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  • People like Brad Schoenfeld, Layne Norton, and Eric Helms are also successful competitors and have trained many people. They also happen to have relevant PhDs, know their facts, and can back up their arguments with appropriate peer-reviewed research. If you are going to disagree with all of them, then you should develop a…
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  • It is working pretty well. Bodybuilders are larger than ever (even the naturals). Powerlifters are moving more weight than ever. Sports records are broken every day. People are living longer than ever before (despite the opioid epidemic influencing the most recent US stats). Technological progress is soaring. You should…
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  • Proper diet and exercise won't cause weight loss unless you are in caloric deficit. Log your food accurately and lower your daily calorie target if you are not losing weight. 4-lb daily fluctuations are normal. You can use a weight trend app like Libra to help see your weight trend through the daily noise. Check out the…
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  • Pick a calorie goal based on your best guess from calculators. Log as accurate as you can. Hit that number consistently. Revise based on the results you are seeing over time.
  • Depends. Technically if you are in a lean bulk you are not going to lose any body fat. You will slowly gain body fat. But what happens in practice when running a small surplus, is that you can actually end up in maintenance without realizing it. During a bulk, maintenance value often rises fairly significantly so that if…
  • Perhaps we are both statistical outliers regarding injuries then. Congrats on finding a way to keep your disease at bay. Cheers.
  • I don't think that "pretty much non existent" tells the whole story here though. Depending on what study you are looking at, competitive bodybuilding injury rates are around 0.2-1/1000 hours while competitive powerlifting rates are around 1-4/1000 hours, and injury rates for subelite powerlifters are at the high end of the…
  • Unfortunately at your age muscle growth will be a very slow process relative to a younger man. Are you getting any targeted hypertrophy work in on your arms? Keeping your surplus low (like on the order of 200 cals/day or less over maintenance) will help to minimize fat gains, but you will still gain some fat during a bulk…
  • Similar muscle gains yes, but your high-weight strength (up near your 1-rep max) will drop. Training to failure on light weight is also pretty taxing and not very enjoyable IMO. You can still make good hypertrophy progress even on submax effort 10-15 rep as long as the consistency and progressive overload is there. May…
  • Thank you. I am now off to go invent and market my new brand of charcoal tooth powder. It will have dehydrated organic Nepalese mint leaves in it. The packaging will be sure to include some stats about the benefits of intermittent brushing.
  • Her coworkers don't sound like people I would take diet advice from. Get your information from peer-reviewed science, and credible organizations and individuals that fairly and objectively interpret the science. Not from Internet blogs and Dr. Diet Guru books that are selling an agenda and cherry-pick scientific references…
  • No worries :smile: Aaron mentioned Hitler in the first reply. Was inevitable for this topic I think.
  • A bit of background context... Aragon sells his expert opinion in his research reviews, speaking engagements, and I would also guess he makes some significant advertising money. He has also produced some relatively famous peer-reviewed literature regarding protein timing, bodybuilding contest prep nutrition, and BCAA…
  • This is an old conundrum, which is why you will see many different opinions on how to work DLs into a PPL. PPL is good for bodybuilding and general strength, but including heavy DLs or a lot of DL volume into it causes compromises. My opinion is that one should look into PHUL, PHAT, or some other conjugate periodization…
  • Hey Mr. Buzzkill. I was just feeling special because I deadlift dumbbells and I can bench hundo's with no spotters and no dropping like a big boy. But now I feel less special. Thanks.
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  • Hmmm... does not exclude the possibility that she is a biochemist though!
  • Interesting take on the Lyle article. I found both the Bray et al paper and Lyle's commentary on the paper to be insightful. The only relevance of calories and macros stated there are that they were roughly normalized. I see a study and discussion well beyond just calories and macros. What I don't understand is your term…
  • I disagree with most of this except the part about recommending a beginner to use Starting Strength or Stronglifts. Those are good programs for beginners because there is quite a bit of evidence that this novice progression scheme initially works well for both strength and hypertrophy. They are strength programs though,…
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  • That study was never published. I have read heresay about the study data, but it is not clear why the authors retracted the study before publication. May have had a fatal flaw? I searched for the study before, but never found a copy. Martijn Koevoets wrote about it too over on Nuckols' site, but the study authors contacted…
  • Haven't seen that one yet, will look for it. Check out Marooned with Ed Stafford.
  • Should I use black pepper or habanero pepper for optimal results?
  • Please tell me someone has a link to that thread.
  • Higher concentration of creatine receptors in traps/delts than most other muscles. And supposedly here, but I don't have full access: I don't have any creatine, but my fronts grow relatively easy just from OHP/BP. I have to do a ton of…
  • Agreed. This discussion was intended for weightlifters getting down to pretty low bf%, but it includes some more broadly applicable science if you care to follow the links:
  • I just had Lebanese food for the first time last week. They served us a big pile of parsley with spices on pita and it was awesome. I forget what it was called but the wife and I loved it.