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    If you're a step junkie, like many of us, sign up for the step challenge. Registration is month to month, so you must re-register each month. This give you the chance to update your daily step goal and tell the team your favorite place to walk this time of year! So please give us your first name (for the chart), your daily step goal and your favorite place to walk and that's it!

    PLEASE make sure you post your steps, with the date included every 2-3 days. This keeps the stats easier to manage for your Captains and keeps us caught up on them. IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS COMMITMENT, DO NOT REGISTER. Thank you for understanding.

    The step challenge chart is located directly below the weigh-in chart where we keep the weigh stats. Go to the main Fat2Fit page, look for the Monthly Timetable listing. At the bottom of that section in red/blue writing you'll see the following with the links to the October and November Spreadsheets. This will help you see where you are in posting your stats. YOU WILL STILL POST THE STATS IN THE CURRENT CHAT THREAD JUST AS YOU DO FOR YOUR WEIGH-INS AND THE CAPTAINS WILL UPDATE THE STATS.


    Hope this is a motivation to stay active for the month and challenge yourself, or your friends to keep moving! Hope to see you sign up for November!


    I would like to sign up for step challenge
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    @murdog3t Hello Tami! Welcome to the group and thank you for the introduction. We still need a bunch of information from you so we can get you added to the spreadsheet. Please let me know your highest weight, your current weight and the day you would like to weigh in for the group. For the step challenge we need your daily step goal and the steps from Oct 29 until now if you have any. Let me know if you have questions and good luck on your health journey!
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    I've been using the Power Plate at the gym. Anyone else use it? Thoughts?

    Power Plate vibrates up to 50 times a second sending tiny vibrations through your body. These tiny micro vibrations activate more muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation, and assist muscle recovery
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    @lianatherunner -- wow, that's a lot of steps! What training program are you using? That really makes me want to get out of my chair and work harder! I've tried to add you as a friend on MFP, but lately I receive a 404 and it glitches. We have a crazy amount in common. I live in the country but had a fence company out today because I have interesting neighbors ;-P Good luck on the concerts too, that's really cool. I've been up to Seattle to watch classical music events a few times, run Beat the Blerch and ran Vancouver WA a few times, but usually 10k is my distance because I psyche myself out (also, I've gotten lost a surprising number of times during

    Welcome new members!!

    We have an 'atmospheric river' over head and some storms moving in. The nice rainy day sounds are making me want to relax and bake things. ;-P

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