Increased Fast, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Low(ish) Carbs. Why am I not losing more?!?



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    NovusDies wrote: »
    up the apple cider vinegar.

    add keto.

    add cleanses.

    add ummmm errrrr yeah. just try that.

    I think if you were nicer you would have suggested a master cleanse.

    probably why im not known for being nice lololololololol

    how rude of me. :P

    You gotta wonder why people are surprised that you can be blunt when it is literally your name??!! Keep calling it out!
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    There's some satire or meta here but I am not caffeinated enough to latch onto it.

    lol... this was me, too.

    I read it 4 times, looked at who the OP was each time, and just couldn't follow the breadcrumbs far enough.
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    bpetrosky wrote: »
    You need to burn more calories.

    Start a *kitten*post about another person's diary showing them eating dessert for lunch, then backpedal furiously when called out about it. That should burn a ton.

    If that fails, eat a bag of olestra chips and take some Alli.

    You forgot the sugar-free gummy bears. B)

    They are offended.

    The trifecta of suffering.
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    Is someone down the street from you eating sugar. 'cuz insulinz, you know...
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