Shape Shifters Team Chat - MAY 2023



  • pedal__power
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    @Pupowl sorry to hear about your sleeping troubles. We're big into black out curtains but I can't stand sleeping with earplugs.

    @Armygirlarmyof1 Wow, you've been through a lot. I admire your positive attitude and resilience!

    @sbus12 I hear you on needing to get away from the computer for walks. I also work a desk job. Sometimes, with certain types of meetings, I am able to take them as a walking meeting on my phone. I actually find that I then concentrate and engage better in the conversation as I can easily get distracted sitting at my computer. It doesn't always work out that I can do it, but it's great when I can.
  • frankwbrown
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    May week 1
    Weigh in day: Friday, May 5
    PW: 238.9
    CW: 240.1 ( gained 1.2 lbs; 0.5%)

    Off to a bad start! (but 240.1 is a 7-day average, and I was 0.7 lbs below that this morning)
  • bearchested
    bearchested Posts: 218 Member

    Friday Weigh In

    PW: 148.0
    CW: 144.2

    Starting weight 172.6

    Total loss: 28.4

    I couldn’t finish my 10 mile run. It was just so hot and humid and I was tired after a day of travel. I don’t have to leave the house for another 2 hours so I’m going to try and finish on the treadmill. 3.5 miles left. Ughh!!! Wish me luck!

    You must be back in Houston. My garage was 80 degrees and humid during my workout this morning. I have a large drum fan, but I was a sweaty mess this morning.
  • Sbus12
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    April 30– 10,817
    May 1–10,126
    May 2–10,222
    May 3–7,017
    May 4–10,354

    I couldn’t find my last post that had my steps so I just included them all.
  • Sbus12
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    @looneycatblue nice weight loss!

    @izzyred9400 and @JenHul and @SavageMrsMoose IMPRESSIVE steps!

    It’s great to see everyone’s progress and commitment! Enjoy your weekends!
  • Sbus12
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    @pedal__power thats a great idea, there are definitely meetings I don’t need to sit at my desk for and I can take those on the move!
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    @Itadakimasu7 Hope your ankle is okay. Totally get it about the running for stress relief. It keeps me sane. Nothing else comes close.

    @bearchested - yup- back in Houston. I was able to finish my run on the treadmill but I really prefer being outdoors. I just got overheated. I’ll try again Sunday.
  • looneycatblue
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    Pupowl wrote: »
    Is your current weight from today? And what day would you like to weigh in for the group? Also if you know your highest weight, that would be nice as well.

    Weigh In Day: Sun, Apr 28, 2023
    PW: 178.8
    CW: 175.0
    LTD: 0.8 lbs

    Highest weight: 182.2

    My next w/in will be Sunday, May 7th
  • mulecanter
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    PW: 224.5
    CW: 224.5
  • Sbus12
    Sbus12 Posts: 191 Member
    @Itadakimasu7 I’m sorry to hear about your ankle! I know the stress when an injury derails you! I’ve had an intermittent foot issue that continues to return and it’s frustrating! I hope you get some answers and a good treatment plan for healing!
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    @jessicakrall8 - before I forget- can I please be excused from the next two weeks weigh-in? Next Friday is my daughters graduation and then we are taking a mother/daughter trip before she starts studying for the bar!
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