1500 Calories for males

I'm pretty sure this is in the incorrect area for this question, I apologize ahead of time.

MFP will never automatically let me go below 1500 recommended calories per day. I understand that for various reasons.

My question, how can I find out what my true calories should be daily to lose 2lbs per week? Even though all the warnings, etc...

5'9, male, 216 lbs now, I think my BMI is 32, sedentary lifestyle (office), 46 years old.



  • richln
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    Pick a calorie goal based on your best guess from calculators. Log as accurate as you can. Hit that number consistently. Revise based on the results you are seeing over time.
  • RonyMack
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    Not sure what you mean by "true calories". MFP is advising 1500 to lose 2x weekly, based on your stats. Why are you wanting to go below that and make things harder?
  • jemhh
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    Carlos_421 wrote: »
    At your height and weight, I would honestly expect 2 pounds per week at 1500-1600 calories.


    If you log your calories correctly, I would expect the same.
  • bpotts44
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    I'm similar and have been at 1500 calories for awhile. Been losing 1.5 lbs per week. I have virtually no hunger. I would go with the 1500 calories. I eat back most of my exercise.
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    Orion, it's minus 1000.