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  • Love my Fitbit Charge HR and just upgraded a couple of months ago to a Blaze. Love them. Very motivating and I'm finding mine accurate. Well worth the investment.
  • I'd like to chime in about my experience after losing 50-52 lbs in terms of energy gain. I have way more energy now than I did before losing weight. I've been at maintenance for almost 1.5 years and I'm on the go for 8-10 hours a day. I still log and monitor my food and weight every single day. I actually cut back on my…
  • You are very welcome! I've had to think long and hard about how to maintain my activity in my later years and what is sustainable for life. It's nice to know that women in their 80s are going strong. And I second @griffinca2!
  • I'm 5'2.5" and maintaining at 126-128 lbs. (fluctuations) for over a year now. I have a medium frame; wear US Petites (size 4) or Ladies size 2. Can't seem to get lower than 126 lbs. which is fine. Happy where I am at 66, soon to be 67 years old. Highest weight was 179.
  • All restaurant prepared foods are salt bombs, even the salads. I've learned to stay away from them due to my salt restriction (1500 mg per day). For bread try Ezekiel Low Sodium Bread. Read every label before you buy at the grocery store; almost everything has sodium. The best thing is that once you're off the salt you can…
  • Ezekiel Bread, Low Sodium; comes frozen in many grocery stores. Zero grams sodium per 34 gram serving (one slice). Makes great toast.
  • 5'2.5" - 66 years old, medium frame SW: 179 CW: 126-128 (fluctuations) GW: I'm there! Original US size at 179 - 14/16 pants, Extra Large shirts Current US size: 4/6 Petite pants, Small/Med Petite shirts
  • This lady is my hero. I think of her when I'm tired. I figure if she can stay fit then so can I.
  • I have a Charge HR and a Blaze and love them. For me, they're great for motivation, sleep tracking, and calorie burn, and resting heart rate. I found my Charge HR very accurate; my Blaze is still getting to know me (they become more accurate the longer amount of time you wear them) and mine's relatively new. I've lost 52…
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  • Just heard back from MFP: non-sync is due to heavy traffic. They said it's important NOT to disconnect to try to re-sync as this may delay the data transfer even further. See the help desk at
  • MFP not syncing with Fitbit again today. No data transfer at all though Fitbit is working correctly.
  • I've had numerous intermittent sync problems and it's always on MFP side. Fitbit is syncing but either the data transfer is slow or stops completely for hours and sometimes days. It's been happening off and on for several months.
  • Retiring was a blessing for me (I'm 6 years into it now). I was so stressed out; no energy, exhausted, and 50 lbs overweight. Even after I retired it took me a few more than a couple of years to unwind and get a grip. Slowly but surely I began to relax and realized I needed to do something for me -- get healthy and lose…
  • Congrats! Thanks for posting. You look amazing; so happy and healthy!
  • I'm 66 going on 67; dropped 51-52 lbs over the last year +. I've never felt better or have had so much energy in my life. That's beauty. None of us can stop time and I don't know that I'd want to. My 96 year old mother is still going strong and is beautiful inside and out. Just the fact that we're vertical is all the…
  • Amazing! You look so happy! What a wonderful job you've done to change your life and inspire others to do the same. Nice to see another Florida girl (I'm in Boca!).
  • Moving Comfort (Maia), Enell, Freya. and Wacol sport bras work for me, no uni-boob. I'm a 30 or 32 DDD/E. I need underwire and bras that compress and encapsulate. The girls need to be locked and loaded; can't have them bouncing around. They're all expensive but well worth the money. I stopped wearing regular bras and only…
  • @ilikegardens. Hi, Karen, welcome! Patience is key! The only thing that stops one from losing weight is eating more calories than one burns. Exercise helps to burn more calories so that you can eat more but you must be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Menopause is not the reason we "oldies" can't lose. As we age we…
  • Brilliant! So inspiring and you look wonderful! Congrats!
  • Regular fees at my gym (2 locations) are $30.00 per month but I go for free as part of my Medicare Advantage insurance (Silver Sneakers) since I'm old. Unlimited classes (Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Body Pump, Dance, Tae Tek, etc.); all machines, boxing, Spinning, TRX (small fee), HIT (small fee), free child care. Totally worth…
  • You look so healthy and happy! Congrats! Beautiful!
  • Interesting! Can you add some links to these new studies @Noreenmari1234?
  • I've cut my blood pressure meds in half since losing weight and reducing sodium to 1500 mg per day. I check everything I buy and rarely eat restaurant meals because they're all salt bombs, even the salads. It can be done by shopping wisely and checking for nutrition information at restaurants. When I do eat out, I bring…
  • I had to give up taking my cholesterol pills, and cut my blood pressure meds in half, bummer.
  • Nice! It's good validation for our maintenance calories!
  • I'm 66 years old, 5'2.5" with a medium frame and maintaining at 127 lbs. I think I look normal -- not fat, not skinny though pretty well defined because I started doing weight resistance and a bit of cardio when I first began to lose weight about 15 months ago. The weights really reshaped my body composition. I'm wearing…
  • Aw, thanks @wilson16. You gave the OP good advice. I hope she takes it to heart.
  • MFP is designed for you eat back your exercise calories. I'm 66 years old, petite, and have lost 52 lbs. eating back 50 to 75% of my exercise calories (sometimes all of them). I exercise moderately (4Xs per week) and eat around 1850 - 2000+ calories per day. I'm now on maintenance and have been at a healthy weight range…
  • Invest in a barbell cushion/pad. They're cheap and comfortable. Here's a link:
  • I love LM Body Pump! I tried it when I first joined my gym a couple of years ago and loved it. I attend the class 4Xs per week. It really changed my body composition for the better. I'm old so I wanted something that would help retain my muscle mass as I age. There's actually a 91 year old woman in my class. She's my idol.