) posted yesterday how she was tired of being asked when she would have a baby etc. and simply is happy with her life and being an aunt. People keep telling her she will change her mind and she was just tired of it. Gave her kudos – but said Jean and I were still going to try – for some reason her response included a laughing emoji – Just wait til we’re on the cover of the Natl Enquirer. LOL

    Patsy - Cloudy, cold, sweater-weather you say…. I can do that as long as it doesn’t rain or snow. It would also give me an excuse to bring out those couple of sweater “deals” I picked up and have no place to wear. With regards to exercising I wish I had your reasons – I may walk every day but find every excuse in the books not to lift weights (even small ones) and I need to!

    Lin – That’s sad about elective surgeries and shortages – hope things improve soon.

    More later – time to head downstairs and check on Jean.
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    A chilly partly cloudy day here. Most likely a shower or two in the offing. Both John and I have our list of tasks to attend to. We often work at cross purposes but there are friendly negotiations. Replacing furnace filters at the same time I plan on vacuuming the living room. Oooooooooops!

    We got our print out of our yearly physicals and we are doing okay. My blood sugars were very good
    (A-1C) and BP is good as well as cholesterol levels. So far, so good. Watched the Biden speech on virus strategy. We are doing all that is possible. Even not seeing family during the holidays. Praying for those who are alone and sick. Take extra care, dear ones. That evil virus is sneaking around every corner. Do I sound paranoid? Okay! Need some great music...James Brown “I feel good!”

    John’s birthday is on the 14th. I will cook up a birthday dinner and present a homemade card. Hope kids will call, we will have a small safe but heart felt birthday celebration for the family “fix it man.”

    I also tried to call Buzz. Maybe she has moved to a different room? Or she was at her pt session.

    We still have a lot of leaves but they are not the kind that turns colors. These are the kind that stay green and just fall off the trees. Our jungle of blackberry vines stay green and seem to grow even in the dead of winter. John says they are teaching us something important. Grow and adapt even in harsh circumstances. Wow! As I used to say in my hippy days....heavy!
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    My new cozy came, do I have it on right?? So cute!!!!
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    Hi Sneakers....

    Finally caught up on every ones delightful entries. Had a few comments to make, but that was a while back so don't recall what they were now. Such is life as they say.

    Hopefully everyone has about healed from their latest fall mishaps. It takes a while to bounce back these days. How are you doing now Lin ? I am thankful to say I am finally "healed" from my mishaps and it is nice to be able to walk around again rebuilding leg strength pushing a shopping cart for exercise again.

    Your photos of your fall leaf piles remind me of all of the leaves we used to rake at our last house. Miss the pretty colors, but not the raking. Saw a great video the other day, but it wasn't shareable or I would have put it on here. This teenager apparently had the chore of getting up his families leaves. What he did was take a large piece of either cardboard or maybe plywood and while holding one end at waist height the other end was on the ground under the leaves. I suspect it worked best if they were freshly fallen leaves. He would then walk pushing the gathered leaves into a pile. This chore was done so quickly by him. Only wished I had seen this when we had to do all of our raking. Bob you might become Jeans hero if you find what is needed and give it a try in your huge yard. Just had to pass this on to make your annual leaf chore a bit easier.

    Covid is starting to spread in many areas of the state again requiring many counties to again shut down so many businesses. We were just getting so we could start to enjoy life a bit and people are getting quite sick again. We made a trip to our mall recently and so much has closed down now; most of what you want has to be ordered on the internet. When you do order it it doesn't arrive when you are expecting it or is getting lost. Have two packages we
    are waiting for right now. Can't even imagine doing any Christmas shopping this year. Whether it is the post office or Prime they are having lots of problems. Like other seniors we are pretty much staying home and if we must we have our masks always on as well as carry some sanitizer with us. So hard when there are those that are concerned and then those that have no concern at all. The younger generation just doesn't seem to get it. Glad none of us have fallen to his miserable virus. Haven't heard from Buzz I see for quite some time. She has me concerned.....

    Chilling down now finally with one day of a few rain drops and our first snow in the mountains. Going from 100 plus temps a lot this summer and now in the 50-60F and 40s at night the cold just goes thru me. Not adapting that easily anymore. Thankful for the lap blankets and new Vionic slippers I picked up on Amazon. Absolutely love them ! My feet are toasty warm, plus loving the arches in them also. Highly recommend them. Bought two pair since I live in them all winter long.

