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  • This is wonderful! Great job!!! Definitely inspiring. ♥
  • This is wonderful!!! I have also saved it and printed it out for motivation. I would like to have some constant friends and support on here... I'm a consistent logger (over 6 years now) and love getting insights from others. I'd love any friend requests, but please send a note with it! Wonderful advice and words of wisdom.…
  • What a wonderful story! Great job!!! This is so awesome, girl. I'm sure Grandma is proud of you, and you should be so very proud of yourself too.
  • Super weird NSV but definitely a huge one!!! I've sent you a friend request. I'm always looking for people to share my successes and frustrations with. Great job on the loss too!!
  • Hi ladies! <3 <3 I just came across this board and I'm loving your sweet community and all the support that you give each other! I've been on MFP for over 6 years and have had some great success but also have now gone up in my weight and having a horrible time getting it back off. I'd love any non-bare-bottomed friend…
  • Fantastic!!! I love hearing stories like yours. Keep up the great work, very inspiring! :) :) :)
  • I'm looking for more encouragement and support as well.... I'd like to add to my friends list. 🙂 I've been consistent for about 5 years, with many ups and downs. Support is key! I'm 51 with about 40 pounds to lose.
  • I too have a long commute, it's awful. I tend to want to snack the minute I get home (whether I've eaten a nice lunch followed by a late snack or not). I do try to have a snack like popcorn or something about an hour or less before I leave for home. Then I make sure that I have a list of stuff for me to get done when I get…
  • I was totally kidding!! haha!
  • Yes, all of this is fine and good... but how many calories will I burn???? :# ;)
  • Thank you, everyone, for always making me feel normal... this post is definitely awesome!! I'm trying to lose 50 pounds the slowest way possible (or so it seems) but at least I'm eating mostly what I want and not feeling too neglected! THIS POST IS AWESOME and I too have found my people. ;) <3
  • I love my spiraly zoodles with pesto, shrimp and parmesan cheese! I haven't had a problem with them being too watery yet. I only add them at the end to heat them up though, they still have a little crunch (if you don't mind that). So good! I also like using them, sliced thin, as a lasagna noodle! Delish! Hope you get to…
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  • Can I just say that this is THE best thread I have ever come across??? You all are awesome and have inspired me to feel better about myself again. I've been using MFP for over 2 years straight (this time around) and I really want it to work. I'm having such a hard time staying motivated and getting help with my motivation.…
  • I also am a former WW member (several times). I have no complaints about them, however I feel I get much better personal support here and enjoy the interaction with others constantly. I've made some amazing friends on here that have helped me with my struggles and cheered my successes. All in all, being honest with…
  • I had this for 2 days, I even reloaded both apps, delinked and relinked... nothing! Then all of a sudden it was back again, not sure if anything I did helped but at least it worked itself out. Hope that happens for you guys too! Good luck! (I know that wasn't much help... but maybe gave you hope that it will even out soon…
  • Sweet potatoes are so yummy without all that sugar! I like to slice them and throw them into a ziplock bag with olive oil and whatever seasoning I choose (spicy, Italian, peppery, Teriyaki, whatever) and then shake up the bag to get the slices good and coated. Then bake in the oven at about 400 for a 1/2 hour or so (until…
  • @blitzbis - have a successful day! (I think shivering counts... so does fidgeting when you have to go tinkle, like me right now)
  • @blitzbis - wonderful, glad it was a success!! Logging is one of the easiest yet hardest things to do. By logging your foods you have to be 100% honest with yourself and with your MFP support group. It's easy to just skip a thing here or there. By logging each and every drop, crumb & bite, you will have more control over…
  • Glad you are feeling better... and love seeing the dog pictures. I too am a dog lover!! Hope you sold lots of bandanas this weekend @blitzbis !!
  • Definitely I'm in! I just made a pledge yesterday to lose 5 pounds by Christmas... I will totally do this! I'm sure I'm up from this past weekend, so I want to be down from what I weighed PRIOR to my excessive weekend I just had. Grab control of the reigns before the holidays hit hard... that way you will be able to…
  • You keep leaning on your MFP friends for support @hmrey76 !! Support and honesty is the best key to losing the weight.
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  • .... oh what I would give to have my doggy asleep on me right now and be home relaxing! Cutie!! It's so tough to stay on track when feeling sick, the green tea is a great way to start though! Soups and tea. Hope you feel better soon @katjord :s
  • We CAN do this!!! I love eating healthy, I just don't always do it... the sad part is that I feel awful if I eat crappy and I feel strong and healthy when I eat right. So why in the heck do I even eat "bad" in the first place!?!?! I really am going to tackle this weekend though, I have to. I want to be down through and…
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  • :) The positiveness in this group makes me happy! <3 I too have been struggling. I am great at exercise and do quite a bit, but my weight will not budge (and my willpower doesn't help much). I have lost only 10 pounds this last year... but hey, that's 10 pounds! I know I can do better than that, I just need to stay focused…
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  • I tend to do that, on the weekends, too... then my problem is that I don't eat for several hours. I feel like it's bad for my metabolism, since we are told to eat every few hours. I agree with blitzbis though that if it works for you, keep it up! Also, eating more calories earlier then you can burn them off throughout the…
  • I've been back on since Nov '14, I had a slow start, fell off a few times, but I'm consistantly on here and giving it a shot daily, every day. I love having motivating friends with a sense of humor. Anyone, please feel free to add me as well. Pricessave, I've requested you too. :smile: Good luck in your journey everyone!!
  • Great advice @sodakat, I agree! Monitoring what goes in your body makes all the difference in the world. Sure, it's best to have them be healthy calories and choices, but at least when you count them up on MFP you can tell where you need to add or cut back. I've found it completely helpful. We all have had do-overs, I'm…
  • I log on daily and constantly check in and track... I'd love to have motivating and encouraging friends along my journey. ANY of you feel free to add me as well! :)
  • I'd love to share and support with you... feel free to add me. Losing weight is a constant battle, together we all can do it no matter how slow or fast. You've made a great step by joining MFP. Good luck in your journey!