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    Steps for Friday 12,983
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    Happy Friday 😊 Today was cold and sunny 🌞 Took the little darlings out for some fresh air and a morning walk. Our silly dog is still suspicious of the Christmas tree cut out. Today he has found a new nemesis...the traffic cone. It is also scary but he can grab it and run around with it to show it who's boss! The kids thought this was hilarious 🤣. Rode bikes with my youngest and did an hour ballet workout.

    I'm back to logging after taking yesterday off. Food was good. I love doing creative things with leftovers. I made a green salad with turkey, toasted stuffing for croutons and a cranberry Dijon dressing. I also used leftover stuffing that I rehydrated, in the waffle iron to make savory waffle that I topped with mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy. So yummy! I also made egg cups in muffin tins for the first time.

    @CanadianGiraffe Glad you are home with your son. Hospital food is 😝 gross! Totally get his desire for something yummy. Hang in there!
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    @jugar here's a silly question for you. Are you taking care of the steps now or is it Micki48?
    Monica and I are hoping to bake Swedish coffee rings at Emily's (1.5 hrs north) in a week or two. It depends, of course, on how much exposure we all get in stores. We might just bake here. I'm so glad Phoebe will be there with you!
    Thanksgiving was fun. I baked a few pies, made a kale salad, and the gravy. I've got to admit that sometimes, I prefer making the family recipes instead of having the novice House Cook drum up "interesting" varieties of turkey roasting techniques, etc. I mean, once or twice a year, I really like to nosh on a wee piece or two of crispy turkey skin! The way S roasted the turkey with fresh rosemary and sage twigs all over it, there was no way to make any of it crispy. Tender and yummy, yes. And, I'm sure my body didn't *need* to eat any crispy anything! I missed it, though.
    Last night, Monica and I decided that we'd be the cooks so Sarah could just relax after being back at work (being the at-work-cook). We had a blast! Emily left some of her birthday lasagne here and I swear, it was 6-7 inches tall with tons of veggies and cheese. We made a delicious tomato sauce (with more veggies), deconstructed the lasagne, re-layered all with more sauce, warmed it in the oven and voila! A whole new lasagne experience with 1/2 the calories because it was so much smaller. A side salad with romaine and steamed kale (from thursday) completed it. Ah. Maybe I've just missed cooking. Today, I'll be putting together a turkey pot pie (from-scratch-crust) and turkey-veggie soup as well as a small "turkey shepherd's pie" with the rest of the leftovers not used in the other dishes.
    So, off and running.
    Here's to a day of "productive exercise", whereby chores are done and all looks much tidier by day's end when I'm feeling "good-tired".
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    Good Morning WaistAways.... You have 1 more coming to your team ... Please welcome @MissMeaganLyn :)
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    Happy final day of our November challenge!
    It's tough to end right after a major eating event for so many of our wonderful members, but that just gives us the juice for an energetic beginning to December, right? Get ready to pull up your socks :smiley: I'll be right in there with ya! My portions are slipping lately, so I'd better pull them up too.

    I usually do the exercise minutes (non-walking) and @micki48 does the steps. Somehow it all comes together.

    Sounds like you are having some great cooking days - it can be so much fun in the kitchen when the food and people chemistry is really working.

    Love those sore glutes, @Gidgitgoescrazy B) I'll time my 5k today and see how we compare - I'm not sure if what I do is speed walking, especially with the hills, but you've got me curious.

    A week would not be complete without a final nagging session! This is the last chance to get November's weigh-ins up to date, so be sure you post them by the end of the day wherever you live!

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    @jugar where do we sign up for December?
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    CW 212.6
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    @jugar where do we sign up for December?

    You don't need to! All the continuing members just hang on and you'll be in for December.
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    Pearl4686 wrote: »
    That is some beautiful salad!
  • jugar
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    And a hearty welcome to @MissMeaganLyn :heart:

    I hope you enjoy this team and that it helps you out. First of all, I hope you get here! MFP has done some crazy changes to group access, and no one really knows what's what yet. Once you can post, please let us know a bit about you, your story, your goals - thanks!
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    Thank you @jugar
    My steps for November 28
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    Our December Team Chat is open! Please go ahead and put an introduction there - even if you already did, it is good to start every month fresh with an update. Talk about your goals for the month too! We need to really hit the ground running so we can coast a bit at the end...


    Sunday weigh-ins: (be sure to put them in the new thread!)
    I know you 3 never forget! It is always the best way to know it is the beginning of a new F2F week.
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    Saturday weigh in
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    Steps for Saturday 16,159
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    jugar wrote: »
    Pearl4686 wrote: »
    That is some beautiful salad!

    I second that Pearl. Your salad looks and sounds delish.

    Ahhhhh, I am so far behind with the step challenge. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
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    Total Team Steps: 764,779



    1st - @KellyBgetsfit 111,799
    2nd - @jugar 102,264
    3rd - @eggfreak 98,984


    @KellyBgetsfit 7/7
    @Kali225 7/7
    @jugar 6/7
    @eggfreak 5/7
    @jguldi11 4/7
    @CurvyCalorie 4/7
    @evelynladams527 4/7


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    PW: 161.4
    CW: 162.0
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