    Well it is getting late so I will end for now. Please stay off those ladders, stools and chairs as well as stay healthy. Shall remind myself to follow my own advice. Thinking of all of you....

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    Sure enough we've woken up to rain and plunging temperatures. I'm not sure how the vacuum truck will get our now soggy leaves up, but I can hear it grumbling away on the next street. A large piece of cardboard or tarpaulin is used by most people to rake their leaves onto and drag to the front Diane. It's the easiest way.
    Just a pop in from me. A good day to do the washing and ironing. The last of the summer clothes.
    Yesterday - prancing around in sandals, today eying the winter boots.

    Cute tea cosy SANDY. It would make a great gift for tea drinking DILs.
    Should mention, although none of us want to hear it, the virus numbers here in certain areas are increasing at an alarming rate. I fear we may be in for an isolation RED zone Christmas. So......if it's the same in everyone else's countries we best start bringing in the Christmas cheer NOW.


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    A picture speaks a thousand words!

    The pooches had a shorter walk today because I wanted to make sure I was home for the Armistice 2 minutes silence. Both seemed happy to get home!

    An adventure for George yesterday when he heard my neighbour call across that she was popping into town and did I need anything. I didn’t but naughty George forced the side gate open and slipped out and although only seconds before I realised, he had disappeared so I thought he must have chased her car up the track to the road. When I got to the top I heard him bark and after calling and listening realised he was somewhere in the property belonging to the clairvoyant who never speaks so I walked through the gate and headed to where I thought he was. Oh dear, brambles everywhere in a little secret garden to find George in a tumbling summer house excited about something hiding behind a stack of flat packed goods. I didn’t hang around to discover what but scooped him up and got off the property as fast as I could! When the neighbour returned I told her about George’s adventure and later she let him into her garden while she worked but a few minutes later I heard her calling him before popping him back into my garden. Turns out he was trotting back to the clairvoyant! I’m going to have to purchase a larger bolt for the garden gate because the current one moves open when George hits it with his front paws, something he worked out some time ago.

    Anne, most of my friends have already cancelled the usual Christmas plans so it’s going to be very low key in the old country, vaccine or not! Our rate in Cornwall is still rising after the influx of visitors and my neighbour that teaches told me yesterday they have 2 children home after testing positive and wouldn’t even step into my conservatory. Stress is taking its toll on her as many children refuse to follow Covid rules.

    Hello Diane, it’s always a treat to read your posts and know you’re ok. So far our online shopping seems to be running smoothly although one heavy package of garden fencing was recently left at the wrong address bu I’m continuing to do my best to support our small independent businesses whenever possible. I feel Amazon has got too big for its own boots and like all empires will one day come crashing down!

    That’s the cutest tea cosy Sandy and yes, as far as I can tell, it’s on the right way round. Can I ask what size Ninja did you buy? I’m tempted to get the smallest and wonder if it does everything the larger ones can. If you have Buzz’s iPhone number can you please message it to me. If you haven’t I will ask her friends I’m in touch with as I’m hoping she has moved out of the hospice area into her own room again and that’s why she isn’t answering the phone we were using.

    Great news on each of your physicals Patsy. I’ve always thought your food choices extremely healthy although do giggle at some descriptions!

    I trust your procedure went as well as those things ever do Bob, not that I’ve ever had to endure one (she types between knocking on wood!).

    You may have posted a teapot by now Lin but I’ll check back later rather than risk losing this post. Yesterday’s Harrods teapot is certainly iconic and a friend has got the mug... probably couldn’t afford the pot!

    Horrid outside so I will get the snug tidied and cosy, maybe throw some logs in the fire.

    Stay safe. ❤️
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    JACKIE, Bev, Derek's partner is a teacher and she's quite worried because one school is closed and her school has a few kids off with the virus. Mark and Mary Jo are quite worried as well now she and Derek have moved in with them. Mike works in the worst hit area in Toronto and thinks he might get caught in a lock-out once more. At the moment he works behind a plexiglass shield wearing a mask. I don't hold out much hope for a family Christmas this year. Families who live together will only be able to have one guest which could be me, but that would leave Mike on his lonesome so just like thanksgiving we will be two households with Mike and I pulling a couple of last year's crackers!

