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    This is amazing! Good luck with all of the unpacking and sorting -- it is such a pain but once it's done it is so awesome to have everything put away and in its place.

    Thank you!!! I'm mostly in maintenance, just trying to shed the last 10ish vanity pounds 😂😂😂 I'm like 90% done unpacking just the annoying last minute stuff to go
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    Am back...being a little sick with my vertigo :( Back onto my little wagon and see if I can do it again! Am so amazed that you are doing so AWESOME! Look at me...from my GW and boom back up to 61kg :( Oh well, as long as I am still standing, am not giving up. Hope that you have unpack everything and you have moved in comfortably <3
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    Thanks love!!! It's a slow slow process at this point with lots of backslides along the way because my body does NOT wanna let go of this last 10 lbs 😂😂😂
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    Hi guys...

    Welp I was floating along trying to get that last dang 10 vanity lbs off and THEN without getting into too much detail, there was a situation that forced Ced and I to split....neither of us wanted it but due to some drama created by my alcoholic sister, a riff formed in the family that Ced refused to make me overcome. So here we are, basically going through a divorce neither of us really wanted but have no other option if either of us has any chance of long term happiness. We're still best friends, I don't think we'd be surviving WITHOUT each other to be honest...but as you can imagine, it's quite challenging too.

    All that to say I was doing fine until my life was destroyed and then I ate everything for 2 months straight lololol

    That was the beginning of Nov. I got back to fasting at the start of the year, and I'm back down to 162.8 as of last week so only about 12 lbs up from my low but still not happy. I prefer the longer fasts so I'm doing 4/3s right now and that seems to be doing its job fine as long as I'm diligent about my nutrition.

    Sorry for the MIA, even writing this was really hard but I know I've gotta take baby steps to start healing so it felt like a safe space to make that baby step today....
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    I’m so sorry about your split with Ced. I hope the days are getting easier for you. And as @Brendalea69 says, you will soon be back in maintenance range. You have incredible grit and determination. Take care of yourself!
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    Thanks down 6 lbs in 6 weeks which is solid but I think I'm gonna have to go back to something closer to OMAD for the long term rn....i need stuff to look forward to every day lol

    The struggle is so real atm *sigh*