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    @jugar Yup I'm up and just about to head outside for movement before work! Have a great day and good news about dose 2 :)
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    jugar wrote: »
    We are welcoming back another returning member! @lovethyneighbor took a few months off and decided it was time to get on board again. Go ahead and (re)introduce yourself, Sarah - it is great to have you back!

    Thank you! It was a super long break but so glad to be back at it with this lovely group!

    My name is Sarah, and I am a full-time mom with a full-time sedentary desk job. I am married with two very active kids in travel sports. 🏀⚾️

    I will be 39yo next month, and am at my heaviest ever. I would like to lose a good bit of weight before the big 4-0. I am currently 5’9 and 225.6, so I would like to lose a minimum of 50lbs in the next year. My dream goal is 85lbs, however I am taking this one day at a time.

    I have Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Fibromyalgia and anxiety. 👈🏼 That last one gets me most days. I get overwhelmed easily. I tend to be fairly quiet when it comes to the group chats but I am reading them all!! I need a lot of motivation to keep me going. 😁 I rely greatly on others to help hold me accountable and motivate me.

    My friend (she’s a workout beast!) is kicking my butt in gear. She is training for a Tough Mudder in Cali, and I want to support her so I am training with her!!! Cali is too far of a hall with Covid and my anxiety, so I am not going with her but we are certainly killing these workout sessions!

    6/7/2021: 1hr weightlifting-chest and tris; 3.24 miles walking with some jogging intervals

    6/7/2021: 1.5 miles walked

    6/8/2021: 3.0 miles walked; 1hr weightlifting- leg day
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    Sorry for the late check in. I wasn’t tracking last week or this so I lost track of time.

    Pw 95.65
    Cw 95.65
    Still maintaining at the moment but I would reduce my calories over the next 4 days to see how the scales will shift.
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    I am trying to get back on track after vacation...and it's not going great! I did get on the elliptical...and I ate some chips. Today, I haven't worked out and I haven't planned dinner. I need to hurry up and workout. I haven't gone to the store yet and I have class tonight. I had plans to walk every morning for summer break, but unfortunately, we have a lot of smoke in the air from nearby fires 🔥 I don't think I will hit my step goal today.
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    What a Thursday!

    Some great losses, and encouraging posts even without losses.

    Thanks for your post, Sarah - you can feel very proud that you are here, and you are a great to do those tough workouts to support your friend as much as she is supporting you. Mutual butt kicking is an excellent exercise! You are also never too late to really get to it. When I was 39, I had a 1 year-old, my adopted son was nowhere on the horizon yet, my highest weight was several years in the future, and I did not hit my goal weight until age 58 - you are way ahead of where I was! You can do this, even with anxiety and health challenges. Take it slow, enjoy the physical triumphs as your muscles get stronger and you feel more balanced. I'm really glad you came back.

    I hope the smoke clears soon - that sounds nasty. You DID get on the elliptical - good for you! That is some good exercise, even if the walks and other stuff has not yet come together. You'll be kicking our butts with your steps again very soon, I am sure!

    I had a great time today at the video workshop I'm attending - wonderful young guy teaching it, and it felt great to be among other musicians IN PERSON, even wearing masks while we were inside. Tomorrow we skim through the basics of editing, and then we'll all be ready to start experimenting with at least a bit more knowledge in our toolkits. It makes for 2 days of endless sitting and standing around, but hopefully it will be worth it.

    Some reminders? Do you need them? Big Friday coming up, and some stragglers yet to appear -


  • Terytha
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    I was defeated by a dessert.

    It was a brownie wrapped in a crepe drowning in chocolate. So dense. Every bite was so rich I broke out in a sweat. I gave up halfway through and waved the white flag in shame.

    We should have shared one. D:
  • jugar
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    Terytha wrote: »
    I was defeated by a dessert.

    It was a brownie wrapped in a crepe drowning in chocolate. So dense. Every bite was so rich I broke out in a sweat. I gave up halfway through and waved the white flag in shame.

    We should have shared one. D:

    Are you kidding? That is a win, not a defeat! You probably used to be able to get around one of those with no problems. Now your body knows WAY better. Good for you!
  • AshenMoon
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    I'm pretty sure my weight hasn't changed much since last time, it's at 222.4 - sorry I forgot to post on Wednesday!! :-)
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    @micki48 Congrats to your son! Definitely sounds like a good reason for celebrating.

    Happy Friday all! The sun is back here today... looking forward to enjoying it this weekend.

    Great weigh-ins rolling in team! Keep up the great work everyone!
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    Good morning, all! My last workout on Wednesday has me down in an unconventional way. My new workout pants were a little more abrasive on the inside than expected and ripped the skin (1") off my inner thighs. I didn't get my usual walk in yesterday, and I am debating on working out this evening. Nothing has been comfortable and I am allergic to adhesives so I can't put a Band-Aid on it. :# I may just let it heal another day or two before I push to walk again.

    Otherwise, if all goes well I should be meeting with my friend to work Back and Biceps today, then at the ball field this weekend. (insert cheering and crazy mom emoji)

    My eating has been better. I am slowly working my way to a Keto plan. I completed the KetoGains macro calculator and my calorie goal has been set to 1458, with a low carb plan. I think I will do great with this, it's just a process of quitting the local coffee shop routine every morning and random sugar cravings. After closing out my food diary last night I was so hungry. I really wanted a simple easy sugary bowl of cereal before bed, but opted for some cocktail shrimp (no sauce) instead. It hit the spot.

    @micki48 so exciting! I will pray for a good outcome.
    @Terytha , I agree with @jugar . You are doing just fine! ;)
    Thanks, @jugar ! I appreciate the encouragement and am inspired by your journey!
  • PlaneMonkey
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    Well guys, I'm sorry but I stayed in bed past the alarm yesterday and today. The motivation at night didn't transfer through to the morning! (I gave in to the snuggling kitty who crawled on top of me at 5am)

    I will be very active this weekend and next week as we are demolishing a deck and redesigning/rebuilding it during our week off work. That will mean a lot of carrying of lumber and cement and climbing up and down a hillside. Hopefully I don't up my calorie intake to match!

    I noticed that since I haven't done my workout most of the week, my biceps don't feel as firm! My husband has that happen to him a lot, after a workout his muscles feel much more firm for a day or so. I hadn't noticed it in myself before now and now I miss it! Gonna have to find the time to get on it!

  • lorib642
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    PW: 158.7
    CW: 158.5
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    Happy Friday all

    We had the best time away, and I absolutely loved the blacksmithing. I could've happily gone back for another round today! It's good to be home admittedly, but it was so much fun and I was the calmest I had felt in a long time. You had to really concentrate and be present, but it was very methodical and actually a reasonably slow process (if you were trying to control the heat, at least). The professional smiths made it look so easy, however it's all about technique rather than strength. OH made his axe, and I made a leaf shaped Christmas tree decoration; we like to pick up a decoration when we go somewhere new, so that it reminds us of that place/trip when we're putting the tree up.

    Food wise I was quite good overall. Wednesday and Thursday I stayed within my calorie goal, possibly including exercise calories (can't quite remember) but I've gone well over today as we opted to have TGI Friday's for lunch on the way home. Still within a weekly deficit, and don't feel as bad as last time which is progress. We didn't get a lot of exercise in really; I ran before we left on Wednesday, then yesterday I was on my feet all day but blacksmithing isn't as intense a workout as you might think, and whilst we went for a walk today it was very leisurely and more of a sight seeing trip than exercise.

    Looking forward to getting back on it tomorrow - I will get on the scales (didn't take them with me) and will be running, as well as making sure I eat within my plan.
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