    Meanwhile I gather Mr T will run for election again in four years time if he can't convince anybody he's won this time, and if HE doesn't run it's said one of his kids will. It seems he's trying to create a Trump dynasty but time will tell.


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    Hello, Jackie, Buzz told me she disconnected the phone in her old apartment. I tried to call again yesterday. I keep getting voice mail. I think I am trying at inconvenient times.

    She has the number you gave us in her medical wing room and she has a cell number now.

    I would have posted earlier but my Internet service was not working.

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    Me again. The phone line in Buzz’s room went eventually to voice mail. Her cell phone immediately went to voice mail.

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    Teapot with no description


    Back after lunch.

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    Happy Wednesday! :) Car is at mechanic's getting new tires. We had quite a storm last night and since I was in basement with kids playing I didn't realize it was storming until I went upstairs to check on Robby and he told me it was raining. Poor Ewok was outside and when I called him in he was soaked and so was I when he shook inside the door. I rubbed him down but he was fine even though the boys were worried about him getting struck by lightning.
    All is well that ends well.
    I had my teeth cleaned and met the new dentist yesterday. He now offers a dental insurance that covers two exams, 1 emergency exam, up to 4 Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings, all x-rays as needed and 20% off additional treatments for $525/year. I go for periodontal cleanings three times a year and yesterday it was $145 for cleaning and $95 to meet the new doctor and have him exam my teeth. What do you think? Worth it?? He also talked about fixing my chipped front tooth that no one seems to notice. It is a capped tooth attached to two other teeth. To replace the crowns would be so expensive but he said we could try to patch it but can't guarantee it will last. He suggest a mouth guard after it is fixed. My worry is that if he makes the chip bigger in fixing it and it doesn't work than what? My gut tells me to just leave it alone, the chip looks natural. lol Oh btw, if I opted to fix it the cost would be $600 without insurance and $471.00 with insurance. Of course I don't believe that covers the nitros or novocaine that would be needed for me to feel comfortable. Sorry didn't mean to make this a book, just looking for some advice. I am so insecure. lol

    Lin, can you message me Buzz's cell phone to see if I have the same number please? Another cute teapot.

    Anne, Lisa told me yesterday that two more children at the school Robby would have gone to have Covid. We are hearing of more and more people that we know personally that have gotten this virus, it is no joke unlike the one you told about Mr. T running again in four years.
    Sorry but he is an embarrassment to our country.

    Jackie, that is quite a story about George, the little devil. Sounds like a spooky house he ended up. The Ninja I bought: Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill with 4-Quart Air Fryer Roast Bake Dehydrate Broil and Leave-in Thermometer, with Extra Large Capacity, and a stainless steel Finish is no longer on Amazon but I think any will do. I just didn't like the pull out drawer on the one I bought before this one. I prefer to lift the cover and wanted it big enough to make 4 steaks for when, if ever, my son gets to come and visit me again.

    Diane, good to hear from you and happy you are mended. I had to check out those slippers but a little pricey for me so might add to my wish list on Amazon.

    I suppose I should take a shower and get ready incase they call the car is ready. Joe also called although I think it is chilly to sit in his garage. I told him I would get back to him.

    Have a safe and now warm day from the cold. The weather sure made a drastic change.

    One Day at a Time

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    Here's the vacuum cleaner sucking up my leaves. Anne.
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    Wow, Anne, that is a big machine. I wish we had those! We have street washers but they make us spend lots of money for the special compost bags. Extra source of income😂🤣😂. Lovely to see the leaves being picked up.

    Sandy, oh my, poor puppy. And boy, they can shake! You must have been half drowned when you let him in. Our rain is over for now and it got colder so there was ice this morning as we had a lot of rain yesterday with standing water in places. I broke a bit off my front tooth when I fell on concrete street years ago. The fix was easy and no novocaine or anything was needed. He added a veneer to that tooth and I have to be very careful with it. No more biting into apples or corn on the cob. I chew with the back teeth on both sides. After he fixed its the veneer snapped off shortly afterwards. He replaced it for free. I had that one for a while and then lost he second one as well. He replaced it again. My insurance paid for most of the first one and he never charged me for the replacements. So I don’t know, I think I would leave well enough alone.

    Jackie, yipes, cold and wet! George is a character. He needs to stay home and not try to have his fortune read. Always surprising!

    Diane, I am glad you are healed up now. And new cozy slippers and lap blankets. You are set for winter. So good to hear from you. ❤️❤️

    Patsy, well done on the physicals. That must make you quite happy. Did you receive your new credit card? Hello to John and Katie.

    Speaking of something new, I ordered a new quilt. It arrived last night and I washed it this morning. Wow, that is a full load of laundry and a lot to shove in the dryer. I will put it on my bed later today. If I find a picture of it, I will share. It is quilt marketed to alumni of the University I attended. I wanted one from the first time they were mentioned years ago and this time it came up on Facebook memories (last week) I ordered one.

    Funny story this morning as I was trying to get my Internet working again, suddenly a bunny hopped up to the sliding door of my deck and almost hit his/her nose. I still have a pot of lettuce growing indoors. Apparently it looked delicious. 🤣😂🤣

    Best wishes to all.

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    I agree Lin, my retired dentist who I loved, said it wouldn't work. No one really notices the chip unless I point it out. Not going to waste the money. The insurance I might get unless I find another dentist closer to my house.
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    The weather didn’t improve in fact for a while the wind howled down my chimney so once I had done a bit of housework I curled up to watch a documentary about talented actor Claude Rains.

    Anne, it really is a concern as infection rates rise but hopefully, if Bev and Derek can lead separate lives under the same roof, they will be alright. Watching the 11am Armistice day commemorations was another reminder of how much has changed in our lives so I suppose Christmas will be one more cancellation.
    When I last visited Ontario I was impressed with the organised refuse and recycled collections so am not at all surprised that leaf collecting has been included! It seems so simple an idea but I doubt many countries are that organised. When I walk the dogs tomorrow I know I’ll be pushing leaves out of drain covers with my foot to allow the rain water to run away rather than sit in the road. Gone are the days of council workers pushing their wheelie bins!

    Lin, Thanks for telling me about Buzz’s phones. I have the two landlines as well and in our last conversation Buzz told me she had arranged for the original one to be cut off because she didn’t feel she would return to the room and of course I should have asked if I could have her mobile number then. Yes, George is a character and keeps me on my toes! Your new quilt sounds fascinating so do post a photo if you can.

    Thanks Sandy, I’ll check which Ninja models are available here. It’s rare that I cook for large numbers these days and can revert to my oven if we ever get back to socialising. I’ll let you know which one I go for.
    Since my dental care comes through our NHS I can’t say much about the costs you have to deal with but agree with Lin, I would leave well alone if you aren’t in pain. Patching up a crown could create more problems and to my mind your dentist sounds too keen to spend your money!

    Oops, low battery....
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    The oddest thing just happened! I wrote a fairly long post thanking everybody for YOUR enjoyable reads today, all about crowns and slippers and quilts and naughty George's and wet Ewoks when everything turned French instead of English and I lost the lot because I didn't know how to turn it back again. Anybody have that happen? I could have let you all read it, but my French isn't that good and who knows what translated, lol.
    Better safe than sorry, and I give up for today!
    Merci, MFP, lol
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    Morning was breezy and warm w/ temp record of 73 set in 2012 (mostly morning rain)! Thought about Veterans (Family, friends and unknown) and gave some shout-out’s and PM’s. Didn’t make lunch until 3pm or organic turkey burger, Grilled Veggies, Spaghetti Squash and Cheddar cheese.



    Today was a planned annual luncheon with Jean’s uncle (age 89) for his daughter’s Nov 11th birthday. She died one month after her 51st birthday in 2011 (wife died 2014 & he lives alone – fun guy to be around with great attitude).
    Restaurant restrictions changed this week to 4 per table – so plans cancelled. We put on some Veterans Day casual and drove out to visit him. Had a nice time talking about family, his Navy / Fireman days etc.

    Diane – Great to see a post from you. As for getting any yard assistance, I think your advice is sound – for most people. But Jean absolutely loves doing anything yard related (just like laundry / ironing / hanging sheets). I know she could use counseling. Ha ha ha. We are enjoying some nice weather but that ends next Tuesday when the forecast calls for a high in the 30’s!

    Anne – You’re spot-on re: a picture speaks a thousand words….especially when talking weather. Sounds like George at times is a piece of “exercise equipment” guaranteeing a chase or two LOL. Doctor appts you mentioned went fine. The eye doctor suggested cataract procedure, but I declined for the moment (maybe when all this Covid is over). Scheduled the colonoscopy with gastroenterologist for 2 days B4 Christmas – it was the next available. I don’t ever worry about any procedure per se… just anesthesia. They tried an ablation once, but couldn’t control my blood pressure and stopped shortly after starting. I was already out and when they brought me around I thought it was completed. Too funny!

    Sandy – I feel your pain re: dental decisions. It is all soooo expensive.I had the same dentist for about 20 yrs until he retired in his late “50’s”. I have been to a couple others, but not thrilled.

    They do try to sell everything under the sun into thousands with crowns etc. I usually laugh and make a joke about life expectancy. If I were in my 40’s or 50’s I’d say give me the works. Now I just want healthy gums/teeth and a few dollars left for retirement fun once in a while.

    Lin – That was a funny bunny meets sliding door story. Reminds me of that clean window and bird advertisement.

    Have a great evening everyone. Stay healthy! Bob
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    :) We went shopping two days in a row based on hearing about possible shortages and wanting to be prepared. At the grocery store, I had considered buying a turkey not so much for Thanksgiving, but as a fun project for the dark days of winter. The store had only one brand of turkey (not the kind I like), no parchment roasting bags (only the plastic ones) and only brands of stuffing mix that weren't the brand I buy. I was happy to see that there was something for people who need to roast a turkey for Thanksgiving but I passed on all of it. Eggs were limited to three dozen but everything else seemed to be available.

    :) Costco had what were looking for except for the brand of t.p. that we prefer, so Jake suggested buying the brand that was made from bamboo. it will be an interesting experiment. We already had 30 rolls of our usual brand in the cupboard so we are well stocked. When we put gas in the car, I noticed from the book where we record purchases, that the last time we bought fuel was in September and before that was July.

    :) We found a great online source for pet food and supplies and two big boxes arrived yesterday with dog and cat food, dog treats, and kitty litter.

    :) I delivered a knitted blanket to Project Linus this morning and they had some donated yarn that I was able to take to be part of the next blanket.

    :'( Today we watched the 20/20 TV program that was a tribute to Alex Trebeck. I will miss him so much.

    <3 Barbie

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    I will miss Mr. Trebek as well BARBIE. He always had one Canadian question in his quiz shows because he was a Canadian. I did quite well on those and most things British, authors, and British history etc but when it came to USA colleges and sports I was and am a complete dunce. It was fun trying to outdo the contestants, rare you could say, lol! Lovely man.

    I echo Bobs sentiments and add to his tribute and thanks to all the men and women from Canada, Britain, and indeed everyone who died before their time in these dreadful wars. My great grandma lost three sons in the horrendous WW one. The Second World War is yet another story! We mustn't forget the civilians who died in the bombing raids either. The innocent children and pets. All the poor grieving mothers from wherever they are from.

    Barbies story of the lost turkey is a hint of what maybe is to come in the food department! Homemade stuffing is very easy to make but not much without the turkey/chicken/Cornish hen/goose/duck etc to accompany it. Mind you, I love homemade stuffing baked in the oven. My order should be here by ten and I wonder if it will be complete as ordered!

    Again, a big thank you for all the wonderful posts yesterday!

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    A much more cheerful day so we walked across the moors and blew a few cobwebs away. Before that I made an early trip to the supermarket even though I didn’t need much because my new antique sideboard is already stocked with basic supplies of rice, pasta, noodles tins of tomatoes and soya mince. Today was fresh veggies, fruit and salad. Tomorrow I will pick up some pet supplies then we can batten down the hatches!
    On my way home from our walk I dropped into the hardware shop that’s staying open during lockdown and bought a new bolt for the garden gate... we’ll see how long it takes George to figure out a new exit plan! The pooches new wrap around towelling jackets for drying off after a walk in the rain arrived yesterday and I tried them on both. Betty was very pleased with hers but George did the classic I’m paralysed and can’t move act!

    Just a snack for my lunch today but hopefully, once into real winter weather I will have time to cook midday.

    Oh-la-la Anne, let’s see what language pops up for your use today! 🤭

    Back later